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Reincarnation Yes Or No?

Ross Bartlett 21 May 2014 comments
Reincarnation Yes Or No?

Reincarnation is the theory or belief that upon death after a certain amount of time spent in the spirit world or no time at all. A soul returns to our earth in the body of a human or animal of some form. A theory that some would say has little evidence to prove fact, however despite this, the topic of reincarnation has been discussed throughout time and quite respected within certain religions and schools of thought, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Kabbalah, and druidism and various native cultures. It is also a topic that seems to split many spiritualists.

Reincarnation has been recorded as stories as early as recordings began. With stories of reincarnation in the bible and other stories going back before the ancient egyptians who also had a belief of reincarnation, a belief which was an integral part to their thoughts of the afterlife and the sun rising in the morning and setting at night.

Throughout the ages, this concept has always been denied by some, others have even gone to the lengths to try to erase it from history and few have tried to prove it as fact. The evidence that has emerged from these few people is considered by most very minute, but for some it is enough to prove the existence of returning back to earth in physical form. some people believe there is such a substantial amount of evidence to prove reincarnation it has to exist and they would not consider the evidence that is on offer minute what so ever. This article will discuss exactly what reincarnation is, the evidence we have to prove its existence, and the science that makes it all possible.

Some of the old Indian religions believe that after death, ones soul keeps existing and is reborn another person or animal. It keeps being reborn until it redeem’s itself, then it returns to a higher existence reaching a state similar to what the Buddhists call “Nirvana”, eternal tranquillity. The Buddhists however do not believe in a soul, but of a “force” which travels from body to body and does not have a fixed personality. The force, according to Buddhists, will continue to move from body to body until it reaches the Nirvana. They also believe that your actions in the previous life determine what you will reincarnate to in the next life. For example, if you demonstrate unspiritual actions, you will come back as an animal. If you are a good honest person, you will come back in the next life a good human once more until you reach Nirvana, when the force can then rest.

Kabbalah is seen by some as the father religion of our modern religions Judaism, Islam and Christianity. Although these three religions deny reincarnation, the kabbalistic tradition supports it. The Zohar, the book of Kabbalists, tells of dreams being attempts of our soul trying to leave the body. They feel if a soul can do this, then soul can also leave a body upon death and in turn if a soul can leave a body and go back into it during a dream, they feel a soul should be able to reincarnate. This also would prove that the soul can live without physical form a concept common through today’s modern religions even though they deny reincarnation.

Karma is thought by many to play a large role in reincarnation. Karma is the belief that our actions determines our consequences and life. Although not called karma in all religions the concept exists everywhere. Karmic law is where the saying “reap what you sough” comes from. The punishments and rewards differ from culture to culture and religion to religion. Most of the religions that believe in reincarnation do agree that karma teaches us lessons, all to help us evolve into a higher, spiritual being. Although in Christianity there is no mention of karma as such it is present in the bible verse, quoting “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”. They believe, even though you do not get a reward or punishment on earth, you will when your body dies and your reward or punishment is then given to you dependent on your actions through life. From this you are then allowed into heaven or sent to hell. The same goes for Islam and Judaism. Its also similar in the native american Sioux belief system where dependant on your deeds you would be allowed access into their version of heaven or sent back down to earth.

In the more present day there have been some cases where children have been born seemingly fluent in foreign languages, however these cases have never been studied and excepted by science. There is also cases where children and adults have been born with memories of past lives, they seem to remember their past homes, family members, and how their death occurred. These experiences have at times been researched by scientists and various people and the events remembered by people in this life, has indeed taken place previously in history. Is this just luck and coincidence ?

With modern science now coming to an understanding that energy can not be created or destroyed it can only change forms and that through quantum physics it is possible to have a soul that lives eternally as I have discussed in a previous article, these understanding’s and possibilities also bring with them the possibility of reincarnation. Many people now go to a hypnotist to attempt to be regressed to experience a previous life. This has been observed under scientific conditions and the lives people go back to have strong results where the information conveyed while under hypnosis has been accurate of a person and the events that individual went through in their lifetime. Although Some of the lives have been un-traceable for many reasons. It seems to be as I ask friends of mine in the hypnosis field and through my own experience regressing people using hypnotherapy there is around a 60 percent success rate of persons finding the information that ties up with what they conveyed under hypnosis.

