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Paul Cissell 08 Jul 2013 comments

All the content of this month’s article are tools that I myself have used in my own work and taught within my own courses and this month I am sharing one of those ideas with you all. Some of the areas that we shall explore you may already have covered in areas of your own work or development, but it’s always good to have a different perspective on things. I hope the content will be of use to you. I am not traditional in my approach to teaching psychic development and often the participant requires a genuine open mind.

All of the exercises are safe provided you are responsible in your use of them and I would always encourage anyone taking part to look after their health as sometimes developing the psychic self can be demanding.

I would also recommend that you don’t engage in any psychic activity if you are feeling emotional about life as this will cloud your judgement of your work. Remember you always need a calm mind to work!

What is it to be Psychic?

It means to be tuned to an unseen world of sensations, thoughts, feelings and ideas beyond your usual five senses.

If you have ever used your intuition or sixth sense then you will have used your own psychic abilities.

Being psychic covers a wide range of practices and whether you are already developing your own unique way of working or just starting to develop your psychic skills you will soon and with practice discover which psychic tools work best for you.

At a first glance all forms of life seem to be separate and as a race of beings we buy into an idea that we are on our own even though we may have family and friends around us. Mystics have always believed that all things are connected and whether you are human, plant life or other species we are all part of the same thing. Energy!

When I first learnt to develop my psychic skills I was always taught a very complicated process which involved opening up and closing down using varying visualization and meditation. Often I would lose concentration and my mind would wonder so using the breath I have now developed a way of opening up to work with spirit which works for me, however there are many different ways, so let’s explore some of those other ways.

Preparing To Work

To attune to your psychic abilities it always helps to remain calm and in balance with yourself. One way to a tune is to light some candles around the room in which you wish to work from. White is often the best for purifying and protective energies. You can use other colours but sometimes different colours will send out different vibrations of energy so unless you know what you are doing its best to work with white.

Other effective ways can be to perform rituals. These don’t need to be complicated in anyway. Holding a crystal, chanting or even playing a piece of calming music. Do what feels comfortable for you in order to put you in a calm place.

The exercise I have prepared for you in this lesson is in two parts and can be as long or as short as you want it to be. It can be used not only for calming the mind for your psychic work but also when you are shopping, working, even just taking the dog for a walk, should you feel the need to become focused and in tune with your life and the world around you. This will also help with bringing in the flow of coincidence and synchronicity. Most people have difficulty in focusing the mind or doing any form of meditation as the mind starts to wonder. The idea behind this exercise is to help the mind focus and teach it to visualize in a simplistic way, as visualization can be an important part of any psychic development.

The following exercise can be done by yourself or with friends……

The Breath and Energy

Anyone who has been classically trained or anyone who has studied any form of martial arts for example will tell you how important it is to have control over your breathing. To sum it up we all breathe too shallow, so we are going to re educate the body to learn to breathe in two different ways. Firstly we shall focus on the physical body.

Sitting comfortably and in a calm state, close your eyes. When you become more practised you will learn to visualize with your eyes open.

Focus only on your breath, nothing more and breathe normally until you are aware that you have a rhythm.

Once you have control of your breathing start to take a slightly deeper breath, bearing in mind not to breath too deep so it hurts and don’t hold onto the breath either.

As you draw in your deeper breath start to visualize vapors of oxygen being drawn into every part of your body. No longer are you just breathing through your nose and mouth but drawing in vapors of oxygen through your head, back, arms, legs, everywhere, don’t hold onto the breath, let it go but hold onto the visualization.

You may see colour, you may see the vapours or you may just have a sense of the visualization, it’s your experience! Practice this for a few minutes each day and you will find that with practice it will become very easy to still and calm the mind in any difficult situation.

The next part of this exercise is working with energy and focuses on the spiritual body.

Still using the deeper breath, continue to visualize the vapours of oxygen, however carried on the vapours is another layer; this is energy, universal energy, the stuff that everything is made up from and connected to. Your life force!

Repeat what you have already learnt only now feel the spiritual self taking in this energy and feeling your spiritual body becoming more and more replenished. Try and visualize this second layer over the first layer of oxygen.

The more you are engaged in your own energetic self the more you will engage in synchronicity, the kind of thing that leads you to discovering answers to questions you may have in life but we shall explore that later.

The more you engage in visualizing the energy flowing into the spiritual self you may become more and more aware of your own energy field and senses or feelings, as well as being able to see colours, feel heat, cold or other feelings such as tingling through the body. Become more aware of what your body and mind are saying to you. And try to listen to the different frequencies.

Become aware of how are you feeling after completing this task, are you feeling tired, energized, more of a relaxed state of mind, more focused.

The whole idea is that you become unique for you. And the ideas that I present are merely to enhance your own psychic development.

It would also be advisable to keep a journal of your own progress.

© Paul Cissell 2012

Paul Cissell

Paul Cissell

Paul Cissell is one of the south coast of England’s popular evidential psychic mediums. Paul’s work takes him worldwide and delves into the realms of trance mediumship and soul rescue. Paul brings a refreshing vibrancy as he sails between many realms searching for genuine afterlife communication.

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