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Symbols in your Mediumship

Joanne Ward 10 Jul 2014 comments
Symbols in your Mediumship

The spirit world uses many different ways to deliver messages to people. Sometimes the spirit world will use symbols to convey the message, and for the medium, this can be confusing, especially during your training.

I am sure most of us Mediums would like our job to be straight forward, and given an alternative no medium would choose to work with symbols.

When conducting a reading a medium will ask the spirit communicator to show, tell, or make them feel something specific in their mind; For example: I would ask a communicator something such as

“What was your name?”

The spirit person, I would hope, would offer their name clairaudiently, for instance

“I am Patrick”

However as I am sure most working mediums know, it is not always that simple.

When I was a trainee medium, I was shown many things which I tried to present to the recipient in a literal sense, and at times they had no idea what I was talking about.

An example involves a lovely gentleman who came for a reading after his wife’s passing. She came through very clearly and told me her name, what illness she had passed from and that she would like to thank their daughter for all her care and attention before her death. This information all came to me in the literal sense.

Then came the curve ball, she began singing the Postman Pat theme tune to me.

I was faced with a few possibilities in my mind;

Was she telling me liked to watch Postman Pat?

The name Patrick, Patricia, Pat?

A postman?

A black and white cat?

I had to ask her in my mind to confirm which of these things she wanted to convey to her husband. My intuition told me it was a black and white tabby that she wanted to acknowledge, and when I went back to her in my mind and asked her, she gave me the impression that the cat was there with her in the spirit world and she wanted to let her husband know they were together again and that the cat was saying Miaow from the spirit world!

I told him what was in my mind and he broke down in tears. Their beloved tabby had died two days after his wife and he was experiencing the loss of the cat as they had owned her for 17 years.

Why did his wife not just show me a black and white cat? I am not 100% sure why. In my experience, the spirit world use what the medium knows, they use your knowledge and what is in the scope of your reference. I have never had a black and white cat in my experience, but as a child, Postman Pat was in my experience.

Luciano Pavarotti is another example that comes to my mind during readings.

I see him in my mind’s eye just the way he looked in the video of the three tenors in concert in 1990.

Naturally the first thing that would come to mind would be Opera music; however Pavarotti could have other meanings such as Italy or The World Cup or perhaps an overweight man who looks like Pavarotti!

I would ask the spirit communicator, in my mind, which of these possibilities applied to my sitter. Ultimately you must use your intuition to interpret what the symbol means if it cannot be taken in a literal sense.

I had heard many experienced mediums say – “give what you get” and “do not embellish anything spirit tells you” and so I did not realise that as a medium, we are interpreters for spirit and sometimes their information can come in symbolic form. Sometimes spirit work in mysterious ways!

Florence Welsh, the lead singer of Florence and the Machine often pops into my mind.

I must ask if it means the name Florence, a singer or a lady with red hair?

Freddie Mercury, does he mean a singer, a man with a moustache or a gay man?

The Queen - do I describe her hairstyle and dress because the communicator looked like her or was my communicators name Elizabeth?

There are many other examples of symbols, which will mean something different to each individual, depending on your own life experiences. As you develop as a medium I like to think of your medium ship as a flower, which to begin with has its petals fully closed. Through time and training, the petals unfold, as each facet of your intuition unfolds. Symbols may figure in your mediumship at one time or another and you should never disregard anything spirit shows you. If you pass it on to your sitter and they do not understand, then do not be tempted to leave it there. Go back to spirit and say why are you showing me that? What does it mean? More often than not, you will receive a strong thought or feeling of what they mean.

Sometimes you might find it’s a bit like being an interpreter for the deaf – you have to take symbols and learn what they mean to you at that particular time.

One thing is for sure, it would be an easy job if the spirit world spoke to us through clairaudience every time however, it does not seem to work that way. Everything they show, tell and make you feel has a purpose. Everything they bring to your mind is designed to get the message across to the recipient. When you are a trainee it is important to learn what is literal and what is a symbol, and the only way is to practice giving one to one readings, and to pay attention to how you feel about the things the spirit world are showing you.

If you dedicate yourself to blending with the spirit world, eventually things will begin to flow and through time, the spirit world will be able to use all of your senses to get the messages across to their loved ones here on earth.

© Joanne Ward 2013


Joanne Ward

Joanne Ward

Joanne Ward is a spiritualist medium and teacher based in The West of Scotland. Following a 13 year career in Nursing, she decided to pursue her true passion in life and become a full time medium. She is currently studying for accreditation with the SNU and she does private one to one readings and public demonstration throughout Scotland. Joanne also serves Spiritualist churches all over the U.K. Joanne and her partner Gareth offer various workshops on Mediumship development, card reading, Reiki healing, Angel Therapy and The Law of Attraction. Joanne also runs an Open Development Circle where anyone who wishes to further their spiritual development can come along.

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