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Philosophies of a Spirititual Kind

Paula Wratten 15 May 2014 comments
Philosophies of a Spirititual Kind

Throughout history we have philosophized about religion and spiritual ideas, man has pondered the secrets of the universe; although our understanding of the universe has progressed we are still in awe of its mysteries.

Men and women have discussed spiritual aspects of human existence for years, never reaching a conclusion to the mind, body and soul connection, the fact is many of the western teachings separate them, treating the mind, body and soul as different entities.

To truly understand the nature of life we must first believe that all things are possible. When we begin to understand the universe as vibration and frequency we start to see the secrets unravel.

The world is slowly unravelling its mysteries to us, new discoveries in science has begun the process of unlocking the codes to DNA and how each cell and molecular substance relates to each other, while some parts of the earth are still held in the old paradigms and dogma of fear and structured religion, other parts of the world are waking up to the infinite possibilities that surround us in nature and the art of nurture, the big mystery is not so much out there but within us.

We rely too much on the acceptance of the teachings of man-made institutions; we give away our power to invisible forces rather than connecting to our inner wisdom and truths. We are infinite beings connected to infinite consciousness, why would we want to give that power away to an outside influence.

We are very limited by our five senses, although we could use intuition, most people don’t apply this energy in their everyday life situations.

We have come to accept the limited belief that we are only able to access the 3D 5 sense reality. When we talk of consciousness what we are really trying to express is awareness, if we see the world as limited what we experience is a limited view of all the amazing possibilities.

We cannot deny our mind or our logical behaviour but we have lost the ability to connect to intuition, we wrongly have been told that we are just organic material, this limits us as human beings, and we become closed down and fearful.

Man as a collective consciousness is very limited at this present moment in history, even though new spiritual teaching tells us otherwise. We have become less of the energy of awareness and more of the energy of conformity. How can we declare ourselves as enlightened beings when we are at war with other nations, allow people to starve when other countries have excess, medicate ourselves without questioning the drugs, allow animals to be tortured and see children living in poverty.

A limited awareness would talk about the problem but would not be able to be interactive in solving the issues at hand, when we have linked to the conscious state the person will find solutions and get involved to try and resolve the situation. I am always astounded at the amount of people in the love and light crusade that limit their awareness to a few words or posts about enlightenment, without actually changing anything. If we question this when our awareness is fully opened, we are deemed as trouble makers or crazies for stepping out of the norm.

To be fully conscious is to allow new information and ways of thinking into your life, even if it challenges your current perceptions. A truly enlightened species works towards the collective well-being of other life forms and beings and the planet they live on, they do not plunder and murder the abundance of natural resources.

A lovely quote by Immanuel Kant sums up the connecting between mind and soul ‘’Two things fill the mind with….. wonder and awe…The starry heaven above me and the moral law within me. ‘’ In other words we seek the wonders of the universe and marvel at its magnificence, when we connect the inner voice with our own sacred wisdom the wonders of the universe open to us and miracles happen.

We are all linked to each other; one man’s suffering is ultimately the collective’s responsibility. When we eventually stop worrying about who created the world and take responsibility for preserving it we will achieve a wider consciousness.

The miracles we seek are within us, all we need to do is make them happen.

© Paula Wratten 2013


Paula Wratten

Paula Wratten

Paula Wratten has worked as a medium for many years, these days her work is more with metaphysical energy and quantum theories. Paula’s job is to help the client recognize their own personal power. Paula’s work has been written about in numerous newspapers and magazines and she has been interviewed on national radio.

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