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The Pitted Mirror

Gail Spirit 01 May 2014 comments
The Pitted Mirror

From my works as a Physical Medium I had gained interest from a small film company, who were fascinated with my cases and wanted to accompany me, to film me as a fly on the wall documentary. Paul the client in question, had given his consent to the film crew being present and to also to being interviewed.

It started one evening, when I received a call from Paul; he obtained my telephone number from his local Spiritualist Church, as they have me listed as a contact, in cases of paranormal activity. Paul briefly explained, some of the strange phenomena that he and his family have been experiencing and that these encounters have also been witnessed by friends and neighbours. Paul says strange phenomena kicked off about a year ago and he was concerned, as it was becoming more frequent and more physical in its actions.

One example of the strange phenomena is that Paul’s work tools, saws, hammers, and the like would simply disappear from the place he had last left them, to be found somewhere else, days later, in the most strangest of places. The fridge, oven and toy box seemed to be the most favoured. On some occasions tools would just disappear within minutes, of actually using them and of which were placed right beside him, at the time. Clearly a poltergeist at work here and obviously apporting the objects in areas, that would generate his full attention. An apport is best described as an intelligent action from an unseen energy force or spirit.

He thought this funny at first, then frustrating, as this happens on a regular occurrence.

The list of phenomenal happenings are vast but do include light-bulbs continually blowing, ornaments on shelves would get knocked off and fly across the room, books have been witnessed by friends and neighbours to fall off the bookcase and on one occasion a friend of Paul’s, who was visiting at the time, had witnessed a pen materialise in mid air and thrown at force at Paul, from the other side of the room. The smell of cigarette smoke and lavender perfume are often smelt by Paul and his wife, as is a tall shadowy figure seen walking up the stairs and across the landing. Paul’s name had been heard shouted out in a male voice.

Paul lived in his home with his second wife and their 15 month old baby boy and another one expected any day. They told me they were often awoken in the early hours of the morning, to their baby screaming. ‘An alarming scream said Paul’ and not like a child just wanting attention. He went on to say they have great difficulty in consoling him. Naturally being so young and not yet able to voice his plight, he would point and stare at a corner of his room, with a fearful expression upon his face, looking anxiously from his Mother to Father in the hope of some understanding.

They had both noticed that his room always felt extremely cold and breezes would just appear, for no apparent reason, no matter how high the heating had been, or what season it was.

On many other occasions they have been woken up in the early hours of the morning, hearing his toys come alive. His favourite, a wind up toy of Donald Duck, had been witnessed waddling and quacking from one end of the baby’s room to the other. ‘There is no way this could have been triggered in moving, said Paul’. Many other wind up toys were heard and seen still working, turning around in circles or jumping up and down. They would just look in amazement and scratch their heads in wonderment.

Strange activity was becoming more apparent in many other areas of their house but seemed to be specifically targeting their son’s room.

Whilst conversing with Paul on the phone, to announce a date of my arrival, I heard a crash. He had told me a spice rack has just thrown itself across the kitchen and smashed into the wall behind him, just missing him. He was worried that having made his call to me, may have ignited the entities anger. Could it be coincidence, or is it that I anger the earth walker, ‘my term used for the spirit visitor’ of my commitment to help and they know their time and existence of walking the earth plane is limited? Who knows for sure but this is a common occurrence.

The evening prior to my visit, I tuned into my guides, to access the situation and validate the areas of concentration. This was to be the stairs, landing and bedrooms. What is interesting to note, is, I experience best described as a form of remote viewing, prior to my arrival. A time where my guides connect with me, flooding my mind with images and information relevant to the client and the case.

The following day I arrived at Pauls’ home, a very ordinary house on an ordinary street. Nothing sinister in its location. There is a lot of belief or thought that hauntings take place in old or historic buildings. This is not the case and has no validity.

The film crew arrived at the location and awaited my arrival. We all entered the home, for the first time together. The film crew had set up their cameras and locked off cameras in certain rooms, angled to capture some form of phenomena or other.
Paul was interviewed in one room and myself in another prior to starting the cleanse.

Paul had mentioned that his tap in the upstairs bathroom sink has ceased to work, at the same time the phenomena started. Was this related he asked? He had several plumbers in, to look at the tap and pipes. There was nothing found to be causing the problem. He demonstrated in front of myself and the camera crew of the lack of water flow, whilst easily turning the tap onto full. Spirit phenomena often cause water problems in one form or another, so it wouldn’t surprise me if it was related in some way.

I was eager to get started and tour the areas my guides had instructed me to concentrate on. It was on entering the baby’s room, that a cold icy chill greeted me, as did a very strange smell, neither that of smoke or perfume. Infact it was an earthy smell, of which is identified as ectoplasm. My sense of urgency, similar to the feeling of a magnet pull, drew me to an area beside the baby’s cot.

