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Not Everyone Just Sees With Their Eyes

Laura Bailey 01 Aug 2014 comments
Not Everyone Just Sees With Their Eyes

Where did it all begin?

I’ve asked myself that many times over the years and cannot pinpoint an actual moment where I stopped in my tracks and thought “I’m a medium”…… I suppose I can look back to childhood where I was plagued at night times with what I believed to be swarms of flies in my bedroom, I now know these were in fact the subtle vibrations of spirit and not indeed bluebottle as I used to think. I can look also to times where I used my intuition to get me out of many difficult teenage predicaments, one in particular stands out when I just knew I was in danger and ran as fast as I could to escape, injuring my ankle in the process. I also think back to how I was nicknamed feather by some of the meaner boys in year 11 after taking a tumble down a flight of steps and floating, as light as a ‘feather’ supported spirit side by my guide and my Grandmother. Little did I know that many years later, the Feathers connection would feature greatly in my development!

From being a small child I was always fascinated by the supernatural, while my friends were reading the latest and most popular books, I was pouring over Wuthering Heights and any other novel that touched upon the dead and ghostly occurrences. I also had an obsession with dying as a small child and many nights Mum would have to comfort me as I imagined all sorts of horrendous ways to die; this is something that I still struggle with today. I believe that because I communicate with spirit folk who have passed over in many different ways, they leave a residue with me and as a sensitive; I carry this with me on my life’s journey.
Even as a child I always thought everyone had the same voice inside their heads that influenced them or guided them, it was only as I became an adult I realised that although people do have this voice, in some, it is not developed, or it is hushed by those who believe science is key to everything. I had by this time begun studying the bible and many other spiritual books in search of answers. I always felt misunderstood by many, as if they couldn’t see or reach into the world in which I found myself so easily immersed. Even now I tend to joke with people that half my life is spent with the living and the other half the dead. I had always been a dreamer but had become very aware that there was much more to life that what, at first glance, meets the eye.

My first real experience of the dead came when I lost a friend in 2006. He had become very poorly to alcoholism and passed away after two months of physical hell. I felt a massive guilt that I hadn’t spoken to him in years and was so incredibly sad that I was no longer able to communicate with him. It was a few days after his death that I first experienced the power of spirit communication, when I felt his presence so strongly and felt I needed to see him in the Chapel of Rest. I deliberated for days about whether or not this was the right decision but nevertheless, a couple of days later as I stood peering at him, it struck me vehemently that although his physical body was no more, his soul was free and was still very much alive.

This led me to seek out a highly recommended medium who was able to tell me details that only I knew and finally led me to the door of a locally owned establishment ‘Feathers’ It was on the psychic development classes that I first felt people understood me. It was run by a highly experienced medium Jackie Dennison, along with her co-owner Steve Furlong; I began to feel I had at long last come home. Finally people understood those feelings, those little hunches, the signs and signals that spirit give to you when you see with more than just the eyes you have been given. It was hilarious looking back now that I was desperate for my guide to be someone like William Shakespeare or perhaps Marc Bolan, I was adamant that my guide would not be native Indian. Lo and behold during my first mediations, my guide turned out to be exactly what I had feared, a Native Indian!

The rest of the group had wonderful names like White Wolf and Dancing Bear so you can imagine my embarrassment when I had to reveal the name of mine … a rather lacklustre Lomax.’ Perhaps you heard him wrong’ soothed one other aspiring medium, ‘try to hear him better’. This name was repeated several times to me during meditations and after further investigation; Lomax does indeed have connections to the Native Indians and I felt this again was further confirmation that we can’t explain everything simply. I spent a blissful sixteen weeks at Feathers and then the next seven years doing one to one readings, and I can honestly say I felt incredibly blessed to be a part of a spiritual awakening and finally at Christmas last year was able to spread my wings and work independently as a medium from home.

I have encountered many weird and wonderful people along the way; I cherish many of my clients and feel honoured to be part of their lives, to be that link between the living and their dead. I urge you all to open your eyes and your heart and to look out for little signs along the way. Recently when my Grandad passed to spirit, I asked him telepathically before he left the earth plane to show me two birds and I would know he was over there safely. On the day he left his physical body, I saw two birds swooping at my window as I stood showing my two year old daughter the sky, Heaven and where her Grandad Harry now lived. A couple of days after, it transpired that an ornament had been broken in the house around the time of his passing and again….. It was two birds. I am always developing and love every reading I do, there is no better feeling in the world than letting somebody know that their loved one is safe and still looking over them. I truly believe that the bonds of love we make here on earth extend beyond the arms of death, and those we love do walk with us, unseen, unheard but bound to us by the cords of love which are everlasting and unbreakable.

© Laura Bailey 2014


Laura Bailey

Laura Bailey

Laura Bailey is Mother to three children, an English teacher and Psychic Medium.
Laura Bailey studied an English Literature Bachelor of Arts Degree and gained a 2:1, this was followed by a further year’s PGSE study in Secondary Education. She has been a teacher of English since 2008 and has worked at the same school since. She also trained in Psychic Development classes in 2008 and worked at Feathers Academy, Northwich for seven years. She now offers one to one readings in her home or larger party bookings.

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