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Quantum Manifesting

Paula Wratten 23 Apr 2014 comments
Quantum Manifesting

Quantum Manifesting is available to everyone it is just a way of allowing the mind to remove old programs and ways of thinking, when we practice rigid beliefs or mindsets we disconnect from our higher self, this blocks the intuitive mind. When we try and apply the law of attraction without dealing with core issues the outcome we are expecting will not manifest. It can be very frustrating when we try and put these techniques into practice and we do not get the results we desire.

If you have a limited world view, your thoughts will be limited to your own reality. Changing your thought pattern can be difficult as we are all subject to visual and subliminal programming; our whole day is made up of external stimuli, which in turn dictates our emotional state.

Most of us will not give a single thought for our wants during the course of the day, because we are preoccupied with working, shopping, paying bills, children etc., this in turn leaves little time for focusing on the now, we are always thinking ahead or remembering the good times, when we thought we had more time or life was simple. Living in the moment, talking as if the outcome had already occurred is the easiest way to access this energy.

Fear is just energy if we could see fear as a wave form it would look very jagged, it interrupts the flow of manifestation, the wave length of love is straight and flows without interruption. If we are trying to use the law of attraction and we are fearful at time of using this technique we are sending out a jagged wave length, this causes delays with the request or something we wish to manifest. Using the wave length of love would be akin to firing an arrow directly at the bull’s eye and hitting the target.

It is important to be aware of our emotions and thoughts at the time of using law of attraction or manifestation techniques.

When we are asking for things that do not resonate at a soul level and may serve no purpose to your life map, then the energy you have sent out may come back in a totally unexpected way that serves your higher self. If you are requesting materiel wealth and it does not fit your life purpose, what may transpire may not be exactly what you asked for but it will serve your soul journey.

It maybe that your soul purpose is not one of wealth but service to others, what you requested may not be money, but come back to you as a better job or life experience that fulfils you, this is translated at a higher level as soul wealth. Understand the LAW OF PERCEPTION, sometimes what we ask for is not always translated or interpreted in the cosmos as what we wanted. How we perceive what comes back to us is the key to successful manifesting.

Simple techniques

1. Be aware of your internal feelings at the time of using Law of Attraction

2. Ask your higher self if it serves your life map

3. Be clear with your intentions

4. Set a time line for things to happen

5. Ask once

Mainstream science dictates what we perceive to be the truth and most people will take that information as fact, although some areas of science are thinking out of the structured belief system and recognizing other possibilities do exist.

Until recently Einstein’s theory of relativity was never questioned but a group of scientists have shaken things up by discovering that neutrinos can travel faster than light.

The scientists have come under a great deal of skepticism and now have repeated the experiment , this is because our awareness has not opened to such possibilities, if we are to understand our universe and quantum theories then we must be open to such discoveries. Humans once believed the world was flat because our limited awareness dictated that, it took a long time to filter into our consciousness that the world was round.

So let’s get back to Quantum Manifesting, we are no longer stuck in the old ways of thinking, the universe is opening many of its secrets to us now, we just need to expand our minds to possibilities. If you think of the human race as resonating at an AM frequency and suddenly FM is turned on, it would take a while for this to assimilate into our consciousness.

We are at the cutting edge of new discoveries and possibilities, we are changing the way we view the world, we need to remove our sense of false time and live in the now, and this is where we create our most powerful thoughts and ideas. We are not victims of our world, but creators of it, by limiting our view of things we surrender to outside influences rather that creating what we want from within.

© Paula Wratten 2013

Paula Wratten

Paula Wratten

Paula Wratten has worked as a medium for many years, these days her work is more with metaphysical energy and quantum theories. Paula’s job is to help the client recognize their own personal power. Paula’s work has been written about in numerous newspapers and magazines and she has been interviewed on national radio.

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