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The Psychological and Spiritual Imperative of Labelling.

Mhairi Scott 16 Nov 2016 comments
The Psychological and Spiritual Imperative of Labelling.

Implications for the experiencing of the physical and spiritual world.

The workings of our mind and psychological imaginings can have wide reaching implications for our spiritual journey and time here. In becoming aware of how our mind works we open up our experiencing of the world and universe beyond. We begin to use our mind as the tool for adventuring in this physical dimension that it was meant to be. We drive the mind rather than the other way around.

We make sense of this world and attribute meaning through the use of labels or categories. It is quite a stimulating and busy environment for us and we have developed ways of learning and working with all that we have found in this physical dimension, using a map of sorts. This process helps us to make quick assessments of things and attribute meaning and ‘knowing’ in a complex set of ever-changing factors.

Labels and categories can carry layers of social and personal meaning that differs from individual to individual, society to society, time to time. We, as humans, weave stories, significance and symbolism into all that we encounter so that we may begin to understand and play with the world just that little bit.

We also attribute meaning in a very visual way. If a concept or object looks similar to another we may group it into a previous experience or understanding of such a thing. In the beginning if it looks the same or has joining characteristics it can be categorised into the same group or meaning as another within our mind. In reality all lines are blurred, partially joined or intrinsically distinct in some aspects. In pulling our understandings apart we find threads that join all together in head scratching ways.

This experiencing of the world is meant to be adaptive and dynamic. It was never a tool for us to cling to rigidly in the face of developing understanding and experience. Our human minds help us to make sense of and attribute meaning and significance by ways of categorisation and labelling. It is a beginning to learning, not the end.

We need to see through and into each experience in order to learn what is not immediately apparent. The mind is a blunt tool for us to accumulate and draw into us all that we need to learn and understand. Labels allow us to work with this physical world and also act as a tool for our guides to use in order to guide us, to stimulate a passage of thought or development.

The fuzzy edges of life and learning are meant to stimulate and invite us to dive deeper and pull out hidden, complex meanings. Inconsistencies are where the adventure begins. All good maps take you so far but there comes a point when you have to venture over the edge into ‘where there be dragons!’

I can become stuck within my limited understanding of all things that fall within each distinct category or label. Take, for example, angels. I had previously looked at them in paintings; saw them in movies, read about them through books and poetry. In my mind I had an image, a meaning and what I thought to be an understanding. It was however only a rudimentary capture of a single dimension of an angel. The label ‘angel’ served at this point to stop my questioning beyond that name and inherent understanding that I had gathered in my mind.

Moving through that initial perception meant that I had to first of all use the label of ‘angel’ to grasp a simple understanding of what it was I was dealing with here! It allowed me to visualise and feel the different energy that came from this source. It was like politely shaking hands with angels and angelic energy and exchanging pleasantries.

Then slowly I surrendered into the awareness and knowledge of my infantile perception and knowing of angels and asked out for more and more understanding, experiencing and learning. Lots came flooding forwards to challenge my initial categorisation of them and I would often feel the recoil and ask within ‘really?’

You experience all kinds of dissonance when you unpick a label or category that you have held within your mind. It is at this point that the heart and eternal spirit comes into play and you become more of an intuitive adventurer. You begin to know and realise that the fuzziness of our human perceptions and dizzying inconsistencies within this fabulous world are like puzzles for us to unravel and lose ourselves in.

To move from this psychological dissonance and rigidity of thought into a more open and fluid spiritual stance takes a great deal of faith and stumbling about in the dark. You have to surrender the need to tie everything down into little sections of understanding and experience. Instead use your labeling system to scribble out a rudimentary map and decide where your heart wants to take you, beyond what you know, or believe you know already and into the unknown.

It is not for the faint hearted and you will come to realise just how much you don’t know and perhaps for this moment in time and space, never will, but that shouldn’t be a scary thing. Drawing upon a musical analogy, knowing that you are simply playing with one part of the string of a vast universal orchestra should sit easily with you. Play upon that string or thread of understanding and hear, feel and sense what vibrates along that particular thread, beyond the physical human ken or knowing.

Going back to my work with angels, I no longer expect to see the typical image of wings flying, halo shining vision of this type of energy. I used to and was disappointed not to be shown this, but I feel even in this I was being guided to see through limited, second hand human labeling and categorisation of what it is to be of an angelic persuasion. I was being shown the frequency of colour and felt the frisson of different energies and guidance that came through the angelic form and layer of energy. They connected with me in more truthful ways I feel that reflected honesty and purity. There was no pretense I feel in this exchange and I am glad for that as it led to more questions and opening of my human perceptions and understandings.

I expect as I develop, more will become apparent when I am ready. That is just fine as I accept the perfect and divine timing of all things, but as I wait I develop my understanding of this mind tool that we have been given to experience this particular dimension, so that it does not work or control me in errant ways. In awareness I grow and see so much more and I am thankful for this. My spirit guides me not my human mind and as I open to this more and more, my journey becomes blessed in beautiful and amazing ways.

It becomes clear that all is most certainly unclear in this world of ours and that this is just fine. We all have ways of making sense of our time here and all that we encounter. The trick is to not get stuck or limited by this cloistered understanding and means of making fundamental sense of what we meet here. Say hello at the point of label acquisition, have a dig about as you identify what you have just met and then shrug off all that you thought that you knew and say hello there to a deeper knowing and intuitive feeling of what is really going on. In this richness of experiencing you will find hidden treasures within and without and your time here will flash before your heart and it will be time to say goodbye before you know it!

© Mhairi Scott 2014


Mhairi Scott

Mhairi Scott

Mhairi Scott graduated with honours in psychology from Glasgow Caledonian University in 2002. In 2011 & 2012 Mhairi attended the Angel Certification Programmes (ACP & AACP) with Charles Virtue and Tina Marie Bertoli, where she became accredited to practice as an Advanced Angel Practitioner. In 2013 Mhairi trained in Angelic Reiki (Levels 1 & 2) and is now able to offer healing services to clients.
Mhairi published her first book ‘An Angelic Toolkit for the Spiritual Traveller’ with Balboa Press in 2013 and is now working on her second entitled ‘Spiritual Dissonance’.
She also provides personal Angelic Reiki services, Angel Readings, e-courses and information on all things spiritual, Mhairi is based in the West coast of Scotland but provides her services worldwide.

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