Some people put these findings and the reincarnation phenomena down to another theory. Collective unconsciousness which is a sort of Genetic memory. The theory is that deep in the unconscious mind you hold the memories of your ancestors that has been passed down to you in DNA. Upon being regressed etc. you access some of those memories kept deep in the unconscious mind. I have been regressed 3 times now and the last time I went back to a life in Scandinavia. Having done a bit of family research it seems likely or defiant that at least on one side of my family, my ancestors would have lived there at some stage. Although this theory does open many doors as modern science would say we are ultimately all related to the first male and female in our species. So this means we could have potential access to anyone’s memories if we can accesses the unconscious parts of our minds. So in this theory you could also have a past life experience on many different continents where you may even have a much different skin complexion and lifestyle.

Back in spiritual belief systems you will find that through just the last 100 years there have been various alleged communications from the spirit world through alleged mediums where the spirit who is apparently communicating speak’s on reincarnation and explains the reality of reincarnation. I use the word alleged above because there is a problem with these communications many of them don’t agree on the reality of reincarnation. Some saying yes it is real and some saying no it is not real. so this would mean that the percentage of communications stating one answer is false because accurate information is not being passed through. The communications that state reincarnation as fact also differ on the mechanics and possibles of reincarnation. some examples are a spirit has no choice to reincarnate where another communication say’s a spirit can choose to reincarnate or not. Another example is a spirit that has been in a human body can incarnate into an animal and visa versa. Where another communication will say ah yes reincarnation is real however a human consciousness never incarnates into a animal. I can remember flicking through a magazine once on spiritual topics. In this magazine a found a article by a well known medium answering questions from the readers. One of the questions talked about a dream a lady was having where she was a wolf running through woods with a number of other wolves. The medium stated that this was a past like of hers she was experiencing when she was a wolf. Then as I flicked on through the magazine I came across a similar article by another well known medium. A man was asking if the medium believed in reincarnation and if he has any personal experiences of past lives. The medium replied saying that he believed in reincarnation but did not believe that human souls ever incarnate as animals. To conflicting opinions in the same magazine. One more example of difference would be how long it is before a spirit can incarnate back into a body. The time stated seems to vary greatly from one communication to the next. So with all that and the fact that pioneers of spiritualism have always been on different sides of the fence with this one. where certain pioneers of spiritualism supported reincarnation but the likes of Emma Hardinge Britten and Arthur Findley siding as strongly against reincarnation. Its no wonder it has so many spiritualists split let alone the rest of the world.

We could even move onto feelings and images that people associate with reincarnation. The feeling for instance that when you meet someone you have known them for years. Proof of reincarnation ? Maybe or it could be that your spirit has been communicating to that other persons spirit for years while you sleep. Deja vu could that be proof of reincarnation ? It could be or it could be your spirit while you sleep has left the body and taken a stroll into your future and when you are in the event consciously, you then recognise you have been there before. Deju vu can even be explained through one theory as a experience of a glitch in the matrix of time and reality. Some quantum wackiness right there but very possible.

The evidence and knowledge we have today explains reincarnation is a possibility and it can show us its probability of being real, however we can only form our own opinion through our personal experiences or perhaps that of a medium that has proven himself or herself to the point their word can be trusted. Perhaps one day a medium will produce via physical mediumship a communication for all to see and hear. A spirit out loud explaining the realities of reincarnation.

With many books now being published on the topic of reincarnation, the apparent phenomena of reincarnation has spread and figures suggest that over 30 million Americans today believe in reincarnation. so based on that figure and the population of the countries where the main religions that believe in reincarnation are situated along with populations of other countries in the world that have some percentage of belief in reincarnation one could speculate that over a billion people on earth say YES to reincarnation but the question is do you ?

© Ross Bartlett 2011

Ross Bartlett

Ross Bartlett

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