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Struggling Spiritually

Agonyaunt Samantha 21 Jun 2015 comments
Struggling Spiritually

Hi Samantha,

A reply you gave to a lady on Facebook popped up on my feed and I felt I needed to email you. The thing I have been struggling with for a few years is that I love giving readings to people and also Spiritual Healing. A few years ago I worked in clients I saw complained their readings were not what they expected. Where I was working sacked me and since then I have not felt confident to offer readings or healing for that matter to members of the paying public. I am in a job where I am coasting along but I know deep in my heart it is not what makes my heart sing. I want to give readings and healing and be paid for it. There are so many obstacles to me doing what I love, lack of money, lack of clients etc or am I just harking back to the past and need to move on?

Thanks Zoe….

Hello Zoe,

Thank you for your question. It is an interesting situation and one that a lot of people walk through regardless of whether their work is spiritual or main stream. I feel that often we go through conflict when we are not where spirit would choose us to be especially when it comes to working spiritually providing readings and healings. Or it can be that we are there to learn lessons and once the lesson is done or the experience is walked through there is no need for us to remain there so an ‘explosion’ happens. This can particularly be true in relationships too. There is often a path that is carved out for us but it is easy for our ego self to allow us think that there is more to gain by going in a different direction. When the wrong direction falls apart it is very easy to walk away. In your situation it really does feel as if the work belongs but the place does not.

However, not to say that there was not a purpose to you being there. There is always something to learn and I feel valuable lessons have been learnt about the ego and about how we are not meant to be working from a point of gain or recognition but to be working purely for the love of doing it. By working in the centre you were put in the energy of having to perform, having to achieve and this is not what this work is about. We must always work from a place of love, our love for doing it and allow everything else, the money, the recognition to fall in to place all in good time, all in God’s time as we say.

I would recommend that you take the lessons and now walk forwards once again, on your own path. No need to ‘give up the day job’ but instead to blend life. To start doing readings and healing work in your own right, your own space and your own way. Explaining clearly how you work and the type of readings you provide. Trust that spirit will send you the right clients. Take a deep breath and follow that heart of yours.

Blessings © Samantha 2015

Agonyaunt Samantha

 Agonyaunt Samantha

Samantha has been combining her life coaching skills with the tarot and her psychic ability to provide life guidance readings for clients around the world for over 14 years. She has appeared on various programmes on Sky TV and on radio in this capacity.

Email agonyaunt@needapsychic.co.uk with your problem or question

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