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Past Life Regression

David Shaw 22 Jan 2015 comments
Past Life Regression

“I don’t know my name or where I am,” exclaimed Mrs T. I felt really disappointed. I had hoped that Mrs T would be a good candidate for Past Life Regression. After all, she was a good medium who meditated regularly, and she was keen and willing to have a go.

I knew through my own research that there was a huge amount of interest in this particular subject, yet when most people attended my workshops they would suddenly develop a fear of the unknown and subsequently decline the opportunity to be regressed.

Mrs T was different, she was more than willing to delve into her past, and I instinctively knew that the rest of the group attending this workshop had been extremely excited by the thought of their friend suddenly changing into someone completely different. However, I sensed that initial excitement turn into an air of disappointment due to the apparent lack of evidence.

Then Mrs T became extremely restless and her shoulders started twitching. The now captive audience whispered to each other.

“What’s she doing now?” enquired the lady to my left. I shook my head to signify that I really didn’t know, before turning back to face Mrs T, who still appeared to be rather anxious and restless.
“Is there anybody else with you?” I asked her calmly.

“Yes there are many people here, but they don’t know who they are either,” replied Mrs T with a look of confusion etched across her face.

Suddenly it dawned on me that Mrs T was in fact under regression but the confusion as to why she didn’t know her name was something new to me.

“Can you peruse the area and tell me if you see anything else?” I asked her, knowing that I couldn’t put any words in her head.

My training had taught me that if you suggest something to a client under regression then that thought may become real in their mind. In other words, you can ask a client what they may see, hear, feel or smell, but you can’t for example ask them if they see a house nearby or they will invariably see a house in their mind.

Mrs T looked straight at me. Even although her eyes were tightly closed I could feel that her vision was clear and concise. “I can only see white walls, white walls everywhere and no windows. People are just sitting around doing nothing. I don’t know them and they don’t know me. We are not allowed to know anyone’s names, just their number.”

A few of the people in the room started to murmur to themselves. I looked around the room and smiled at the group, for I now had a strong feeling that I knew where Mrs T was residing in this most mysterious of past lives.

“I want you now to travel forward to the time of your death and tell me what you see and feel please. “ The expression on the face of Mrs T altered significantly as she responded to my request. You could visibly see various emotional responses distort her face until at last she settled into a more relaxed appearance, before attempting to open her mouth.

“I feel okay now, the madness has gone,” she remarked in a tone that suggested that a huge weight had suddenly been lifted off her shoulders.

“That’s good” I replied. “I want you now to look for the light that pulls you to your resting place and you will find love, and only love” I further added as I held the hand of Mrs T and watched with amazement as she smiled at me. I knew she had found her love and her ordeal was now over.

I brought Mrs T back safely to the room and asked her if she felt okay. She remarked that she had never felt better. She added that she had little recollection of what had just transpired but that she did remember passing into the spirit world and feeling as though she had been released from a huge burden on her soul.

One member of the group asked me where I thought Mrs T had found herself in her past life. I told him that my opinion was that she was a resident of a Victorian Asylum. Suddenly Mrs T looked at me and nodded her head. One of the other members of the group also nodded her head and remarked that she had the exact same feeling during the regression.

Afterwards I asked Mrs T in private if she had ever suffered from depression. She answered that she had suffered from this condition all her life and nobody had been able to pinpoint the reason for her illness.

Three weeks later I received a telephone call from Mrs T to inform me that she was feeling wonderful. Her state of depression had not resurfaced in the three weeks since her regression and she wanted me to know how grateful she was for apparently curing her. I informed Mrs T that I was not responsible for any cure and she should congratulate herself for having the courage to face her own fears.

There is no doubt in my mind that Mrs T had been rather fortunate. She could have been regressed to any number of past lives, which would no doubt have had a different outcome and almost certainly not as positive a result. Past life regression is mainly a curiosity based experiment into the memories stored in the vaults of our soul. Its popularity is down to the unknown factor – a bit like paranormal investigations. However, it can be used as a therapy – aptly named Past Life Therapy, where a therapist can use his skills to navigate to the root cause of where the client has stored a fear or phobia. I would normally suggest Past Life Therapy if Hypnotherapy (which deals with fears in the present life) fails to find a root cause of the client’s anxiety.

The odd thing is that what started as the curiosity based Past Life Regression with Mrs T, actually turned into Past Life Therapy and to everyone’s surprise and delight a remarkable result was achieved.

There is much to be admired when working within this field, and there is also much to learn. We have only really just scratched the surface of what is possible by retracing our steps in time, but if just one person can have the same kind of experience as Mrs T, then all the hard work and research that’s been applied will have been worth it.

I can’t promise you that it will work for everyone, but the beauty is not just in finding out who you are, but also what you now may become.

© David Shaw 2014

David Shaw

David Shaw

David Shaw is an author from Kilmarnock in Scotland. More commonly known as ‘the spiritcounsellor’, he works as a complementary therapist offering such therapies as hypnosis, past-life regression, massage and psychotherapy. David is also an experienced deep trance medium and regularly demonstrates his abilities through spiritual workshops. David has written many spiritual articles for various newspapers and magazines, and his new book – ‘Ghost Writers’ will be published by Harlequin at the beginning of 2015. You can also listen to David on the last Thursday of each month when he co-hosts Scotland’s top paranormal radio show on 3tfm.

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