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Summer Solstice Faery Celebrations

Rachel Curtis 10 Jul 2019 comments
Summer Solstice Faery Celebrations

We have a special celebration coming up in June and it’s known as the Summer Solstice or Midsummer. This is a time to embrace the last of the long days we have been experiencing, the lovely light evenings will begin to wane and so the Sun king returns to his home for longer periods of time. June 21st the longest day of the year and one we should make the most of and it is one of the faeries favourite times of the year as they love to have fun. The faeries love the beautiful colours that are around us such as the flowers in full bloom, the trees abundant green, insects with the most amazing coloured bodies and the Sun’s warm gold glow. The Summer Solstice is a time for us all to come together to celebrate what mother nature has blessed us with, a table filled with food, drink, love and friendship. We have a chance to thank Mother Nature for all she gives us and we can also thank the fae too because they work so hard to help her throughout the year.

The faeries seem to come out in force during the Summer Solstice as they love to celebrate and as you might know dancing and creating music is a must for them so I am going to share some knowledge I have discovered about the Summer faeries such as where to find them, how to join in the fun and what you can do to make the festival a great day

*During the Spring & Summer months the faeries love the bright colours and beautiful smells that are around us so get yourself off to your local park, woods, stately homes with the magnificent gardens. You will want to find a more private space as the fae won’t be parading themselves in front of everyone; usually you can slope away to some quiet area and towards the colour and fragrance. If you can get yourself comfortable then you can begin the next part, it will take the fae a little while to get accustomed to you and your attentions so in the meantime try a little meditation or lower your breathing so that you feel relaxed and take in the beauty around you until you can feel the energies of the fae starting to come through. You may be in for a lovely performance of dancing, singing and music so enjoy.

*Your garden is one of the best places to see the fae as they will be used to you in your garden and who knows they may decide that after all the months of looking after your garden you are certainly worth giving a little fae performance too.

*Faeries do like water so a trip to the beach or your local canal is in order. If you can get to somewhere like a canal where you have butterflies, dragonflies and lots of different plants/flowers etc. you will no doubt feel the energies in abundance. Again find somewhere to sit and relax, call out to the fae and offer them some bread/cake or honey and wait.

Setting up a Summer Solstice Altar

To say thank you to Mother Nature and the fae set up your altar indoors or outside. Use the vibrant colours you see in nature such as pink altar cloths, roses and their petals scattered over the top of the altar (you can buy fake rose petals if like me you would rather a rose kept whole). You can buy or make rose shaped candles or any flower will do and let the incense burn with a Summery smell.

Place in the centre a vase of flowers in full bloom and also add on the altar fruits and vegetables, ask for them to be blessed and then you can make a stew or a fruit salad with them for the feast later on. Don’t forget to leave an offering of cake and honey to the fae. Dress your altar to mark the longest day of the year and the warmth of the Sun King.

Connecting To The Fae

To connect to the fae on the Summer Solstice you could make a crown from the flowers in your garden and this is a project the kids will love. You can buy what you need from most florists as well as flowers, if you use fresh flowers they won’t last so it is up to you what you decide to use. The flower faeries will be everywhere and will draw closer to you when they see you working with flowers.

How about spending time in your garden, you could sing while you’re tidying up the borders, picking vegetables from your garden etc., a sure way of getting the faeries attention.

How about a family get together, everyone could dress in bright colours or even dress as faeries. Create a feast and have lots of games so the laughter flows. Maybe poems could be read out loud and stories shared as the fae love the spoken word especially when it oozes love, fun and tales.

There are many ways in which we can celebrate summer with the fae, use your imagination and let the creative side of you flow. It is a time to just enjoy what we have in our lives and what we are able to give to others. Perhaps the fae will join your celebration or maybe you are joining theirs whichever it is you will remember the happiness, love and laughter during the months when darkness plays its part once more.

© Rachel Curtis 2012


Rachel Curtis

Rachel Curtis

Rachel Curtis is a Author, Columnist, Faery & Elemental Teacher/Priestess, Soul Healer, Spell Maker

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