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Spiritual Message - May 2016

John Seery 09 May 2016 comments
Spiritual Message - May 2016

“I wanted to hear my own whispers in the next room and know that I was thinking of me.” ― Nell Zink, The Wallcreeper

You know that feeling when you are, clicking through your friend’s Facebook album, when suddenly you happen to come across a picture of yourself — or rather, a slightly less attractive version of yourself.

The real you appears to have been abducted, replaced with some second-rate knock off and you start to ask yourself, Is that really what I look like?

How many of you have asked people to remove pictures of yourself online and tried to come up with all sorts of reasons why you should do so rather than simply admitting you are being vain.

Many times throughout a day we judge or criticize ourselves harshly.

Sometimes we treat ourselves far worse than we could imagine treating someone else.

At some point in our lives we all have the usual familiar thoughts ,there is something wrong with me, I’m really messed up, I’m bad, It’s all my fault or I’m not (good, smart, attractive, rich, etc.) enough.

We assess ourselves continually and while having a positive self-image leads to confidence and self-acceptance, a negative self-image leads to a sense of inferiority and even depression.

Each of us have different personality, traits, abilities and preferences that sometimes we cannot understand what is really going on inside of us.

When we think a thought about something we give it energy and that thought has an effect as it has been shown that energy follows thought therefore what you think about yourself is important.

Your opinion of yourself is very important because that is how you will be.

You should learn to love yourself.

As an infant scans his mother’s face he absorbs clues to who he is; as adults we continue to search for our reflections in others’ eyes.

Worrying what other people think is the cause of all kinds of superficial behavior, embarrassment, missed opportunities, inner resentments, regret, and even bitterness.

What other people think of you usually reflects what you think of yourself.

Your ideas about what others think of you hinge on your self-concept—your own beliefs about who you are.

They are one of those people who try to control how others perceive them. They do not trust who they are or accept themselves as is.

They play an endless game of hide and seek, with others, but mostly with themselves.

It’s an advantage to understand that others have their own opinions and take on reality.

Some people will like you, some will think your okay, and some might be indifferent.

If someone forms an opinion of you based on superficialities, then it is up to them, not you, to reform those opinions based on a more objective and rational view.

Leave it to them to worry about - that is, if they have an opinion at all.

I will wager that you can count on one hand the people you know, who see and relish your true self, who aren’t too afraid of your passion, or too envious of you and your abilities, who nave the generosity of spirit to encourage you toward greater self-expression.

These people are gold so practice leaning on them more and giving more back to them.

Learning how to love yourself is a key ingredient and Self love is at the very core of wellbeing, joy, self-empowerment, and our ability to enjoy the kind of life we want.

To really love yourself the way that you should you have to really know your Self and that is not about being egotistic or self with a small letter ‘s’ but your Higher Self.

The part of you that is one with all things.

However, most people do not even come close to loving themselves.

Some people even despise themselves.

You only truly obtain self-love by having compassion for the yourself, so you can appreciate and do considerate deeds for others.

It is said, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and it’s time that you started seeing your very own special beauty.

Not only do you love yourself but you realise that we are all one and you learn to love everyone else too.

The most direct way to love yourself is to turn your attention inward to your Self, the Presence that you are that is simply here, and already IS love


John Seery

John Seery

John is a well respected platform speaker and demonstrator in Spiritualist Churches all over Scotland. Having recently entered into the world of Auraphotography has seen great interest in his workshops and teaching which is now taking him UK wide. John has been writing Spiritual Messages for Silent Voices since 2010

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