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Taking a Look at Love

Laraine Turner 16 Apr 2014 comments
Taking a Look at Love

Numerologically, February 14th this year is on a Universal 13/4 day of an 8 month on a 6 year. Is that good for love?

What is love?

Love is a four letter word that adds up to the number 9.

L= 3,

O= 6,


E=5 ……= 36/ 3 +6 =9

At this romantic time of the year, let us break ‘love’ down to see what it actually represents, after all we only have this one little word to mean so much to us.

The word ‘love’ begins with the letter ‘L’, making this the corner stone of the whole word.

Being the 12th letter of the alphabet (and as in all things numerological) we reduce this to the single digit of 3 to discover further meaning. The number 3 is the last number belonging to the mental plane, the realm of thought, sensations and feelings. It is often said that love is a chemical reaction that we are unaware of, we first take notice of it when we feel different and can’t really explain why.

There normally seems to be a realisation that we’re on the same wavelength as another person. Numerology is all about vibration, the energies of each number and what they mean and how they affect your life.Love is a feeling, something that you pick up on and yet you cannot see what that energy is …you are just aware that you are in tune with someone else’s vibration, you are a match!

The letter ‘L’ itself, is the twelfth letter of the alphabet and actually stands for action. So although the number 3 on its own belongs to the plane of feelings and sensations, the word love begins with the 12 th letter of the alphabet urging us to act on those feelings. Love remains unnoticed unless of course you take action!

‘O’ is the second letter of the word love and is the 15th letter of the alphabet which we duly reduce to the number 6.

As described in January’s article the number 6 is the starting point of being able to love another as firstly you have to love yourself! Furthermore the number 6 represents service to others, loyalty, responsibility, concern for others, expansion of the Self through another, romance and nurturing.A lot of these qualities involve others and others’ feelings.

This is because the number 6 belongs to the material plane where everything is solid and real. We have moved on from the mental plane and the realm of only thoughts and feelings.

The next stage in love is the tricky bit because we normally take action ( as the ‘L’ prompts) and what we feel is out there for that other person to respond to. We have taken a bold step and are unsure of the outcome but the 6 so wants to share, be with another, feel that romance and become part of a couple so that they can display the passion that’s bubbling up inside of them. Although the letter ‘O’ reduces to the number 6, it is still the 15th letter of the alphabet and its own meaning is actually ‘patience’. This, once we’ve taken action and shown another how we feel is all that is really left.

The next letter in the word ‘love’ is ‘V’. This is the 22nd letter of the alphabet and the number 22 in numerology is never reduced to a single digit as it is a master number and holds a very strong vibration…not diluted like the single digits because it remains nearer to the God Consciousness/Divine.

So far, ‘Love’ has had a feeling, taken action and is quietly being patient awaiting what happens next. Emotionally, now is when the sparks start flying. That delicious moment when you discover that the object of your desire feels exactly the same as you and the realisation blows both of your minds. The enormity and depth of feeling almost feels uncontainable and bigger than the two of you can possibly handle.

The 22/4 vibration is very very powerful. It holds the power to move mountains and create miracles. It is the number of originality, obsession, ambition, perseverance and secretiveness. Indeed, the secretiveness of the 22, makes what you are both experiencing feel like some sort of special secret as you believe that no two other people on the planet could possibly feel like you do. The number 22 is on the spiritual plane and then some, as I’ve already said it is an undiluted number that remains close to God Consciousness and unearthliness. ‘Love’, having reached this far, does make you feel like singing “I’m in heaven!”

That just leaves the letter ‘E’ and this is the 5th letter of the alphabet that doesn’t need to be reduced further as it is only one digit to start with. The number 5 represents the 5 senses of touch, smell, sight, taste and hearing.

After all ‘ Love’ has been through, now is the time to physically experience all there is of this other person and for them to experience all of you too! We are incarnated on earth to experience a life in a physical body and so these 5 senses are very unique and special to us as human beings. It is how we show love and start to create love, all over again!

That brings us full circle to the number 9, the number that ‘Love’ adds up to.

The number 9 represents completion – mission accomplished!

(PS It’s not just February 14th, any day’s good for love

© Laraine Turner 2013


Laraine Turner

Laraine Turner

Laraine Turner’s wish is to introduce people to the amazing metaphysical tool that is Numerology. Numerology can help everyone to fully understand themselves. Furthermore it can bring an appreciation that everyone is unique and through understanding of each other we can all foster tolerance rather than judgement or prejudice.

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