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The Angel and The Musician

Susan James 25 Jan 2018 comments
The Angel and The Musician

Once upon a time there was an Angel known as the an earth angel by her friends and those who know her, this angel had a soul of love and compassion for others, she saw them through the eyes of empathy and forgiveness, this she did without selfless thought. With all this going on in her life she often wondered what her own personal path might be. She was happy with her life as i was but she desired to be with another, the yin to her yang, the peace to her joy, to have a love that could be shared in equal measure. Along with this was her desire to serve others in the ways of spirit in which ever form that took and it was on this path of discovery with spirit that she reconnected with a friend who worked with angels and served spirit in the same way and then one day through a synchronistic event of this other Angel inviting her to a show, she met the Musician, a man of many talents who through his own journey in life had come to a place where he was able to share with others the words of spirit through his work and his music. The Angel and the Musician began a journey of exploration and of making music together, they harmonised on an energetic level, feeling each other, knowing each other, they laughed and shared thoughts, and perhaps even love, or so the Angel believed, and so the Angel and the Musician continued on their journey together.

During this journey The Angel was contacted by another soul, one who worked with music and esoteric practices and Angel was asked to feel into this woman’s spirit and see what she could find for her from the world of spirit. So Angel read for this woman and it became evident that this woman had been guided to Angel so that Angel became aware of the situation between the Musician and others. This woman had been part of the Musicians life for many weeks and whist she believed him to be her twin flame the reading showed this was not so and that they had reached the end of their journey together. On learning this Angel was drawn between her conscience of knowing what was, what was to be and her belief heart and soul in the confidentiality of the work that she did and her own her place in this journey. So the confidences were kept and no word spoken other than what came from the word of spirit.

For a few weeks longer Angel bathed in the energy of her time spent with the Musician they shared feelings and banter together and her love for the Musician grew, and it continued with her hopes, dreams and aspirations that their journey together would progress and grow. Angel’s love for the musician continued to grow, but her sensibility told her that to ensure this was real and not fantasy they should meet, so Angel took it upon herself to surprise the Musician at one of his events.

On the night that they met his surprise was evident and he appeared to be truly pleased to see her and they spent a few moments together as she bathed in his energy she knew in her heart he was right for her, against all odds she felt this. For he was nothing like her stereotype of a man that she would have chosen for herself, for he fitted none of her preconceived ideas of how her ideal man would look like, but in every other way he fitted perfectly. Whilst that night was no more than an interlude of two friends meeting she felt deeply at peace in the knowledge she now knew it was real.

In the morning Angel left there wondering if he felt the same, or was he just enjoying the fun of the moment and not wanting to commit to anything more than the lighthearted sharing they had been having, for despite his pleasure on seeing her there was a distance that she hoped was just down to the fact that he was working and focused on his work for the night. She convinced herself that it was all going to be well and that even if it didn’t work out at least she had, had the pleasure of spending a few moments in his arms as they danced together.

Slowly over time contact from the Musician dwindled, no reasons given, just increasingly more and more silence until finally Angel could suffer in silence no longer and asked the Musician for his feelings on their relationship and where she stood, and was she waiting in vain for a relationship that was never going to manifest between them. The Musician took umbrage at the questioning and unbeknownst to him ripped the Angels heart in two, so she retreated, enfolded her wings around her body and her heart to ease the pain and the burden of unrequited love.

Weeks went by and very minimal contact was maintained until one day Angel was guided to post for a reading and she was read by a redheaded witch, now she and the witch seemed to have a connection and this connection led them to be in communication with each other and it was during one of these conversations that the realisation came that they were both connected to the Musician. That the connection between the redheaded witch and the Musician was love, love for each other and they both in separate ways declared their love for each other to the Angel. Whilst dying inside, her heart torn to shreds the Angel with a heart filled with love and compassion, forgiveness and understanding stepped back from this involvement and wished them both every happiness.

No-one can choose who they love, neither can you make someone fall in love with you, so wishing them all the best she left them to their relationship. Deep inside her Angel knew it to be wrong, that she and the Musician were destined to be together, to be a part of each others lives, how she knew this she did not know, she just did.

So for a few weeks the silence between the Angel and the Musician remained he in his love for his witch, she seeking to find a place for her healing and as she healed so she wrote, words poured from her pen in a way that was cathartic.

“I speak from my heart, and I allow myself to say the truth that I feel.

