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Spirit Guides and Angels

Joylina Goodings 12 Sep 2013 comments
Spirit Guides and Angels

The differences between them and how they can help you

If you’ve ever wondered which spiritual beings you should turn to for help with certain issues, here’s an explanation derived from my own experience and understanding. If it resonates with you use it, if not let it go.

What are spirit guides?

Spirit guides were once humans. As their name suggests, they are here to guide and help you through your journey in this lifetime. Everyone has a spirit guide whether you are aware of their presence or not. Your spirit guide was appointed to you before your birth, when you were choosing your present incarnation. Consequently, they cannot be anyone you have known in this lifetime. Spirit guides are wise souls who have incarnated many times, and have grown in love, wisdom and understanding. They exist in the fourth dimension, which is the one closest to our physical three-dimensional world. It is their soul path to lead you towards your soul purpose for this lifetime, as they know what your intention was for this life before you incarnated. Your spirit guide may call on other guides to help them help you in certain situations.

Why can’t I see my guide?

Your guide is always with you. Most children are aware of their guides, so when you see a child happily chatting away to an imaginary friend, this could well be a spirit guide. Sadly, as we leave the purity of childhood behind, the physical world becomes more important to us and the spirit world often fades away from our immediate perception. However, the fourth dimension that our guides inhabit is still all around us, but it vibrates at a higher level so we can only perceive it within our senses and our awareness.

How can my guide help me?

Guides can help you in practical ways in this lifetime. They might pass on information in your dreams, or directly into your thoughts, or as gut reactions. So you should pay attention to any messages you receive in these ways. Spirit guides can best contact your consciousness when you are in a very relaxed state. They might place thoughts, visions, words, and memories into your consciousness to help you whenever they can. By trusting and using your intuition, you are working with your guide. Your inner voice is often your spirit guide speaking to you. With time and practice, this listening can develop into the psychic and mediumistic skills of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance. All mediums work closely with their guides, and it is the guides who bring messages from deceased loved ones. Everyone can do it, although it comes more naturally to some people than others. But just like learning any skill, it takes much practice to be able to communicate readily.

Other spirit guides

Your spirit guide or doorkeeper will invite other guides to assist you in specific areas as you progress along your pre-chosen pathway. An example of this might be if you start to take an interest in crystals, for instance, and your spirit guide could call on another soul who had a greater knowledge of crystals to guide you in this area. Or if you became interested in healing, your doorkeeper might see that you worked with a different spirit guide who was a healer during his or her past lives. Freewill is always yours, though, as you can choose not take notice of your intuition and inner guidance and decide upon a different way.

What are angels?

Angelic beings are pure energy and have never been human. They reside between the fifth and seventh dimensions and represent different archetypal energies. Angels have been in existence since time began. They appear in every religion both ancient and modern from every corner of the globe, and they are the most advanced inhabitants of the Devic kingdom of elemental energies, such as fairies and elves. Angels are often represented as winged messengers who act as a link between the universal creator and us humans. For instance, the Archangel Gabriel appears in the Bible, bringing the message of Jesus’ birth to Mary, but Gabriel is also, reputedly, the angel who dictated the Koran to Mohammed. Winged messengers also formed part of the belief structure of Mayan, Aztec, Egyptian, Greek and Roman religions, and they are still revered by the Dogon of Africa and the Aborigines in Australia, as well as Christians. So belief in their existence is still strong despite the fact we cannot normally see them.

Your guardian angel

An angel hierarchy exists, which is a big topic for another article. But, importantly, you have your own guardian angel. Your guardian angel is appointed to watch over you from your soul’s inception, and it remains through all your incarnations. Your angel holds your soul’s blueprint of what you came into existence to bring into the universe. Your angel watches over each lifetime and gently nurtures you in the direction your soul has chosen to take. But, again, you always have free will and can chose not to follow this path at any particular time.

