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Recognise Your Guides

Sheelagh Maria 13 Jul 2015 comments
Recognise Your Guides

We are all on this planet alone – yet none of us is ever truly alone, we have a full posse, a spiritual team that are with us advising us on how to move through our now and manifest the best for ourselves.

There is much talk of ‘guardian angels’ and it is true that Everyone has one, we also have guides of different kinds and one of the most commonly received questions I get ‘Who is my guide’

I would like to teach You how to recognise your guides, as recognising them when they are with you and when they are helping you is essential for you to begin to work With them, hear them and eventually find out ‘who’ they are or what prefix they use.

Recognising your guides is all about tuning into your intuition in fact more accurately your Awareness. Your awareness, is Not your emotions. Your emotions are energy coming through the emotional body and felt in reaction too a situation or circumstance. If we make decisions based on our emotions we will be back and forth and make less progress. Emotions can be an indicator of your intuition, yet it’s not the same thing.

Your awareness for example is when you get an ‘inkling’ that something is afoot. It might be ‘good’ it might be ‘bad’ but you get the awareness over a period of hours days or weeks. The awareness is like a ‘dawning’ or ‘realising’ that something has occurred as you were moving through your days, or has begun ‘occurring’ it is the first ‘sign’ that your guides bring you to alert you to changes that need to be made, or lessons that are being presented. Your guides never let things get to the red zone before they impress upon you action or alignment or healing is needed.

So when you have an ‘awareness’ about Any subject, it may be to do with a relationship or a habit it may be to do with a person around you and what they are really saying etc, ‘thank’ your guides for the awareness that they have brought you. This shows them and your higher self that you are tuned in and are wanting to connect with them in a genuine manner.

Very often people try all sorts of ‘meet your guide’ excersises but find it hard to trust what they receive, even though many times it will be accurate and true. They find it challenging to go from ‘non psychic’ to ‘psychic’ in one sitting. Of course they were always psychic as it Is Super Natural to be so, however when we are not tuned in day to day, it lowers our vibration and our guides have at thicker wall to penetrate.

Making the next step is really easy too. After you have said ‘thank you’ a few times, you can begin to call your guides in as a group (far easier to do this than discern just one in the beginning) and ‘sense’ their physical presence as a ‘tingle’ within your aura. When I get my students to do this they will be guided to do it when they are about to undertake another activity.

Usually if you call your guides in as you are about to do something you require help with, and Then get ON with the task at hand and ‘lose yourself’ in it, you will FEEL or have the Awareness of your guides gathering round you as they blend their energy with yours and look over your shoulder and stand in front of you to see how they can assist you, they are often whispering in your ear when they do this and so sensing them is a easy as feeling a feather land on your head.

Once you have Felt your guides physical presence and acknowledge it with a ‘hey guys lovely to have you with me’ Then you are ready to begin to get to know their energy. I ask my students to then have a conversation with their guides as a group and really connect to their heart centre and FEEL the energy of the group. Guide groups differ as widely as our traits do.

For example my guides are funny quirky and very blunt and straight – with me. So if I ask for advice I get it in nudges and then straight in front of me black and white, that’s Running Hawk and Michael for you. Some guide groups are lighter and gentler and you will feel almost a feminine energy. Some guide groups are ‘wise’ and you will feel as though you are in the company of counsellors or teachers and this would be true. FEELING the GROUP energy of your guides is important before you try to get to know them individually.

I keep mentioning GROUPS of guides because that is what we all have. We have typically one to two Guardian Angels that are with us every moment of the day, we have the Archangel whose realm we trained in we have our day to day guide, and we have elemental guide (for example in my posse I have two Fairys) you may have a past life guide, an akashic record guide, a power animal or totem animal guide or a dolphin Unicorn and star beings are very common.

The usual guide group depending on your souls mission is around 7-14 – if you are a lightworker with a particular mission you will have a wider range of help. It is not important to work or know all of them but they will volunteer for service as their specialities come into play.

Very often you will only get to know your Guardian Angel or one of them, your day to day guide or your Power animal. The truth is we have Master Guides that are overseeing Everything but they are in charge of our souls entire journey and it is unlikely that you would encounter them in normal life.

To get the ‘name’ of your day to day guide I strongly advise taking three weeks to do the above, as you need to tune into Your auric energy, and Their auric energy before you will be strong enough and confident enough to tune into your guides energy and trust it. Very often students will be given their guides name by me however they will doubt this after a couple of weeks because theyre vibration is fluctuating. So taking the time to prepare is going to make the introduction the beginning of a relationship that can last you forever, and is well worth it because you will form a bond of trust that is stronger than a lot of ‘human’ friendships.

If you have done all of the above and you want to start to recognise your guide *and this is more important than asking their name and then doubting it – as you go to sleep is the best time. When we enter Alpha state we relax and begin to float, all our defences are down and all of our beliefs are no longer at play. So asking your guide to come to you as you slumber is perfect, ensure that you haven’t taken any alchol or any stimulants on board, and then as you go to sleep ask your guide to allow you to FEEL their presence. It is likely you will Physically feel them as you drift off.

The truth is that getting your guides name is Easy. Often students will laugh when I give them the name because they already knew it, and so they should because we All chose our guides prior to the life we are in. Asking your guide for their name is a lovely step, yet your guide wants you to trust that they are there even if you don’t know the ‘tag’ that they have used in a life previous.

Asking your guides name is best done again when conscious but going around other tasks. A bit like googling an answer to something but then walking away and letting the search engine do it’s job whilst you make a cup of tea. So I ask my students to ask the guide their name whilst in meditation in the morning, or as they prepare to start their day, and then get on with their routine let go of any attachment to the outcome but carry a quiet and peaceful expectation that when you are receptive the answer will come.

Often the answer comes through synchronicity. The answer will be relayed to you through songs conversations or simply waft into your consciousness when you are unaware and being occupied in taks that allow you to ‘be’ ie walking cycling driving. Your guide Is with you and does want to communicate, they are waiting for the opportunity to present itself now that you know, trust and realise when they are with you.

The most important thing with Guide Groups is to have faith. There is never going to be enough proof that you can then say ‘okay now I believe’ and as with everything when you are ready to receive the answer, you will hear it loud and clear – enjoy

© Sheelagh Maria 2015

Sheelagh Maria

Sheelagh  Maria

Clairvoyant Sheelagh Maria sees the ‘real’ you. Along with your team of Angels she is able to identify your purpose, your passion your mission. If you are having issues with identifying your next step, or want to create a new inspired life, then you’ve come to the right place. Sheelagh does not just do ‘readings’ she performs miracles, magic and inspired action with you at the centre. Sheelagh specialises in bringing through the help of heaven in a way that connects you with your own truth. Sheelagh helps you to connect to Your own team, and to develop your Own gift. Whether you want to work with heaven for yourself or others, or you want to attract a new career, relationship or purpose then you have arrived. She uses channelled guidance, heavenly clearing and healing techniques and helps you to be clear about what comes next on your path. Sheelagh’s clients come from around the world and are a mxuture of healers and therapists wanting to expand, and conscious women that are ready to Receive the very best guidance – Heaven sent.

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