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Power of the Human Spirit

Joylina Goodings 12 Dec 2013 comments
Power of the Human Spirit

The first is a chanelling by Archangel Uriel and the second is an article developed from a Chanelling by Archangel Azuriel. Both are about 2010. First

In May of your 2010 year Jupiter, the planet of “The Soul Triumphing over Matter” will be catching up with Uranus “The Awakener”. The planet that links humanity with the divine. This will enable you to further awaken and explore your soul connection. Many new teachers will come to the fore, lighting the path for others to follow.

As you each individually let go of the fears that bind you to the past, to the misconceptions of your world, as you clear your chakras and raise your vibrations from the 3rd dimension through the 4th 5th and beyond, then so you will all individually affect the knowledge of the collective and enable more and more of your kind to open to the realities of love. As you all let go of the material and begin to appreciate that you create your own reality by the way you think and feel then so you will refocus your thoughts and feelings to create a new world for yourself and thus your planet.

Energy attracts like energy and therefore when humans come together in energy change happens. (fall of the Berlin wall and the collapse of communism)

Jupiter represents the soul triumphing over matter and your world is currently in a space where matter and the pursuit of matter has become connected to happiness. Now more and more of your kind are appreciating that the material is much less important than your experience of your world through the expression of your soul through your life. By connecting to us via creative visualization you will be able identify and remove your inner blocks to your connection to your divine spirit. Jupiter brings with him the energies of expansion and optimism so let go of the fears of lack that hold you back and you will be able to reach a generosity of spirit as you burn away the inner fears that prevent your progress.

Uranus planet of spiritual awakening which links humanity to the divine will be giving everyone the opportunity to connect more to their own inner divinity. The collective will find they are becoming more aware of a search within and without themselves for a purpose to their lives. They will thus follow the journey into soul and the divine. You have the opportunity at this time to create for yourselves the next golden age. Do not fear change. For it is out of confusion that new order is reached. The major institutions based on fear and greed are beginning to break down and as the collective awakens then so the old order will change and a new order of peace and love will rise.

“Why now?” I can sense you asking. Neptune governs the interface between the spiritual and the material world. During your year of 2009 this would have been seen from your world as going backwards (retrograde) and has been aiding in the release of the material. Now it will bring its attention to further awakening the spiritual within the individual and collective. As the wisdoms of many ages and cultures have become available to everyone, a new spiritual awakening has been taking place for many of your years. This focus will grow as the vibrations of you all in turn raise the vibration of your planet and thus awaken this interest and growth in others everywhere.

During this year of 2010 you will bring unconscious awareness into consciousness. You will break through your personal and collective boundaries.You will escape from the illusion separateness as more and more souls begin to appreciate, experience and accept that all energy is one and they are each a part of the whole. There is no separateness for all is one with God.The urge to transform is highlighted at this time in preparation for ascension.

“How can we raise our individual vibrations?” I hear you ask. There are many pathways to the soul and you will each find the way for you.

The most certain way of raising your individual vibrations and thus the collective, is to be healing your heart and your emotions. As those blockages are cleared from your chakras through consistent self-development, then so your heart centres will open further as will your awareness and your connection to the divine.

We ask that you each take advantage of these energies for the change in consciousness of the few will bring the collective consciousness into reality, for it is you who all create your individual reality from where you place your thoughts and feelings and it is your thoughts that can be blocked with old believes and values which have been inherited by your society rather than from your soul. Look into your self and you will see God. You will raise your vibration and that of all living beings on your planet. The journey of soul-development is continuous, as well and enriching and rewarding and you always have the choice as to whether to go forward or to rest a while where you are or even to go back. Know that you are loved unconditionally and connect to us in the angelic realms in any way you wish at every opportunity to raise your vibrations and those of you all.


2010 is a 3 year. 3 is a magic number. It dissolves discord created by the polarity of 2 and results in integration. Our world has been suffering from so much discord brought about by the polarity of differing and opposing forces and thought forms. For example, judgment, what’s right and what’s wrong. Look at the wars in the Middle East. We have been suffering from a feeling of separateness and yet mystics through the ages and those of us who have experienced a near death experience, tell us we are all one.

We are all created from the same energy as the sun, the moon and the stars. As we, as individual beings, begin to let go of the misconception of separateness by experiencing oneness, we will stop judging ourselves and each other. We can then move towards a time when we can respect each others differences.

Three is the number of change and creativity. When you integrate the masculine and feminine principals you create a new way of being. This is a year of creation. It is a year when we can joyfully play, when we can let go of our preconceived ideas of reality and create within ourselves our own new experiences and realities. As we all individually create different wonderful lives for ourselves by focusing on what is good in our life and expanding those feelings of joy then so we create a new personal reality and thus a new golden age for all.

“How can you do this?” I hear you ask. By connecting to the Angels and allowing them to help you heal your lives and change the focus onto the positive so you can create the life of your dreams. We all can. Many have and some are well on the way. All we have to do is chose it.

You may feel that you have no individual part to play because we often feel helpless and unable to influence events. Quantum physics tells us how our consciousness affects our reality and how many consciousnesses together have a growing effect on that reality.

When we cast our minds back over the past there have been many occasions when one individual being true to their soul energy has been the tipping point of change. Gandhi, for instance, and the fall of the Berlin Wall. This happened because group consciousness at that moment in time wanted to let go of being separate. So do not underestimate the power of group consciousness and your part in it. The change it creates to both individual and collective reality. Look how the mind body spirit movement has grown.

This is why it is important for us each to take advantage of every opportunity not only to choose and create our individual realities in time and space but also to join with others to co-create the alchemy of human kind and the lives we chose to live. Both individually and collectively this 3 year gives us the opportunity to make the choices which bring our physical, mental and emotional bodies into alignment with our soul’s energy.

We have chosen to incarnate and live in the 3rd dimension of physical reality. This is our soul’s choice. During this 3 year we will have the ability to manifest in the physical reality the soul qualities we incarnated to bring to this world. How? By creating and living your dream.

The symbol of the 3 is the It represents the fire energy of action.

If we each individually chose to live in peace, love and harmony with ourselves and those around us, then so we create this reality in the world around us. The 3 symbolizes, manifestation in the physical. It is the number of alchemy and good fortune and right now we all have the power to tap into it.

This 3-year is a choice point. The choices you made in the past brought you to your present and collectively to the state of the world today. The choices we make now, in the present, determine not only our own futures, but the future of us all. One person can and does make a difference.

We are constantly at choice point but this year more so than ever. We can change our world from the materialistic, fear, power and greed to a more loving reality. As we each connect at a deeper level to ourselves we can give birth to living our soul energies. To take advantage of this time, everyday chose to notice and to let go of imaginary fears and misconceptions and chose to live in peace and love with yourself and others. This will create a new reality not only for yourself but for us all. The choice is always ours.

© Joylina Goodings 2010


Joylina Goodings

Joylina Goodings

Joylina Goodings, author of Your Angel Journey, and President of the British Astrological and Psychic Society is a well respected, experienced professional speaker, workshop leader, spiritual consultant, soul coach and healer working with multi-dimensional energies such as Angels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters.

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