I open myself up to hearing and feeling truth

I let myself experience a deep connection to another person”

To release the pain of unrequited love the whispered words of inspiration from the angels flowed from the angels pen.

Warrior Angels

Not all angels are fluffy and sweet

But all angels have a divine purpose to meet

These warrior angels have a purpose too

To carry sword and shield to protect and watch over you

They come to fight the battles unseen

They smight with the sword, swift, true and clean

Their shield is protection from all that does not serve

They come as a messenger to bring courage and strength

Be not afraid when a warrior angel you do see

When they breath brimstone and fire on behalf of your ire

Their purpose is to serve and protect

To clear a path of new doors to open for thee

They stand tall and true, shiny armour a gloiw

Their strength and their energy to you it will flow

Trust in these angels to know what to do

For you have asked for their help in the darkest of night, to take care of you with all their might

No! not a one can cause your more pain as you have opened your heart to true love again

Now a new day is dawning shiny and bright

Put on your armour of ethereal light

Know that the angels walk with you and keep you in sight

To protect you from harm, and give you your might

This new day has risen to honour the new you

Like the phoenix from the ashes know this is true

You have grown, you have challenged, in love you desire

The ashes of pain now lie on the funeral pyre

Take strength in the knowledge you are never alone

Be brave, be strong, be true, but most of all be you.

As the weeks travelled by Angel stepped back into living again, she returned to the world of the Musician quietly in the background listening to the whispered words of others, neither judging nor siding just being. Then one day like a bolt of light in the darkness, he reappeared her Musician, asking Angel for forgiveness for “ being such an ass” “ I forgave you then, there is no forgiveness needed” she said.

So her journey with the Musician is renewed where it will lead is yet unseen, their journey intrinsically intertwined in the web of the universe a journey travelled, destination unseen.

The Angel is the wings of compassion, the soul of forgiveness and the heart of Love.

The Musician is the song in the wind, the wind in the word of spirit.

The Angel and the Musician their life entwined became one of past souls meeting again to clear a karmic bond. The angel continued to love the musician from afar and became part of a team of angels that worked together to help others on their journey. During all of this the angel became attuned to the changes within the musicians path.

He grew cold and distant as another took his eye and the angel realised that their path was not one of love for each other, yet she continued to stay working quietly and diligently in the background sharing her love and healing in messages that would help others.

Until one day she realised that the words whispered by others both in her circle of friends and from the world of spirit were bringing her to make a decision, a choice, her path or his and she knew deep within her soul that she had to choose hers. No matter the pain. It was time to move forward with her life and the new doors of opportunity that spirit were bringing to her. For if she chose not to step through and do what she was meant to do, she would stay in the life that she had never moving never growing, always wondering what if.

So with much heart and soul searching she made her choice and messaged the musician and told him with love that she must leave.

With the deepest of all cruelty the musician chose to ignore the angels words, he chose instead to remove her from his life without any acknowledgement what so ever. This musician who showed the world a face of love and compassion in one cruel blow, broke the heart of the angel once more. He turned his words of love and comfort to the angel into words of defamation. He hurt her with the cruelest of blows.The pain the angel felt was so deep that she was unable to hold back the tears. She was blessed to be held by friends and the wings of the angels to help her rebuild and come back to her full self of being for without them she would have been lost.

The angel came to realise that her journey in this life had come to a completion with the musician she had released and cleared the past between them with the understanding that if you come to and meet a soul mate with a deep bond in this lifetime it is not always about joining in romantic love but about understanding that there is a bond that ties you and requires to be healed in this lifetime and that one or both will do so. The angel realised that she had to release and let go the love bond of relationship and heal the past by forgiving and releasing the connection to the musician. His journey is to understand how love and forgiveness is the spiritual growth in all of us and this will follow him to another lifetime if not completed in this.

So with an open heart and forgiveness for the musician the angel takes a step forward into her new life leaving the musician with her heartfelt wishes of love.

© Susan James 2015


Susan James

Susan James

My Power comes from within and my Passion is to enable you to bring Purpose into your life. As an Intuitive Coach and Spiritual Medium I feel I am here to walk alongside you on your journey to find your own purpose. I am available for one to one consultation and group work.I have spent many years on my spiritual journey and have gathered many tools to enable me to work intuitively with you should you choose to work with me. I look forward to hearing from you.

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