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The Gift

Donna Robinson 11 Nov 2014 comments
The Gift

As we arrive into this world we don’t really know who we are and what this life experience is all about, from as little as 1 years old your parents stamp a memory each and every day with their words and actions, on your inner self moulding you into who you will be…

You often hear people say “my son is so like his dad” or “I am always thinking like my mum”

What people as humans fail to realize is that we are “like that” because its all we know, the “writing on the wall” of our minds dictates what we find acceptable or not, so therefore when your life pathway is fated to be different than your parents lets say there are huge inner struggles to embrace or go with the flow of where you are destined to be, so many clients come to see me with those “inner” struggles.

What actually constitutes right and wrong? An Angel would always confirm that you know in your heart what is right for you, not other people no matter who or what their lives have endured or enjoyed.

We are given all of these emotions and free will as humans to make a difference to our own lives to fulfil and capture happiness, never get stuck in a situation were you feel its best that way because you think that’s what others do or say about life.

You are given a huge gift when your born of life itself what you do with that is always your choice, so why let others choose for you??

Equally being a parent is a gift to have children and must be treated that way, why go through years of worry about them bringing them into the world safely and then being too hard on them or trying to mould them into yourself, they weren’t given for those reasons.

I had a client who was 45 years old, recently she arrived at my office dressed like she was 70 years old, long skirt, pop socks and a long skirt all dark colours, my work with her unveiled her belief that she had to look and be like her mother and the “old” look was how she had to be………..her own choices were rather different, in fact after my sessions with this lovely lady she telephoned me to say pop socks in the bin! Going to buy my high heels today!! She just needed the strength to see who she was and through direction of spirit she found those answers.

Lets look at it from a different angle for a moment, If I had not embraced my abilities to work with Spirit I couldn’t have helped the thousands of people over the last 10 years, stepping out of a career that endured the rat race of business and accepting who I really was seemed daunting at first but I was living a life I didn’t enjoy or want because I worried what people would think including my family.

But I knew in my heart that unless I followed this journey for me I would always be sad inside.

Making one decision like that can be the start of a dream journey and it certainly was for me, in the beginning I had no idea how much my work would matter to the public and the impact I would have on their lives advising and guiding through Spirit, all of those people wouldn’t have had that comfort or reassurance that all is well. I can’t tell you how amazing that feels.

But the point is its not just my job that helps people what you do is important to, so if you feel that you cant be a police officer like your dad but need to be a social worker instead understand that your guides need you to make a difference in that area of the world instead, you will be doing an amazing thing following your own thoughts and ideas have faith in your life the gift you have been given.

Angels and your Spirit family no matter what they thought as humans most definitely want you to be you, different, unique, but most of all happy, what makes you happy will be different than others, the world would be a very boring place if we all wanted the same things.

You have the gift of life, enjoy it and be happy

© Donna Robinson 2014


Donna Robinson

Donna Robinson

Donna Robinson is no ordinary Spiritual Medium & Clairvoyant, Born and raised on the Wirral, Cheshire. Donna was fully aware of her gift from a very early age. At first Donna was reluctant to follow this path, having carved out a high powered career in banking. Finally she acknowledged that something had to give. Donna chose to step down from job to help the many Spirits who had ‘crossed over’ find their loved ones. Donna has many celebrity clients including Kym Marsh and Denise Welch.Donna’s clients keep coming back to her because of the high success rate in predictions and communication

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