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Social Networking: An Individual in a Cobweb

Vikash Kumar 14 Sep 2015 comments
Social Networking: An Individual in a Cobweb

Technology advancement has brought people closer than ever before. And it seems like this information bombarded globe is showering all of its nectar on the youth. You must be thinking wrongly in a right way that India and countries alike are shining at the back of young IT professionals as they are the ones who bring up gradation in nomenclature on a regular basis. However, I am talking about the rag-tag who relishes the offshoot of this elevation wrongly with every right reason. They are involved in a strange kind of networking with available services through the Internet. This is defined as Facebooking, in the present sphere for the Facebook users and for other web portal users like Google+, Hi5, etc. a distinct diverse term is coined. And everything is done in the name of networking, which sometimes leads to unwanted circumstances. I want to share with you a real case that exemplifies the prevalence of such a mundane affair as we spoke of.

The instance originated under the influence of an extremely web portal loving populace. For not having an account on such web portals, friends of Akash (name changed) jeered at him and said- “hey dude r u livin in 60s or 70s or what, b ultra modern like us” and they have shown every merit to have an account on such web portals, e.g. a great opportunity for networking, retrieving old friends and dating, etc. Derided with the activity and in an impulsive effect of the words of his friends but unknown to the aftermath, he signed up in one such portal and started availing the handy services offered by them. Within a short span of time, he came across Sham (name changed), a medical student by profession and apt in the flirt game by nature. She pretended to be in a faraway land away from her homeland. She doctored Akash in every possible way so that they could feel the emotions in their online relationship… It is very easy for the youth to fall prey to this emotion-cum-love syndrome and thereby putting their lives in trouble, if seriously involved. Akash had to face the same troublesome result when Sham’s profile along with her words proved as bogus. Sham’s fun, entertainment or game has put him in an emotional turbulence. In this condition which resulted in depression, imbalance within the system and melancholy, one still does not take professional help. The reason is well known to the youth and the society. It has taken much energy from me to heal him and to bring him back on the normal run.

Whom should I blame? The technology which has given many apparatus and tools making life tremendously easy? Or the web portals or networking sites that give a chance to people in order to utilize them according to their motives? Or the matter of love which is the very salt of a human being? Or the new genre who are trifling with the subjectivity of tender feelings? Or Sham completely in this particular case, as a person who exploited the technology advancement of the web portals, added a tinge of love affair for her entertainment, consciously or unconsciously? Or should I blame some complex issues unseen by our naked eyes?

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Vikash Kumar

Vikash  Kumar

Mr. Vikash Kumar well-known as “ForeZorba”, author of “Nugget On Wings” book is a Mindfulness Coach & SQ Trainer. He offers Counseling, Corporate coaching, Meditation & Astro-Numero guidance. He transforms and empowers people with psycho-dynamism, which is more than just advice & talk therapy. A voracious reader & ceaseless thinker, ForeZorba is an ardent writer who writes for magazines worldwide. To know more about him, visit www.forezorba.com

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