An area of high vibration was experienced, a swirling mass of electromagnetic energy was concentrated here and one that can produce a wide range of effects, a ‘vortex’. I knew this because of the strong vibration pull, best described as a sensation of being on a boat when it rocks from side to side, causing a little disorientation and sometimes sickness and light headiness. I knew this was the hot-spot area, where the ‘portal opening’ was located, often described as an invisible gateway to other realms. A place where dark forces can easily come and go at will and gatecrash, as uninvited guests creating an environment that can cause mayhem.

What entices these spirits to invade our earthly space and why?

A spirit drew close and was making a connection with me, a male. He was communicating with me on a mental mediumship level. This is where a connection is made between us by thought, acting as my co worker from the other side. This is the first part of the rescue and one of great importance.

He confirmed his name to me, when asked. Spirit validation is a vital part of my work. I simply relay to the client what I am hearing in my mind, I say it as exactly as I receive it, without my own interpretation or elaboration, so mindful of not altering the original intended message. I always seek validation of my connection and of how they are connected to the client if at all. I am of the understanding they step forward as a spokesman as such, from the other side. He told me he was Paul’s Grandfather, from his Fathers side. He spoke of dates of importance between himself and Paul of which Paul validated. Also of shared memories, some of which Paul had forgotten about until mentioned. Other family members names, both here, still on the earth plane and those that have crossed over were given as further validation. Paul had felt less frightened, knowing his beloved Grandfather was assisting him and was doing all that was possible to help from his realm.

Spirit, I have found, from experience, cannot or do not work alone, unassisted in dealing with the darker energies that haunt or cause mayhem. It has always seemed necessary for the actual interjection from a rescue medium, to co work with them in order for a cleanse to take place.

The spirit who comes forward as my co worker to assist, as my communicator, does not enter the same space or dimension, as that of the earth walker? Is it because they simply cannot? and that they evolve in a different vibration? Of that I am unsure. What I do know is that they are very aware of each others presence during the cleansing process and this was demonstrated to me during the night.

Through my conversation, with Paul’s Grandfather, I was directed to the bathroom. This room was indeed active. I started experiencing physical signs as an indication to me of an earth walker’s presence. We were being watched and observed.

Paul went on to tell me that on several occasions, he had been awoken from his sleep, in the early hours of the morning and has experienced his hair being pulled vigorously and sharp slapping to his face were becoming a regular occurrence. Naturally startling his wife, who was witness to these assaults and could clearly see the redness of his cheeks, from the impact. She went on to tell me of the strange phenomena she herself has experienced in this room, almost always, whilst in bed, just prior to sleep.
She told me she had often felt someone standing close by the side of the bed and of her hair being stroked. On some occasions a depression on the bed would be made, imprinted, as if someone had sat down beside her. Many times, she experienced breathing in her ear and a cool breeze upon her cheek. She told me she was frozen with fear and scared to move, until it stopped. She continued to tell me of hearing scratching sounds, similar to that of fingernails clawing, coming from the inside of the wardrobe, as if someone or something was trying to get release.

It is interesting to note, that many reported sounds often experienced, come from inside a space, however small. Like a cupboard or drawers. Physical energy is condensed as such, and small enclosures intensify the energy, similar to the use of a spiritual cabinet.

From my assessment of each of the rooms, I knew the area of concentration required, was to be the portal, found, in the baby’s bedroom. Now discovered, had to be shut down and sealed.

I heard Paul’s Grandfather say the words, in my mind ‘the pitted mirror’. I was unsure that I heard what I had and asked him to repeat it. I was speaking out load so that Paul and the film crew would be able to at least, follow half the conversation. Again he repeated the words ‘the pitted mirror’. There upon entering the bathroom on the wall was a large pitted mirror with many wear and age marks upon it. Paul and I walked into the bathroom. The film crew had to wait just outside the door. The sound boom, of which looks like an oversized feather duster, was held just behind my back, so as not to see it’s reflection in the mirror.

Naturally I could clearly see my own reflection and that of Paul’s standing behind me and just to the left. Paul was again talking and demonstrating to me the tap that refused to work, even after many plumbers had visited. My attention was again drawn towards the mirror and I could clearly see within its reflection a tall dark figure, with swarthy skin. His brow was heavy and dark. I knew he was the earth-walker revealing himself. He stood directly behind Paul. Just as I was about to recall what I was seeing, Paul’s ponytail was vigorously pulled, naturally startling him.

The film crew saw nothing with the naked eye or of the vision in the mirror but did however witness Paul jerking backwards because of the assault.

Again I received direct communication as in mental mediumship from Paul’s Grandfather, my communicator on this case, who had revealed that the earth-walker was known to Paul and his origin was not English. There was a look of disbelief on Paul’s face as you could almost read his mind of scattered thoughts of confusion. He said nothing.

