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On Grace and Grief

Maggy Whitehouse 12 Aug 2014 comments
On Grace and Grief

The one thing that has often concerned me over teachings about the Law of Attraction is the question of Grace. Grace being the gift of mercy, love or healing from what appears to be an external Source whether or not it is merited.

Of course there are many religious interpretations of Grace but this is the most frequently used that I can find.

The Abraham-Hicks teachings tell us that the Law of Attraction works whether we believe in it or not and it’s my experience that Grace also exists whether we believe in it or not. The question is why it turns up when it does and why it doesn’t when it doesn’t.

I think that Grace is real and palpable: that it is both from within us and without us – in that it is the love and mercy of our Higher Selves, our Soul Group and Spirit, all intrinsically part of our incarnate selves — and that it is offered whenever we need it.

I think that Grace is continual; available at all times and in all places. But we have to allow it.

How do we allow it? The same way that we allow all other things, we let go of some tension within so that a previously invisible door can open.

This last month I’ve been grieving for my dear, lovely dog who died at a good age. On top of that there were five other family and old friend bereavements too (not to mention a rather interesting series of astrological transits) and although I applied all I could think of that I know to ease the different aspects of grief, from Bach Flower Remedies to homeopathy, to EFT to crying my eyes out at friends, there was one aspect that was completely perplexing me.

Since all this happened, my life has become infinitely more prosperous from the point of view of career and finances even though I have been feeling unhappy.

In theory, feeling bad should attract more feeling bad… and on a lower emotional level that was true. But on a different level, I was totally in the flow.

Don’t get me wrong here — I believe that the sadness of grief is fine and right and pure ¬— but it also doesn’t make you feel good. And the Law of Attraction says that like attracts like.

You could say it was because I was allowing friends to comfort me instead of being the capable one in charge – but if you knew my best friends they’d soon tell you that I don’t generally bother about being the capable one with them – poor sods!

Was it because the process of letting go of the dog — and the people —was a deep form of allowing despite the grief?

Was it because I had given her/them so much time and attention while they were alive and now there was space for other things?

Was it because the dog (in particular) was a representation of a phase of my life which had also ended (that seemed likely with all the other deaths and the fact that people from the past have been turning up in my life for mutual completion and closure at the very same time).

Or was it because, every day, when I felt like crying, I asked for help? Help from God/Source, whatever you want to call it. I returned to prayer with a need that I had forgotten when I was feeling good. The prayers were simply ‘please help me,’ because nothing I was doing for myself — or the aforementioned loving friends were doing for me — seemed to have any lasting effect, so that was really all there was left.

It was probably all those aspects combined but, inside them, there seems to have been something even deeper. Instead of taking control of my own healing I was giving it up for a greater force than the one-time, incarnate me. And that greater Love was cherishing me and moving me through the surprises and the pain uncovering all kinds of gifts along the way – from new book contracts to offers of other wonderful work and loving reunions.

And I also think that it was also because I have been asking for many months now to be shown if Grace truly exists, whether it can come despite our angers, fears and our tendencies to harness the Law of Attraction for negativity. Ask and it is given.

I’ve seen and heard of stories of Grace in the world but I needed to experience it inside myself so that, instead of calling it luck or fortune or Law, I could know it for the unconditional love that it truly is.

I finally allowed Grace to reveal itself clearly while I was lying in the bath one Friday night, when I was totally exhausted after a week of events and spiritual ceremonies. I had had an incredible month but I felt depressed, sad and a little guilty.

I just said, ‘Please help me. I don’t understand,’ and had a gentle realisation: an idea that I might do something I had never even considered doing; and had never heard anyone else suggest. It just seemed totally right.

I did it there and then and all the pain left. Wholeness flooded back into my heart. Even more, I knew that Grace exists; always has existed and always will exist.

Is it part of the dynamics of the Law of Attraction? Yes, but at the very least it is a mutual above and below process of opening up the channel within yourself to that extraordinary Universal Escrow of Love that is yours by Divine right.

The channel is one that you may not normally open and sometimes it takes an emotional event for you to find it. But it is there even in the darkest times and Grace waits within your Higher Self, doing all she can in the meantime to help you find her.

You don’t have to believe in Grace but if you ask her to help you, she will. Just ask her to show you how to open that particular door instead of barging around to find it yourself.

The Universe will show us how … as long as we remember that it’s not always up to us; we are in a divine partnership. We ask, Grace gives, we allow her to show us the way.

May you be safe, may you be happy, may you be healthy, may you live in ease – and with Grace.

© Maggy Whitehouse 2011

Maggy Whitehouse

Maggy Whitehouse

Maggy Whitehouse, the author of 17 books on Kabbalah, Bible metaphysics, spirituality and prosperity. Maggy is an independent Catholic priest and mystic who specialises in clarifying ancient wisdom for the modern world.

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