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Ouija! A Source of Evil? Unconscious Fraud or a Tool of Wonder?

Tom Rannachan 10 Sep 2014 comments
Ouija! A Source of Evil? Unconscious Fraud or a Tool of Wonder?

Of all the instruments used in the paranormal/spiritual field, nothing causes more controversy and discussion than the infamous ‘Ouija board’. Sceptics dismiss the messages received through the board this way as simple subconscious movements of our fingers called the ideomotor response, religions believe it to be an instrument that is a direct portal to hell or a conduit for demonic contact. I personally have had some amazing experiences and one or two negative ones.

The first known use of a talking board was in China in the 12th Century, but the board we all know and love (or hate) today was actually manufactured as a ‘harmless & fun novelty toy’ in 1890 and has remained popular since, although not as a toy thankfully.

Throughout my life I’ve dealt with literally hundreds of people who have had terrifying, horrific and sometimes life altering experiences through the use of this type of communication. All of the cases I worked with were caused by the people involved using a board ‘for a laugh’ or when they had partaken of alcohol. I would agree with scientists that the planchette on the board is unconsciously being manipulated by the people involved, and I’ve seen numerous cases of fraud - unconscious and consciously - but I have to add that I have also personally seen many examples of information being spelled out that no one in the room had known at the time of the séance, including some messages directed to me. So, were those incredibly accurate messages down to complete chance? I have to now say it’s happened so many times over the years I have come to the conclusion that there is definitely more to some of the Ouija sessions I’ve been involved in than simple unconscious fraud.

One particular session I recall was remarkable; I was using a new board I had just bought alone in an ancient haunted building near me one night and was visited by a ‘Doctor Duncan’ on the board. He gave no first name and simply wanted to be called Doctor. He gave me specific information that a tree had fallen in my back garden. He even went as far to tell me what tree it was! I wondered why he would give me such misleading and rather mundane information but when I got home the tree had indeed fallen and it was the exact tree described. The story didn’t end there though; during an investigation a week later, the bold Doctor began to communicate with my friends on the board, even though no one in the room had any prior knowledge of my previous solo session.

I have to say I really don’t believe there is some invisible spirit hand hovering over the planchette helping to push ours and spelling out names and numbers but I do believe that in a few cases there are some intelligent beings working through the participants and giving out valid information.

Even though I’ve used this tool of the trade for most of my life I would strongly advise anyone thinking of using a board to tread very carefully as I have seen the consequences. Many have been scarred psychologically, mentally and emotionally and all for a bit of ‘fun’.

Used correctly, I’ve found it an interesting journey into both the psyche of the participants involved and, very occasionally, a valid means of communication from another realm of consciousness.

Be very careful and indulge at your own risk…

Tom Rannachan

Tom Rannachan

Tom Rannachan is a published author of two books about the paranormal, he has investigated haunted locations since he was a young boy and lived in haunted places throughout his early life. During the last two decades, his work had led him to be well known throughout his country, resulting in sold out public events in his native land. He has been featured in numerous local and national radio stations & newspapers. In recent years, he left behind the world of mediumship to concentrate on his love for helping others physically, mentally & spiritually as a Personal Trainer & Life Coach by day. However, his fascination for the supernatural lives on as he continues to spend his nights alone investigating haunted places worldwide. He lives in the West of Scotland.

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