I looked intently into the mirror as it was acting as a form of scrying commonly known as a method of divination. The image of a bedroom appeared, I could see the bottom of a large bed with a purple cover upon it. I was transfixed and talking out aloud for all to hear, as the image became more intensified and clear. I could see the pattern on the carpet and on the walls so clearly. Not a room anything like, I had seen in this house. I saw a large book on the end of the bed and an Ouija board placed ready for use. Why was I seeing this scene and how could it possibly be relevant to this case? I knew the earth-walker’ was in some way instrumental in this vision by allowing me to view the images so intently. I felt it was in some way a call for help.

I was beginning to get confused sensations, if this earth-walker wanted help, why had he been so physical and disruptive?

I wanted to sit down and regain my energies as I knew now why who and what was needed to happen. Thoughts and images flooded my mind of the earth –walker’s life and why he needed to communicate in the way he did. He wanted release of that, was unsure but somehow he also needed to set things right.

The earth-walker was Paul’s Hungarian father in law, a plumber by trade, who was a alcoholic and heavy smoker.

He had never met him personally. He was Paul’s first wife’s Father.

Paul had a volatile first marriage, with no children.
Paul’s first wife had an estranged relationship with her father, who was living in his home country of Hungary. They often had family rows and disagreements. He liked a drink or two and was a classed as a free soul character.
Paul’s first wife had, had such a terrible argument over the phone one day, that she told him he was a waste of space and didn’t deserve a family. That he was a menace to them all and would be better if he topped himself to rid the family of their embarrassment of him. Unfortunately this is exactly what he did, in a drunken and depressed state. He took his own life in a cave in a Hungarian mountain, leaving a note to say she had told him to do this as he was such a burden to them all.

His body was found until almost a month later, decomposing due the intense heat and partly eaten by visiting animals.

Her shock and disbelief and guilt were so strong, as she knew she was the last one to have spoken with him. The family shunned her, leaving her feeling more then ever isolated in a foreign country with a failing marriage. She felt she was responsible for his death and had no one to turn to.

In her despair, she consulted many mediums in order to have him come through, so that she could apologise for her behaviour and to tell him she had always loved him.
She visited many spiritualist churches but he would not come through.

So distraught by it all, she took matters into her own hands and purchased a spell book and ouija board in the hope that he would pay her a visit.

She practised this on a daily basis and was becoming obsessive about connecting with him. Paul was insisting she was not to do this as he was against all forms of this practice. She took no notice and their relationship was almost broken down.

She continued with this form of communication whilst Paul was at work in the master bedroom, of which is now occupied by Paul’s son from his second wife.

Paul spoke of a time when he came home early from work, to find her sitting on the floor at the bottom of their bed and using the ouiggi board.

Paul also confirmed the pattern of the wallpaper and carpet at the time was what was described through the pitted mirror image and also of the fact they had a purple throw over the bed.

It was now beginning to unfold that the image seen in the pitted mirror was indeed of a past time, when he was married to his Hungarian wife and of the space where she conducted her practice.

This space now being occupied by his first born son, his bedroom.
The exact space where the portal opening is, beside the cot.

I have now identified the earth-walker and of his connection to Paul and why.
Unfortunately the marriage finally broke down and they were divorced shortly after.
Paul’s Hungarian wife left the matrimonial home, leaving Paul still residing there.
It was when his new wife moved in and changed the bedrooms around that the phenomena started.

I closed down the portal in the child’s bedroom and cleansed the room.
I received a mental mediumship message direct from Paul’s Grandfather that the earth walker’s, sister in spirit, was wanting him to go back into the light with her.

The film crew had set up a camera to record the release and positioned the camera at the bottom of the bed of which both Paul & I were sat upon. Whilst I was releasing the spirit, the bed started to vibrate slightly, then more as time went on. Paul was starting to get very nervous and anxious at this particular time. The camera refused to work and died from lack of energy power. In fact the cameraman started to feel queasy and had to leave the room abruptly, quite physically shaken. This was his first experience of energy release. The spirit earth-walker was reluctant to go with her at first but then relented as he had loved and trusted his sister in life. He went willingly and I know will find peace.

The thing that has always stayed in my mind of this case was of the fact that the bathroom tap, the troublesome plumbing, had turned itself on full, with gushing water. This astonished Paul so much he ran to the bathroom to turn the tap on and off. This had been a problem for well over a couple of years, approximately the same time frame of the phenomena beginnings.

I am happy to say all is well and quiet and Paul and his new wife went on to have another child. The house is warm and quiet and peaceful. Neither of them experienced anything un-towards since that day.

© 2014 Gail Peacock


Gail Spirit

Gail Spirit

I was born in the East End of London to parents who were both Mediums. I saw one of my spirit guides when I was just 7 years old; My Mediumship abilities branched off into a specific style of working, as it does with most mediums. This was to be as a paranormal investigator, dealing with spirit entities that were either trapped, in the in-between space between the earth plane and heaven, or refusal to go into the light, for one reason or another. I have experienced many different alleged haunting’s and happenings.I am in the process of writing my book ‘True Haunted Case Files’ of the cases I have worked on to date.

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