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Psychic? Does That Mean I’m a Medium?

Anne Germain 29 Apr 2019 comments
Psychic? Does That Mean I’m a Medium?

So if we are all psychic does that mean I’m a medium?

Unfortunately or depending on how you look at it fortunately probably not, although many people don’t realise it but there is a difference between the way a psychic works and the way a medium works. It is true that many mediums do link their abilities together and this can result in some amazingly accurate guidance bringing the advice from those in spirit to those on the earth in a more materialistic way.

If you want to be really simplistic about the differences between those who are solely psychic to those who are mediums you could say.

Psychics deal mainly with earth based issues like your future, day to day problems and worries; often using additional tools to help focus their minds such as cards, stones, crystals or any other number of spiritual or mystical objects and items.

Mediums deal mainly with those who have passed into spirit bringing forward their evidence of having continued in life; they don’t often need additional tools or items to help them with the link.

As I said that is a really simplistic explanation regarding the difference; now you may be thinking that it is a little too easy to say it’s either earth or spirit based and obviously you are right it is a little more complicated than that because bits of the two abilities cross over. I will try and explain in as an easily understood way as I can without adding any mysticism or hocus pocus stuff.

With all of us on the earth we vibrate at different speeds, so for example if you’re sad you are vibrating slowly; if you’re happy and excited another slightly faster speed; if you work on a psychic level you’re natural speed will have risen a little more and if you’re linking with spirit as a medium you’re vibration will be going at such a speed it’s hard to actually measure. You could compare it to the speed that a car can go, you start the car and have the engine ticking over but going nowhere, moving into first gear, then third gear finally hitting supercharge.

When you go about your everyday living you hardly notice that you have that natural link on the psychic level, you may find things happen that you have just thought about as I described in my last article, it is so natural you just take no notice unless it starts to happen more and more regularly.

So how do you go about developing from just the normal natural psychic ability to a focused and actively using that ability as with those who work with their abilities to assist others? Am I going to tell you that you have to sit for hours and hours, surrounded by incense chanting specific mantra? Nope, I’m not going to tell you to do that what I am going to say is think about what you want to do, are you interested in tarot, crystals, dowsing, oracle cards, numbers, runes, objects, colours the list is endless of pathways you can follow to work within the psychic spheres.

With psychic development it is always much easier to work and learn to work with something that interests you, that is why I say think about what you would actually like to learn. You don’t have to go on any specific course to learn to use these tools and you could, if you wanted to, just get a few books and teach yourself, this isn’t necessarily the quickest or best way but it may suit a current financial situation or your own preferred way of learning things. However, you may prefer to join in structured training courses or workshops many of which are advertised on the internet and local spiritual centres and churches around the world.

Do whichever you feel right is for you, no one person can dictate what is the right way for one to learn things.

Many people who start being interested in developing their psychic abilities start of as wanting to develop as mediums. That is until they realise the full responsibility and commitment it can take to develop the abilities you may or may not have; how many of us in this busy day and age can commit to attending a development circle week in and week out with no excuse for not attending, start visiting various spiritual centres and churches to see how different mediums work, find which is the best route for you to follow on your pathway.

Then if you do develop this skill the long drives in all weathers and nights attending various centres around the local and further afield developing your skill to the highest you can. The agreement weeks, months and sometimes years in advance to attend events, do private readings, attend churches and workshops. All this while fitting in your full time work, family and children also the implications of the additional tax implications should you accept payment of any form for your services including the minimal expenses.

How do you feel about it now, still as sure you want to develop?

If you are then you need to decide how you want to develop, I’m going to continue to give advice and coaching on your development in the coming months but I can’t teach you to do anything, I can lead and guide but I cannot teach only spirit and your guides can teach you and they will do that directly as with all mediums. But I do offer a helping hand in my writings.

© Anne Germain 2014

Anne Germain

Anne Germain

Anne Germain having communicated with spirit all her life has been working internationally as a medium for over 30 years; giving public demonstrations, private readings, spiritual development workshops, attending as the main speaker at conferences around the world; Anne has had successful TV shows in both Portugal and Spain and is a successful published author

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