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Ross Bartlett - Readers Questions Answered

Ross Bartlett 16 Apr 2014 comments
Ross Bartlett - Readers Questions Answered

What is the difference between a Ghost and a Spirit ?

The main difference between a ghost and a spirit is that a spirit actually has a consciousness and a ghost does not.

When you die you will be a spirit not a ghost. A ghost is an imprint of energy left behind in the matter and energy fields which surround it. While we go about our day we are constantly changing our energy fields and interacting with energy around us. Keep in mind that everything in our universe is made of energy including us.

Matter is just energy condensed to a low vibrational state. So as we interact with the energy around us some of the energy of our fields becomes a part of the energy around us. perhaps that of a wall or chair and some of the energy of the chair may become a part of us on this finer level. So when you see a ghost you are seeing an image of someone or something that was once there. Its often a person doing something they did a lot whilst on earth.

This is because the same pattern of energy was constantly being replayed in the same area, leading to a large amount of energy, of the same action pattern interacting with the energy fields around the person which creates this imprint effect. The energy imprint of that person is left behind in that finer vibration and as the dimension its left in is so close to our own sometimes its possible for us in our vibration and dimension to see it. In time as energy continues to be recycled the energy that makes up the imprint, the ghost, is often recycled into something else. As this happens the image of the ghost fades. Its also worth keeping in mind that a sound can be a ghost as well. A whistle for instance. This is because all sounds carry their own unique vibration and energy as well. I think its important to mention that there is a ghost of everything you just cant see it.

A psychic on the other hand can tap into the energy that was once there and see it, they may also be able to see the energy that will be there in the future. A spirit as I said above has a consciousness and unlike a ghost you can have a conversation with a spirit. A spirit is made up of different energy bodies that vibrate at different frequencies. Housed in this is consciousness containing personality, memories, awareness etc.

When a medium is passing on messages from someone who is passed over they are talking to that persons spirit not their ghost. In a simple way to explain the difference. If you go to watch a show maybe a music concert, you could maybe get up on the stage and communicate with the band and talk to them and say what song are you going to sing next, what are you going to do after the show, what is your name etc and those people will be able to give you an answer because they are spirits.

The ghost equivalent would be like watching a DVD recording of the concert. What your seeing is like an imprint of the energy that was the concert. You can watch the event on your screen, you can maybe once its finished play it again but you cant interact with it. You cant ask the band a question or the other people at the concert, only watch what took place. That is your spirit to ghost difference and briefly what a spirit
and a ghost are.

Why is there so little physical mediumship today?

Physical mediumship has been around far longer than spiritualism, for ages different parts of the world have seen this phenomena, so why are results so uncommon within spiritualism? This answer has more than a few factors.

First of all, in order to experience this physical phenomena, one must be willing to be patient. Results do not happen immediately. A lot of time, dedication,and patience is needed. Sometimes it takes years to obtain results. People today have it in their minds they do not have enough time to wait for these results. We want what we want when we want it, and if the phenomena is not there, impatience takes over, and the dedication is not there.

Years ago, people had more time, life was slower, and patience people had was a lot more permanent. Time is related to the ego, in order to focus on physical mediumship, you must sit In the NOW. The problem this brings is that in order for the ego to survive, it must always be thinking of the past or the future, it will do whatever it can to have the mind stop thinking of the present and just enjoy and meditate in the moment. The ego also keeps us from expressing unconditional love which I believe is vital ingredient.

The spirits come to us with such love and devotion, our competitiveness towards one another and need to do better than our neighbour disables our ability to show these loving traits that spirit shows us. The ego also causes arguments within the members of a physical circle, which may break the circle, and then nobody is there to sit. Spiritualism has brought together science and religion, opened new chapters of philosophy and brought old spiritual traditions back to life, however there is a missing ingredient that the perhaps the older generation had. It may be patience, it may be love, the focus on healing and not on the phenomena its seld, I believe its all of those.

