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The Earth Faeries & The Year Ahead

Rachel Curtis 09 Jan 2014 comments
The Earth Faeries & The Year Ahead

Blessings to you all in this New Year of 2012. Well it’s finally here 2012 and after some years of hearing the different stories of what is going to take place my thought on it is spiritual awareness and the increase within us all is top of my list of some of the things that this year is going to bring. The energies are becoming stronger and you can feel them all around you and especially in children, they really seem to be aware of the fae, angels and of spirit. I do hope that you all have had a wonderful time this Christmas/New Year with family and friends and I want to talk about yes you’ve guessed it new year’s resolutions, faeries and grounding.

As soon as the festivities are over and January the 1st is here it can leave us feeling deflated, life goes back to normal for a lot of us. Back to work, school, family go home and if they live a distance away we can feel that pull, the new Year faeries have mingled with the Yule & Christmas faeries, had a big party, got emotions running wild with fun and laughter but now they’ve left our lives and haven’t even tidied up their party mess!. I find it is important to get ourselves grounded as soon as possible and to not make resolutions but to instead make a list of our goals for the year ahead but without the pressure.

So first to grounding. You may be aware that there are some faeries who belong to the Gnomes or Earth Elementals, it is these faeries that we are going to be calling on. Getting back into a routine requires a clear head, focus and a feeling of being secure to Mother Earth again. The Earth Faeries are very good at helping us feel grounded, they secure our life energy or our soul if you like to nature, to Mother Earth and deep into her roots. I often feel light headed, floaty and unable to properly focus if I become detached from my roots and nothing runs smoothly and definitely not to time! and I am a time freak, if I say 10am then 10am it is lol. So what we are going to do is to call upon the Earth Faeries to come into our life for the next few days, asking them for connection, guidance and some new flow upon our path.

Now you’ve probably been too busy to think about let alone practice some meditation these past few weeks and that’s ok as we need a break sometimes. Firstly I will take you through a lovely grounding exercise and then a meditation, both with the help of the Earth Faeries. I want you to familiarize yourself with this gentle meditation so you know the path it will take you or you can have someone read it to you. This meditation will help us to relax, focus and go on a much needed journey. Take a deep breath and get yourself settled into a comfy chair, play some soothing music low and slow down your breathing.


“You are sat comfortably upon the green grass, all around you are many different tree’s, you have great Oaks, Willow, Birch, Rowan each tree standing proud. You can smell the moss and the scented Jasmin, Honeysuckle and Bluebells, look around you and take in all that you see. You notice a small Earth Faery walking towards you, take a good look at your new friend, slowly take in their features, clothes .......they stand in front of you and the faery turns their face to the side and you follow their stare, you are sat within a circle of various crystals. Each crystal is 1 inch above the ground and they each have a different energy. These energies now start to join together, forging a strong single energy, this powerful energy enters at your crown and you can feel this as it engulfs your entire body. As the energy reaches your feet it will dig deep into Mother Earth, finding a anchor in which to wrap itself around twice before making it’s way back up through the soil and into your body. You are now grounded.”

Now that you are grounded you should feel a slight pull downwards, this is ok and simply means you are feeling the connection from within yourself to the ground. Of course, you might also notice other signs that you are grounded and you will in time learn to recognize them the more you ground yourself. I feel a sense of inner balance, my focus brightens up, my breathing is steady and I can feel the air going into my lungs etc. Next we are going to meet more Earth Faeries and we will be asking them for guidance and setting our goals for the year ahead.


“You are still sat within the circle of crystals but instead of there being different ones there is only one type surrounding you. Feel the energies of these crystals, let them flow within you, around you, over you and under you. Imagine the energy as a white light if it makes it easier for you and breathe it in. You feel very relaxed and you want to start making your plans for the year ahead. You call upon the Earth Faeries to come to you.

“Earth Faeries deep within this forest, come forward and sit with me a while. I require your wisdom and guidance upon this year’s path. Earth Faeries come to me and let us work together so that my dreams and wishes may be put into action”

Let a moment or two pass and then from behind a round shaped stone you see two Earth Faeries approach you, again take a good look at them and enjoy the beauty that lives within them that becomes visible to your eyes. They both sit in front of you and you feel like you should offer them a gift. You look to your left side and upon the ground there are a few berries, you pick them up nd present them to the faeries who in turn bow their head in thanks to you. One of the faeries then speaks to you, they ask that you make a promise to yourself and this is the promise that you are to repeat out loud yourself.

“ I promise that from this day onwards there will be no pressure put upon myself in anything that I choose to do, I will be gentle with emotions and will embrace them. I will learn to sometimes take the slow path and that not everything requires immediate action but rather time to think things over. I promise to laugh, love, hug at least once a day. I will find inspiration in all that is around me and to bring it into my everyday life. I promise to learn to love me and to try my best to live the life I so choose”

I will leave you and the Earth faeries alone so that you may talk openly to them and they to you about what you want this year to bring you, what you must put in to get out, whatever your dreams and wishes are now is the time to lay them on the table for the faeries are here to guide you as always. The next time you hear my whisper will be when the Earth Faeries are needed back home”

(15 minutes should be enough time but of course that is up to you)

“Now it is time to say your thanks to the Earth Faeries and as they stand up you all shake hands before they walk back towards the stone and disappear. I want you to take a look around and know that this is a special place where you can at any time return”.

Feel the chair you are sat on, begin to recognize the area you started out, wiggle your toes and your nose and when ready open your eyes. Take a few minutes to gather your thoughts and get your balance after sitting for a while. It might be a idea to jot down what you asked and the plan that was discussed. It’s important to remember that usually resoultions are broken because we expect to much of ourselves or because we are caught up in the moment of Old Lang’s Aine. By making a plan, talking it through and getting some guidance it allows us to think things through, to have more than one option, to do things our way and on our terms. You should now be feeling grounded and hopefully refreshed and happy to make that step upon your path for this New Year. I wish you every success as do the Earth Faeries, after all, they want you to feel connected to them and Mother Earth.

© Rachel Curtis 2012


Rachel Curtis

Rachel Curtis

Rachel Curtis is a Author, Columnist, Faery & Elemental Teacher/Priestess, Soul Healer, Spell Maker

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