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Selenite and Archangel Ophaniel

Hazel Raven 03 Jan 2013 comments
Selenite and Archangel Ophaniel

We have collectively moved through a portal of awareness in December, bringing a remembering of who we truly are. This shift in the collective consciousness means we must get ready for the expansion which must surely follow. As we gain clarity on our spiritual path, we discover our cosmic consciousness, our universal consciousness and our connection to all things.

To anchor these new energies with clarity and stop confusion from clouding your judgement so that you remain in harmony and balance within your heart centre I would like this month to focus on an amazing crystal. This is Selenite; it is named after Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon, because of its luminous moon-like glow. In divination selenite signifies it is time to communicate clearly setting your intention and purpose, especially in relation to your spiritual goals.

Scientific Properties: Selenite is very soft (hardness 2) so it can be marked by a fingernail so treat it with care.

Keyword: Remembrance

Initiation: Sacred Knowledge

Angel: Ophaniel

Physical: Detoxifying. Selenite aligns the central nervous system and swiftly clears blockages and stagnant energy.

Emotional: Selenite assists in releasing emotions, behaviour patterns and beliefs that are deeply dysfunctional.

Psychologically: Selenite lifts the spirit, bringing Divine joy and playfulness into our lives to enhance the world’s Light energy.

Mental: Selenite brings mental clarity, increase brain activity and expanded awareness.

Spiritual: Selenite clears etheric blockages, by activating the transpersonal chakras.

Magic: A powerful crystal, of communication and communion with the past and present; this includes angelic communication. Swiftly clears away darkness, shadows and stagnant energy.

Chakra: Soul Star

Affirmation: “I am awake to the possibilities of infinite space and time; Divine understanding flows through me and radiates outwards to all I meet.”

Crystal Placement: Place in the Crown or Soul Star chakra

Meditation: Selenite filters out the ego-based delusions, heightens intuition, clairvoyance, and clairaudience and Light body activation. Selenite is used to activate the 12 strand DNA.

Healing: Selenite is often used as a ‘magic wand’ to clear the chakras of stagnant energy and emotional debris.

Cleansing: Never use the salt water bath technique to cleanse selenite; it is extremely soluble in water. Selenite is also extremely sensitive to water and humidity – it will bend in the hand and could slide apart into many thin sheaves if it is put into water.

Smudging: Smudging is a one of the techniques I recommend. Pass your selenite through the smoke from burning sage or sage and cedar bundles.

Visualisation: If you imagine a column of pure white light, place the selenite within it and ask that it be cleansed of all negativity. Or, visualise the ‘Violet Flame’ cleansing and purifying your selenite.

Breath: Draw in a deep breath, focus and exhale sharply through the selenite, thus blowing all stagnant energy from the crystal and cleaning it.

Angels: If you are working consciously with the Angelic realms’ asking for Angelic assistance is a beautiful way of cleansing and working with your crystal.

Archangel Ophaniel Ophaniel is the angel of the wheel of the moon, the universal cycles of growth, life, death and rebirth. As keeper of the celestial Light codes, Ophaniel will assist you in releasing unconscious patterning. This will bring more clarity and alignment with your true Soul purpose. Invoke this angel for help on your spiritual journey of remembrance.

© Hazel Raven 2013


Hazel Raven

Hazel Raven

Hazel Raven is an internationally known successful Mind, Body, Spirit author, teacher and workshop leader, with over 12 books to her credit, including the best-selling Angel Bible. She is a trained therapist with over 30 years’ experience. Hazel has appeared on television, radio and in numerous magazines and newspapers. Hazel and her Angelic Crystals articles have been with Silent Voices Magazine since 2011, these articles lead to the birth of the new Angelic Crystal cards that can be purchased from Hazels website

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