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Out Door Meditation

Declan Flynn 10 Feb 2014 comments
Out Door Meditation

With all this fine weather that we are having why not try do a meditation outdoors. This does not have to be a meditation that involves sitting on the one spot. Live in the wonders that surround you for those special moments that you are out there.

When we gaze upon an object we allow ourselves to become transfixed on that subject matter, we don’t care what else is happening. Why not try this, take a walk in a local green space just at dusk and allow the rhythms of nature be your music to help you zone out. The singing birds can be your music.

Use this opportunity to connect with Spirit. Feel it in the heat of the sun, the wind around you and the songs of the birds. They all praise the natural world and the simplistic life that exists within it. Feel these natural energies become a part of you and know that you can become more relaxed when you allow your own energy to be part of this natural cycle.

Find along your walk somewhere to sit for a moment and take it all in. Give thanks for this day and strange as it may sound give thanks to yourself, your body and mind, for what each part has done for you this day. Scan your body and notice if there are any areas that feel as if they need some healing. Any areas of discomfort breathe in some gentle ways of energy to sooth this area and begin to feel the discomfort being removed.

If you have done Reiki why not at this point why not use the Reiki symbol of Choku Rei and just empower your own being.

Allow yourself to feel your own strength grow and feel empowered. If you have not done Reiki, just take a few deep breaths and you will feel the same effect.

Take advantage of this great weather and see how much better it makes you feel.

While you sit there why not just take the rest that you deserve and do what the lines in this poem say.

Stop & Rest

Stop and rest awhile and allow yourself be still,

So that you may let your pace slow down as you journey through life.

Stop and rest so that you may see for a moment the eternal beauty that is around you this day,

And smell the fresh air that fills your nose.

Stop and rest.

Stop and rest and feel the abundance of your own power,

To acknowledge the steps that you have taken to reach this resting point.

See the steps that you have taken, leave an imprint in the earth

So others may see that they are on the right track.

Stop and rest.

Stop and rest so your heart can beat with the gentle rhythms that surround you,

For you sometimes wish to run ahead, and strain yourself in the process.

The goals of that which you seek are ahead of you and always will be there in your wake,

So take the time to rest for you have much work to undertake.

© Declan Flynn 2011


Declan Flynn

Declan Flynn

Declan is Ireland’s Youngest Medium and he enjoys every moment of his work.
Declan is a down to earth guy with a sensitivity that can be seen when he demonstrates.
Declan is also a Reiki Healer. Declan works very closely with his Spirit team when healing and they help direct him where to focus upon for his client.
Declan has also written his first book ‘The Journey to the Inner Soul’ This is Declan’s first instalment to his development as a medium. His hope with this book is to show those that are on a similar pathway that what they are experiencing is absolutely normal and that they are developing their abilities in a safe manor.

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