Under the law of the universe your angel cannot interfere with karma and cannot do anything that will harm another. For instance, I may have had a lifetime where I developed powers of alchemy for transforming energy for the good of all. But if I had chosen to misuse those powers for personal gain, I would have incurred negative karma. So I would have to put right or balance back my wrong-doing throughout many lifetimes. You always have the choice whether to use your talents for the greater good or for your own personal gain. You have the choice. Angels can guide you, as will your spirit guide but the choice is always yours.

Help from angels & spirit guides

*Angels help with the emotional growth of your soul’s pathway over all your lifetimes.

*Spirit guides help with your growth in this lifetime.

*Angels cannot help you unless you ask them.

*Spirit guides can try to convey messages to you but without interfering with your free will or karma.

Both angels and spirit guides can help you with every kind of problem and issue. But the differences are as follows:

Angelic help

Angels are light and pure energy that can be called upon to help you. But they can help you with practical things, as well as spiritual requests. For example, perhaps you need to find a seat on a crowded train when your back aches, or find a new home where you can be happy, they can even help with finding a parking space! All you have to do is ask from the heart and let go of your expectations of how the results might arrive. You do not even have to believe in it, you can prove it to yourself by asking and noticing the results. Over a period of time, you will start to notice that you get the parking space you wanted often exactly where you visualised it. Be aware that you are asking for your highest good and to harm none.

How to ask:

“Please angels can I have x, if it be for my highest good and if nobody else needs it more than me?”

I usually get my desired result but if I don’t, then I know someone else needs it more, or that I do not need it. Often, results will manifest in a way that is different to that which you expect. There is no such thing as co-incidence when working with angels.

Angelic signs

Music: listen to the lyric as there may be a message for you

White feathers: making their presence felt

People coming into your life when you need them for specific purposes

Let go of your expectations of how angelic help will arrive.

Angels span every culture so it is not necessary to be familiar with their names or what qualities each angel represents. Just know which quality you want to bring into your life, ask for it, and the angel will answer. Ask for more laughter, joy, courage, forgiveness, self-acceptance, security, humour, compassion, love, clarity or whatever you wish to come into your life. Angels hear the desires of your heart and your feelings; they are not telepathic. So you must feel and ask them for what you need. They cannot help unless you ask. Once you have asked, you will begin to see things differently with angelic help.

Spirit guide help

Spirit guides consist of denser fourth dimensional energy, so they still have their own personalities and can express themselves without being called upon. They work from their own soul’s experience and knowledge. They are not all-knowing and may need help from other guides. But, like angels, they love you unconditionally, although they may express this through their own quirky character traits. These traits have been chosen to complement you own character in this lifetime. Neither spirit guides nor angels judge us. We do that ourselves.

Spirit guides tend to work more through the mind. If you want to communicate with your guide, relax your body and ask your guide to come forward. Imagine your aura expanding, and invite your guide into your aura to receive his messages. Or you could try a guided visualisation journey to meet your guide. For this, try my Tuning Into Spirit Guides and Angels CD that you can find in the xxx section on my website. When in an altered state of consciousness, often known as meditative, or a light hypnotic trance, your guides can come forward to place information into your mind. Once you have invited your guide into your energy, whatever you notice in your body or think about in your mind is important. Guides often work symbolically because symbols convey more information but in a simple way. Spirit never wastes energy.

Although spirit guides and angels are very different beings who work in different ways with different types of energy, you can ask both for practical help. But only angels can bring you archetypal qualities such as courage, acceptance, joy and laughter. Angel energy is gentle and loving. Spirit guide energy, although loving, is often very hands-on practical.

© Joylina Gooding 2010

Joylina Goodings

Joylina Goodings

Joylina Goodings, author of Your Angel Journey, and President of the British Astrological and Psychic Society is a well respected, experienced professional speaker, workshop leader, spiritual consultant, soul coach and healer working with multi-dimensional energies such as Angels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters.

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