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Spiritual Protection - Is it Needed

Calista Ascension 06 Jun 2014 comments
Spiritual Protection - Is it Needed

I’m back! Oh, I missed you last month whilst I was moving home, but I can tell you that country life is agreeing with me. Waking up each morning to the sweet serenade of the birds is a welcomed relief from the clanger of city life. Yet, I am not letting the grass grow too long for I am now in America for a 3 month teaching tour. And for my duration here, I will be bringing you news of my travels inspired by what is flowing through from the spiritual realms.

This month, what is coming forward to be shared is the topic of ‘spiritual protection’.

In February, Merlin’s Circle was launched. As the first, live spiritual development group, Merlin’s Circle provides on-line classes aired each week via YouTube. In the first class we had over 1500 souls’ worldwide tune in to watch myself and my development circle discuss spiritual awakening. I have wanted to offer free classes like this for some time now. So many people are waking up to the light of their being and I understand – through my own experiences – that this is often a confusing road to take. One of the most frequent questions that I have been asked through Merlin’s Circle is whether spiritual protection is needed, i.e., is there anything to protect ourselves from when we open up spiritually / energetically. As I have mentioned in many of the classes (which can be enjoyed again at www.youtube.com/user/EtherealLightCAT

you do not need to call in on any form of protection. Let me explain how I have come to this reasoning.

From Fear to Compassion

At the start of my path I believed that there was something to fear in the spirit world. It was part of my conditioning that had been ingrained from a young age. “Where there is light, there is darkness”, my first mentor said. And because I trusted this, my belief triggered the need to invoke protection in later life when I became a professional healer. I would start my healing sessions invoking spirit guides, wrapping colours around me and repeating affirmations, all of which I thought were guarding me against something ‘darker’. This ritual continued throughout, and after the session too. In my heart, this process didn’t feel right.

What was I protecting myself from? The energies that I was channelling were not ‘dark’ or to be frightened against; far from it. They were light and loving, and I thought, surely if I am embodying this in my vibration, no protection is needed? At this stage in my life, I had started working alongside the angels. In meditation, I asked to speak to an angel that could help me understand protection. I thought Archangel Michael may manifest as he is widely known to bring protection to those who invoke his energy, yet I didn’t feel I needed protection;

I wanted to know why collectively as a race we feel we need it. Archangel Cassiel, a lesser known angel, came forward. She said her role is to help humankind to understand fear and to transcend the need to hold on to it when they are divinely ready. I asked Cassiel to show me what there was to fear in doing spiritual healing (and in general) and she simply said, “Fear itself”. Aligning with her in meditation, I saw my own fears that I was carrying – of water, the dark, of betrayal and of spiders. Cassiel told me, “If you conquer these Calista, you will never feel the need to protect yourself again.” I knew in my heart what she meant but my mind still questioned. I asked for more help. Over the months that followed, I decided to learn to swim again and asked Cassiel and the water elementals to help me let go of my fear of water.

It was a long road but with each mini accomplishment I achieved, my fear lessened its grip on me. Through the study of shamanism, I came to understand that the fear of the water, namely placing my head underneath its surface, as well as the fear of the dark that I was holding on to, was as an apprehension of the power of my sub-consciousness. That it is the light that is more daunting to embrace that any darkness we may perceive within/around us. I feel this is why many self-sabotage and put-off fulfilling their divine path for a fear of the power and light they are holding within. During each of my shamanic initiations, spiders would manifest either physically or etheric ally on and around my body.

Although, terrifying to begin with, this experience helped me to understand spiders, to learn about them, to appreciate them for who they are and with understanding came compassion and a loss of fear. Cassiel told me after this experience that she often manifests herself as a spider to help people transcend fear. So now when I see a spider I know I am on a breaking through another old belief or conditioning helping me even more. When we give light to fear we break it down through acceptance, understanding and compassion; it has no hold over us. As I brought in more compassion for myself, my perception of fear lifted and with it the belief that I needed to protect myself. I realised that there is nothing in the spirit world to be fearful of only what we can conjure up through the internal beliefs we carry. Clear and transcend your internal being ultimately clears away any external projections manifested from within. Once we understand this through the eyes of compassion, we set ourselves free from fear.

Release Protection and Become Empowered!

Below are some ways that helped me to empower myself. When we affirm we need protection we are stating we are un-safe. We are giving away our own light and power to place ourselves in the hands of something else. In everything you do, spiritual or otherwise, stand strong in yourself. Affirm you are a Divine being; a spark of God, Creation, Source, Love – whatever feels right for you. This is your protection: your-self. • Instead of asking for protection or telling yourself you are safe, affirm that all is well. If you feel you can’t trust this to begin with, remember anything that makes you feel fearful is an aspect of your internal being manifesting itself in something external, and it is doing so because you are ready to let it go.

Appreciate this as a turning point that you can move through, rather than a challenge. • Make love to fear. Appreciate it for what it is; a leverage step to understanding yourself more. Be patient with yourself in loving and accepting all that you are, including your fears, joys, loves and pains. Know that all experiences are neutral no matter what pole of the spectrum they fall in to.

• Keep in the vibration of joy and love as you surrender all fears to the Universe. Let the universe take care of what you feel has been binding you. It will always listen and honour your requests for it is you in essence.

• Let go of the need to protect yourself when you travel and release the beliefs that you need to shield yourself from anything eternal. See yourself in all life and embrace oneness to break down any illusions of fear.

• If you have difficulty doing this, just relax and be compassionate with where you are at.

There is no rush to spiritual understanding and all experience brings expansion and growth.

You may need to sit within an emotion to release its grasp on you. If you click on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nU3rPVP8S00 you will find some exercises to guide you through this as well as in Understanding You E-Book from Merlin’s Circle.

© Calista 2013

Calista Ascension

Calista Ascension

Calista is an international writer and teacher discussing topics of spirituality and ascension. She is the founder of Angel Healing™ and Atlantean Crystal Healing™, as well as the Ascension Kits™ – a new meditation and healing tool.

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