Different cultures around the world in Africa, Mexico, and North America have been practising rituals that bring results of physical mediumship where the spirits bring healing to those in the room. Why cannot people of our culture experience such a miraculous event? The answer, perhaps we are all too selfish, not in touch with our true selves enough and to focused on the wrong things . We do not give like spirit gives, love like spirit loves, and forgive and accept as the spirit world does. They are there to comfort us when we are down, celebrate with us when we are happy and heal us when we need. Our western society has taken that away from us. Physical mediumship can happen as long as you approach spirit with the unconditional love that is the main ingredient to our etheric soul.

What is karma exactly?

Karma can be explained as a force of the universe. It relates to two universal laws which are known as the law of attraction and the law of cause and effect. Karma ensures you reap what you sough. The karmic force sends whatever good thoughts or bad thoughts and whatever good deeds or bad deeds a person does back round to them.

The expression what goes around comes around is karmic. This happens due to the law of attraction and the law of cause and effect taking effect. The law of attraction states that whatever thoughts you send out to the universe come back to you. And that through your thoughts you attract and create the events objects and things that come into your life. The law of cause and effect states that for every action there is an equal reaction. These two universal laws together make up the karmic force and the law of karma.

The karma you create also effects your energetic vibration. In the spirit world if you want to ascend to a higher frequency of vibration not only must you have a certain knowledge and understanding you must have collected good karma. If you have collected bad karma you will not be able to vibrate at an energy frequency you would be able to if you had collected good karma.

Is there really such thing as prayer power ?

For centuries, around the world, different cultures have prayed in different ways using different techniques and for one simple reason. The power of prayer actually works. It involves two simple laws and tied together, this technique can get anyone anything they want. These laws include the law of attraction and the law of cause and effect. To put simply, mind over matter. People who pray on a regular basis are said to be 30% more healthier than those who do not. Your thoughts are the only thing that joins the mind and the soul, it links our physical with the aetheric. As we go into prayer, whether it be talking to a higher source or simply putting our thoughts there, our brain is at work. Our Parietal lobe starts to activate, this is the part of the brain that enables us to tell the difference between the self and the world. A part of the brain called the frontal lobe, which controls the ego, time, and physical awareness actually shuts off. As we go deeper and deeper into thought, our limbic system, which controls our psychic, emotions, and empathic is activated. We are becoming one with the universe and as we put our thoughts out there, we are sending out energy which will in turn give us a response to our prayers.

Great religious teachers have used prayer, as the Christian bible quotes “ask and you shall receive” demonstrating the law of attraction. As Buddha believed you were your own god and could control your wants and needs with your own thoughts, demonstrating the law of cause and effect. Prayer, combined with positive thinking has brought happiness and health throughout the world for centuries. Those who follow the native american spirituality will say prayer brings you closer to the great spirit, closer to your spirit helpers, they would say don’t worry about it pray about it. Prayers have power and if you pray to that great spirit your prayers can come true. To have your own prayers answered, here are some tips to bring happiness, health, and success to your own life. Remember, always ask for what you do want, not what you don’t want. Remember to thank this higher power for prayers that have previously been answered. Always include others in your prayers, a good deed will open your heart and give your soul fulfilment, again bringing you closer to the great spirit which can make your prayers more powerful. Prayers will and do work, we just have to send the energy out into the universe.

Is everyone psychic?

Most of us have had psychic experiences at some point, whether it be you know the phone is going to ring before it does, knowing who is at the door when the bell rings, or getting a bad feeling off of someone you have first met. Everyone is psychic, yes, to an extent. Some however are better at using this trait than others. It is a trait that you are born with. However in some the ability develops more naturally, where others may need to take more time to train and exercise their psychic senses. You can compare this to the likes of as musician or a football player, anyone can learn to play the piano or kick a ball, but not everyone could write music like Beethoven or play football like David Beckham. The right brain is what controls the psychic and intuition. This is the creative side. There are very interesting experiments being done on ways to take someone with that believes they have no psychic ability and help them tap into their psychic senses and get instant results. The experiments have shown one way in particular that is successful in this. So yes everyone is psychic to different degrees.

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Ross Bartlett

Ross Bartlett

Ross Bartlett has broken this mould; at just 21 he has an incredible Psychic and Mediumistic gift. This young man has been branded the Earth Angel;

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