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Summer Solstice

Wendy Binks 12 Jun 2014 comments
Summer Solstice

These are the Months that we tend to have more births within the world than the winter months, so it is told by surveys.

So I thought why not do this month on newborn babies and a few spells on wishes within this Month, due to it also being the day that Fairy’s celebrate, by going everywhere to give cheer and gifts, but they also take gifts and can be very mischievous so be careful upon this day? Wear some thing inside out. And always give an offering to your garden, possibly some wild flowers? Or give the fairy’s a few biscuits, and a possible glass of beer or wine/milk for children. That’s if you have a tree within your garden or rocks. I tend to give back to the little ones, as well as give to the water goddess when making wishes for other people within the Coven, because she gives people plenty to drink within the hot weather and feeds the crops.

You could even call in Odin, or Zeus to give you the masculine side that all women need at times to bring us strength protection and magic.

Odin Sets the Sun and moon in motion to bring Creativity and freedom by his Raven; he also brings strength and honesty to men.

Zeus gave children lots of gifts of gold and crystals/diamonds, he loved trees and the Elephant gave him the strength to move in any direction needed.

Now of course I’m not saying that you need your father around you because there is a lot of single mums out there that do a great job of bringing up there children why I have given you a few Gods that you can call upon to help you out with those lovely tiny or big feet in your life, your future children.

The serpent represents the feminine spiritual energy, the kundalini that is our spine tail is the bottom of course the head is at the top, it also means the Goddess within. This energy opens up very spontaneously in us women during menopause and of course childbirth. Of course she taught us how to give birth right back, as the serpent was the first Goddess symbol. Even today belly dancers honored this elegant snake in its glory by the dance.

Vesica Piscis known all over the world as the Great goddess considered being the source of all creation, known as the Vulva of the goddess the creative power, the vessel of fish and the sea, the gateway between two worlds representing the feminine side. Meaning that she was the goddess of all including the gods. The Vulva of course represented to men to plug into the power of the goddess, bringing pleasure, beauty, joy.

The pleasure of life on earth, that’s is what we all do today.

The Rose and colour Red

The 5 Petalled Rose everywhere was sacred to all women and the goddess.

India, the Holy Rose. In Asia, the red china Rose. Roman the flower of Venus. This Red Rose was sacred to all meaning the love of the women the way to access the Vulva to the gateway through which life could be born.

And of course the flower mostly given all around the world on different occasions.

It is always better to do your own wishes or spells at this time of year as you are outside in that lovely sunshine that is beaming down upon you.

Wishes can be done all different ways, from just using a candle, to using a small bottle with your wish in. to even just giving a crystal and saying something.

Spells are just a little more really as you take time, and collect things you wish to use, it’s a thought out process, even to the writing you do, once its done you tend to burn it, or just again give away to the Sea. What ever you wish to do, the main thing is you have fun doing it.

© Wendy Binks aka Lady Snake 2011

Wendy Binks

Wendy Binks

Wendy Binks aka Lady Snake is an award-winning psychic witch, who is multi-talented. Wendy is heard on many mainstream radio stations and writes for many local magazines. Wendy has also been seen on Sky Living and American TV with the famous Ghost adventures.

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