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Spiritual Message - March 2016

John Seery 10 Mar 2016 comments
Spiritual Message - March 2016

Thoughts are the product of a machine we call the human mind so manufacture some excellent thoughts ― Debashish Mridhada MD

The most powerful force in the world is not a person, it is not a machine, a company or a government. The most powerful force in the world is the humble thought .

Every great, or terrible, thing which has happened in the world began as a single solitary thought and wither you are buying a new house, or choosing a career, it all begins with just one thought.

Thought is both force and motion and thought moves and decides the future.

Thought makes a saint or a sinner and thought can shape a person.

Research suggests that each person has somewhere in the region of 60,000 thoughts per day and most of them are the same as the day before and it may surprise you to know that research has consistently shown that the majority of thoughts, which the average person experiences, are actually negative.

You can consciously choose whether they are going to be positive or negative.

Our thoughts are in constant motion, whether we choose to witness them or not and our mind is a never ending movie reel where our thoughts can create scenarios and villains where none exist. A negative mind produces negative words and, consequently, a negative life.

Our words can actually become traps that cause us to continue our cycle of negative thoughts and actions.

If you’ve been consumed with negative thinking and speaking, the pathway to your freedom begins when you face the problem without making excuses for it.

If you can experience, pain, anxiety and anger through your thoughts, you can also experience joy, happiness and love through your thoughts.

Your thoughts can be turned towards the future and therefore you can start to plan how to get there safely too.

If you want to change your experiences and your life, you have to change the frequency of your thoughts.

In working out how that will happen you will need to focus on the elements that ensure it will happen. and by this I mean the areas of your life that you have not been paying attention to that bring you joy, happiness and peace.

Therefore, taking the time to think about these areas is time well spent indeed.

You create your life due to the thoughts you choose to believe, while filtering out those that you do not and the first step is just to start noticing what thoughts come into your mind and how they make you feel.

Just start noticing how your thoughts affect how you feel, do you feel happy or sad, does your blood pressure change and even how your feelings toward a person or event can be affected.

On an individual level, your thoughts can empower you to achieve great things or to crush your dreams and cause you great pain and suffering.

Destruction of one bad thought will give you strength to annihilate other thoughts and will develop your soul force or willpower.

It is only by practical training of your mind that you can encourage good thoughts and actions to arise, and can sustain good thoughts and actions when they have arisen.

As you change your thinking, your words will change and so will your life so maybe it is time for you to take a pen and a piece of paper and start asking yourself what is it that you want for yourself, what is it that you need in your life?

What are the things that you believe will make you happy?

Stop asking why and trying to explain things to yourself and skip straight to asking how you can change this and you will instead be searching for positive answers rather than negative ones.

Ask the questions and then let that inner voice that we all have give you an answer.

Have faith and be patient because you have nothing to lose.

Remember you have done it your way until now and it has done you no good.

Decide to finally live the life you always dreamed of and you can do this by changing your thoughts and your limiting beliefs.

Once you have decided on the changes you want to make, it is then time to ensure that everything is in place to make them happen.

As you change your thinking, your words will change and so will your life!

The choice is yours.


John Seery

John Seery

John is a well respected platform speaker and demonstrator in Spiritualist Churches all over Scotland. Having recently entered into the world of Auraphotography has seen great interest in his workshops and teaching which is now taking him UK wide. John has been writing Spiritual Messages for Silent Voices since 2010

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