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Pendulum tips and tricks

Laura Evans 10 Aug 2014 comments
Pendulum tips and tricks

In my last article, I explained some of the ways to use your pendulum and how to ask and how not to. In this three part series, I will go into more depth of how wonderful the pendulum can be in your every day lives.

How many times have you been some place only to notice that you don’t have a watch and there isn’t a clock around anywhere? Did you know that you can use your pendulum to tell you what time it is? Down to the minute? It’s true!

If you start with a time you are sure it’s past. For example, you know you arrived at the library at 1pm, but you’ve been there a while now. Start by asking your pendulum, “Is it optimal that the current time is 1:20 pm? 1:21 pm?, 1:22 pm? “ Pause between each question and stop your pendulum before you ask the next time. You don’t have to say “All things considered etc for each and every time. Just pause and say “is it 1:23 pm?” and so on. Keep going until you get a “yes” answer. I’ve tested this and it’s amazing how accurate it is! Makes me wonder if this is what they used before the sundial was invented! *heehee*

The pendulum is able to tell you things that you can confirm while your learning to trust it. Many of us know what date we were born. Do you know what day of the week you were born? Okay, maybe you do, but how about this? Do you know what day of the week your birthday fell on 5 years ago? Your pendulum does! Start with asking your pendulum “All things considered, is it optimal that 5 years ago my birthday was on a Monday?” Keep going until your pendulum answers “yes” and then Google it! This is a great way to practice with your pendulum. You can also do this for your children and friends. Just remember, if you use your pendulum for party tricks, it may not answer correctly! If you use it for practice, your higher self knows the difference and will give you the right energy.

What are some other things I can do with my pendulum?

• Check if produce has gone bad or is getting ready to spoil (Is this ____ healthy for my body to ingest?) There are always a few things in your refrigerator that have you questioning “Is this still good?”.

I use my pendulum all the time for lunch meat, left overs, sour cream and more. None of my family has had food poisoning in the last 10 years!

• Finding hidden objects – I ask my daughter to hide a coin under 3 thick envelopes on the floor. With my pendulum I can accurately find which envelope the coin is under. This is helpful if you lose something as well. Only you need to ask your pendulum in a different way. “All things considered, is it optimal that my cell phone is in the kitchen?” “the basement?” “the car?” Narrow it down to the room and then you can narrow it down further “Is it optimal that it’s in the pink bag?”

• Choosing gifts for people, choosing a specific brand or model of something expensive. Most of us do some research before we buy something major; such as a laptop, a car or even a kitchen appliance like the stove. You can use your pendulum to pick the brand, make and model that is for your highest good with a pendulum! For this, I will write the brands on separate papers and fold them up tight. As if you are going to pull them out of a hat. Lay them out on the floor, at least 6 finger widths away from each other. Now hover your pendulum over each paper and allow your pendulum to answer as you as. “All things considered is this one best for my highest good?” If you get 2 “yes” answers, set those aside and try again. If you keep getting “yes” then they both will work for you!

Be careful doing the pendulum for others until you are sure that you are in-tune with your pendulum and it is answering correctly more than incorrectly. This is why I teach others to use it for themselves. It is hard for your higher self to choose what is right for your friend’s highest good. Their highest self will be more accurate than yours will be! Teach them with a string and a paper-clip! If they still want an unbiased opinion, you can have them tell you the choices and you can do it this way “All things considered is it optimal that ______ choice that was made by _______ is for her highest good?” This is truth testing her own answers and usually will work. Not always though!

Your pendulum is a tool, just like Tarot cards, Angel cards or crystals. Remember to treat it with respect, keep it in a bag when not in use. Do not let others handle your personal pendulum ( I have extras that I allow people to try out ) and you should use your pendulum for things that you could use another opinion on. If you already know it’s time to change the oil in your car, it’s frivolous to ask your pendulum if it’s in your highest good. You can ask it if this is why your car is running poorly though, that is helpful for you and not telling you something you already know.

Next month I will give you even more ways you can use your pendulum for every day decisions and living!

Brightest Blessings,

© Laura Evans 2011

Laura Evans

Laura Evans

Professional Spirit Medium/Spiritual Teacher/Ordained Minister

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