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The Snow Queen Faery

Rachel Curtis 15 Nov 2013 comments
The Snow Queen Faery

I always associate the Snow Queen faery with Yule because this is the time of year that they seem to connect to us and Mother Earth the most strongest. Of course, the Snow Queen can always be found wherever a snowflake falls but her energies can definitely be felt around the time of Yule. Yule is also known as the Winter Solstice or Midwinter, a time within the year when it is the shortest day and to be followed by a very cold, harsh winter, the Snow Queen just loves this weather and is always at her happiest when the frost is upon the ground, when lakes and other waters are frozen over and the skies are like a white duvet. She is concerned though that wildlife cannot take their fill from Mother Earth so at these times she encourages us to look after them and to feed them.

The Snow Queen resides over her Kingdom all year round and Winter time she makes her journey on a daily basis into our realm, this way she can keep a eye on her faeries and other elementals who carry out her work for her. Her kingdom is very beautiful and you’ve guessed it, yes there is snow! Infact there is rather a lot of snow, every inch of land is white but the tree’s, flowers, plants all survive well, the animals are well care for too. The sea’s never freeze over but the ponds do which is where they can all relax and have some fun, they do like to iceskate. Her castle really is made from ice as are all the buildings, feeling a bit cold? Not to worry as no one here will feel too cold, they have learnt how to harness warmth on the inside.

The Snow Queen is so very beautiful to look at with her long flowing dark hair, blue eyes that sparkle and can hold you captive, fair skin so soft and a beautiful smile. She has many outfits but the one which I usually glimpse her in is one of pure silver that has embossed snowflakes adorning it, it isn’t silver as we know it but a very light almost silky look to it, around the edges there are pearls, light blue and white and a little fur which is collected from the ground once it has fallen from the owner, there are some lovely colours in there too. Her cape is silk and the most beautiful light blue/grey and is plain. Her crown is again silver with real snowflakes, silver glitter that glistens and some gems such as Quartz, Moonstone and her wand is very similar with the crystals embedded into the Elven star. You should have a picture of her in your mind now but don’t worry if it is different from mine because we will all see her as we are meant to. She has a carriage drawn by 7 majestic white horses who are able to glide along the ground as well as fly effortlessly, sometimes when she has been on one of her journies through the sky you can just make out sparks in the sky, like a fire work going off but without the noise!. You might be lucky in seeing this magikal sight as it isn’t often she lets herself be seen by humans so think yourself lucky.

The Snow Queen also works alongside Jack Frost in ensuring the ground is frozen and that certain bugs are sent off to sleep in order for the soil to be safe when we come to sow our harvest. The Snow Queen and her workers also prepare the Earth and care for the seeds that are already below the ground waiting for the Ostara faeries to wake them up. She also has to make sure the winter evergreens thrive and that the order in which nature works is taking place. She does have a tough job desinated to her and she does it with love and with pride. You can call upon her for strength, imagination, tapping into your inner child, to find inner peace etc and I will set out below some ways of calling upon her and how to work with her.

Set up your Faery altar using a white or silver cloth, you can sew some sparkly sequins on for extra glisten, next you want some white/silver/light blue candles, snowflake decorations, Quartz or any gems you feel drawn too, perhaps you might want to make a little wand, some Ivy and Holly. It is entirely up to you what you use to decorate your altar with, ask the Yule faeries out loud to show you some items to place there if you like. Once you have set your altar up and you are happy with it you now want to call the Queen forth. Here is a affirmation you can use or try writing your own if you feel you want to.

“I call upon the Snow Queen faery to grace my life,

I ask that you reveal yourself to me this night,

I wish to draw you close & hope that we can join together,

I ask that you sprinkle my life with Snowflakes,

I wish for the magick within them to shower me in strength &

to give me the courage to change what needs to be changed,

may I connect once again with the child that lives within my heart,

to see the beauty in the magick that surrounds my life,

help me to embrace all that I am capable of and guide me forward”

Take a few moments afterwards to feel the energies around you, blow out the candles and leave your altar for a few days. Leave a offering outside for her such as milk, cake or honey. I also like to burn some Yule incense over the following days, the lovely smell seems to make the connection between us stronger, you could throw some dried orange peel on a open fire too as these smell rather nice. Decorate your home with some Holly & Ivy and invite the Yule faeries and their major Queen into your home.

© Rachel Curtis 2012


Rachel Curtis

Rachel Curtis

Rachel Curtis is a Author, Columnist, Faery & Elemental Teacher/Priestess, Soul Healer, Spell Maker

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