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The Spiritual Being

Steven WK Scott 07 Sep 2015 comments
The Spiritual Being
  • Being:
  • Existence
  • Being alive; living
  • The nature or essence of a person
  • A real or imaginary living creature or entity, especially an intelligent one
  • (From the Oxford Online Directionary)

Do you know you are indeed a true Spiritual Being, born of love and truth in the nature of all that is, and will be?

Do you know that the sense of being spiritual is indeed very different from the sense of spiritual ‘being’ wherein mind, body and spirit unite for our understanding?

Do you know where these boundaries and definitions come from and what can we learn from our own voyage through the path of life we have so carefully laid out before us?

Our true eternal, spirituall self knows no bound, no loss, no pain or disharmony. It seeks only to love, to grow, and to nurture the experiences of all that it comes into contact with. It seeks a state of being where learning is attained through positive and negative processes. In doing so it moves us a little closer toward its own greater understanding of what it means to be a Spiritual Being by living and experience through a human lifetime of love, loss and learning.

We are that Spiritual being, in every way imaginable, and this part of us it is as inseparable from our true purpose. Just as the air we breathe is an essential requirement for our continued life on this planet. We cannot divide or split our Spirit from either ourselves or the world around us, and our understanding and accepting of this is vital in determining the pathways of our journey life that permit us, and our Spirit, to grow and reach its full potential.

Our journey through this life is one that we have chosen. Every twist, turn, and straight provides us with this chance to learn and grow. These choices have not been made here on Earth, but have been chosen by us in agreement with our spiritual path prior to our realization and formation within this particular existence.

As a result, we have each created out own divine pact with many factions. We have the loving energy of our Divine source of creation, we have the strength of our own Spirit, and we have the support of all those to whom we choose to work with, to imagine a life that has potential for growth and development.

Come good or bad, positive or negative, each experience has the potential to be both our teacher, or our persecutor. It is how we choose to live beyond those moments that truly dictate our future outcomes. It is whether or not we let the true nature of our Spiritual Being be dictated by our human way of being that determines the life we set before us.

How then do we define our course of action and our understanding of the path that lies before us? The simple truth is that there is no right or wrong path, but only a series of choices and how we choose the respond to them. In essence we are always in full control of our path. The difficult part is knowing how and when to act upon the knowledge we have deep within our own Spirit. We must begin understanding the differences between our ‘needs’ instead of our ‘wants’ and to realise the potential for all aspects of physical, mental, and spiritual growth as a means for lighting the way before us

In essence, maintaining a truer, deeper understanding of the differences between simple desires for mundane things in place of progressing your pathway forward is key to improving not just one’s own life, but also the quality of the life we choose to have. Very often the physical objects and things we accrue are fleeting when laid next to the genuine experiences we have with those that we love and live our life with.

This is the continual ebb and flow of oppositions we have when living a life on Earth. It moves constantly like the tidal flow between the realisation of a human being trying to be spiritual and the Spiritual Being learning and living and loving through experiencing a human life.

Our life can be difficult, complex, trying, stressful and often appear constrained by the world around us. Yet these are the human elements that our true self, our own Spiritual Being acknowledges as the true training ground for strengthening the core of our spiritual self. We only need look toward how we, as human beings, can pull together in times of crises, pain, and loss. These are incredible qualities of eternal Spirit that, even if they only shine momentarily, speak to the true nature of our essence, of our truly being Spiritual.

So as we move through this life, do not focus on what we think we want to do as an embodied spiritual being in order to become more Spiritual in life. Instead go out into the world, live, love and experience great joy, great loss, and even greater success and trials.

Strengthen your own Spirit within and nurture it with a life full of Life.

Give your Spirit a reason for being that far outstrips all your humanly desires and preconceptions of what Spirituality means to us constrained by mere mortal thoughts and emotion.

Seek the Spirit within by giving it all it can experience and more, set it free from the boundaries you impose and open it up to all possibilities.

Approach everything with a clarity of purpose and assurance in the capability and knowledge of the Spirit that you truly are.

Take what you can learn from any experience and enter into it with as little fear of failure as you have confidence to succeed.

Embrace each and every step along your journey toward being spiritual, not in the way you anticipate or desire, but in the way of a Spiritual Being.

© Steven Scott 2015


Steven WK Scott

Steven WK Scott

Steven WK Scott lives in Ayrshire, Scotland and is a working platform-accredited medium and member of the Spiritualist’s National Union. In addition to his platform works Steven also undertakes workshops and lectures on Spiritualism and Mediumship and is the author of the book ‘Working for Spirit’

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