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My Past Life On Planet Seres Following The Call Home

Heather Giamboi 10 Jul 2014 comments
My Past Life On Planet Seres Following The Call Home

For over 20 years I’ve done out-of-body travel to heaven to make contact with divine spirit, the pure Varden sound current which flows in shimmering waves of white light and pure sound that emanates from God. On this occasion I travelled to the God plane. God’s light and sound flowed though my higher self with telepathic impressions:

“Now is a time for awakening to what you have been waiting for, for perhaps a million years to return to your True Home.”
I next saw myself in a previous incarnation millions of years ago on a distant planet known as Seres. The Seres were a very tall, well over 12 feet in height. They were said to a parenting race of the ancient Lemurians and Atlantians.

This golden age planet had two suns, pristine waterfalls, and forests radiant with vibrancy. The Seres had qualities many consider spiritually advanced. They had super-human powers, manifested thought, could see past lives and use clairaudience (inner-hearing), clairvoyance (inner-seeing), clairempathance (empths), and clairsentience. Their mode to communicate was telepathically with all life. Because of their universally loving nature a reciprocal loving energy flowed out sustaining all life to flourish into a utopia. This circular flow returned causing them to have radiant bodies with a lifespan of several thousands of years. Their powers of intellect were advanced. A young child on Seres had an intellect far beyond the most gifted Professor of Earth. All religions on Seres believed in divine love, reincarnation, and awareness of spiritual laws.

The beauties of the utopic miracles that surrounded them tended to distract most from realizing that those realms they referred to as highest heavens were still contained among the thousands upon thousands of countless beautiful celestial sub-planes in the vast region called the Astral Plane. In this way these realms gave many a feeling of contentment and completion causing many of the people on Seres to fixate to one level of heaven for hundreds of years. A quantum leap is often not possible unless a being realizes he has one to make.

In this incarnation on Seres I was over 12 feet tall and wore a white robe. I went by my spiritual name Gah Shy-Zah. Gah had white hair and was several thousand years old. In that lifetime Gah Shy-Zah did not practice any of the assigned religions as Gah was the Living Varden Master on Seres whose job it was to educate Souls to travel through the pure positive God Worlds to return to God. In this lifetime Gah had found it frustrating how individuals became fixated at one level of heaven with a sort of golden age form of apathy. The Seres had profound golden age spiritual advancements and technology to travel the universes. But simultaneously they were not aware that they were still prisoners of the heavens of reincarnation.

Gah felt that one of the greatest stumbling blocks among the Seres, the advanced Soul was most had such a strong sense of spiritual advancement in one area that all other doors became closed. Then when the next door was presented by the divine spirit itself the Soul in its confidence does not step through. On Seres those rare individuals who stepped through were called “Seekers” because they longed for God so strongly as to take up the divine training to learn out-of-body travel to return

On one occasion Gah coordinated a class. Those who attended were serious students of Vardankar, the ancient science of Out-of-Body Tuza Travel. The vast majority of people on Seres did not attend these events as they practised nature spirit religions such as communicating with the spirit of trees, spirits of air or the great-spirit. In this class composed entirely of God Seekers everyone listened as beautiful other worldly sounds and flute filled the air. There were huge, soft curtains with beautiful patterns. The experience felt like being by the ocean, it was electric, like the air was enlivening and a high vibration feeling filled the room.

On a large podium rested an enormous Shariyat-Ki-HURAY (spiritual book) that spanned roughly three feet long and two feet wide, covered with leather and gold leaf lining the pages. These were large because the people themselves were large. The tremendous book was extremely thick since people in golden ages lived longer and therefore we had a lot more time to write. Gah opened the Shariyat which is the book of the Varden Masters and began to speak telepathically:

“It is important to listen really carefully, minutely to the sound current. And letting yourself vibrate like a rocking, like being on a lake where waves are going up and down and you are flowing with it rather than against it. The wave goes up and down. When you don’t have patience you interrupt the cycle and create problems like you are fighting spirit. The answer is to let go and stop fighting it, going back to the wave of the natural rhythm of the sound. Patience is very important in flowing with and riding on the light and sound current…

There is the importance of being in harmony with it and not fighting it which is being in disharmony with it. However, this by itself doesn’t bring you spiritual freedom. You have to follow the Spiritual Travellers instructions and become active otherwise you stagnate at a particular vibratory level. So this path allows you to shift with the help of the Master that you are not stuck at a particular vibration. You avoid getting trapped and can move toward God Realization.

The natural order of the Kal world is to get you stuck, trapped at a particular vibration for thousands of years so harmony by itself is not necessarily a good thing because it can be a trap. But when you combine harmony with Out of Body Tuza Travel you have a very powerful combination, because you are able to dwell in any of these states of consciousness whenever you want and you have full control of where you go and how long you remain there because you are in balance. And balance comes from detachment and patience and harmony. Your mind has to be in harmony in order to ride the sound and light.”

While Gah discussed this he soon referred to a large chart of the God Worlds which we all used in discussion of our journeys in out-of-body Travel to the various planes of God. This chart is a map of the heavens. It was Gah’s wish to see that all of his students return to God.

The Spiritual Travellers guide and protect individuals to learn Out-of-Body Tuza Travel to return home. This requires one thing of the God Seeker: complete surrender to God’s will. Gah knew that most could not do this for this meant in essence giving up every preconceived notion Soul has ever had, for the realms of God defy all human and psychic plane logic.

No matter what the Soul’s apparent outer advancement in intellect, spiritual, or psychic feats it will have these powers but then in future incarnations it may reincarnate into a darker ages where it does not remember or have limited access to such refinements. The cycles repeat. Sometimes even the humblest of Souls with a simple intellect and spiritual abilities will be able to shift by leaps and bounds to the pure positive God Worlds simply because that Soul’s desire for God is stronger than its desire for the things of the lower worlds.

The desire to truly return home comes it doesn’t matter how spiritually advanced the Soul assumes he is or isn’t. For the mind and psychic bodies are only outer garments that cover the Soul. One life he may be a genius and the next retarded. His outer faculties, appearance, conditions, races and even planets may change but at the core of him his true essence remains the same, an eternal particle of God. An entirely different level of awakening occurs when we open our hearts beyond preconceptions of identifying with a body, let go of our pride in spiritual advancement and instead humbly step through the door that divine spirit opens to bring us Home.

Many beings have low self esteem and make Gods of or idealize beings like the Seres seeing themselves as not good enough, perfect enough, spiritually talented enough to return to God. This is an illusion to trick the Soul into trying to perfect the lower bodies instead of returning to God.

Your true home is in the God realm reuniting with God Itself, as God wishes for all Souls to return to IT and awaken to its greater spiritual mission. Once we become a co-worker with God we may serve as a Spiritual Teacher, Angel, Planetary Spirit, or Master, etc. This destiny lays in the God Worlds. The great quantum leap occurs when the Soul realizes its true home lays there.

The Pure positive God Worlds contain no matter, only a high concentration of pure-white light and radiant shimmering sound. In these regions we drop the mind and instead perceive with total awareness, seeing, knowing and being. We awaken spiritually to another level of our destiny by receiving instruction from Spiritual Travellers to learn Out-of-Body Tuza Travel (not astral) which bring one to become a co-worker with God. Learning this opens doors Soul never knew existed as the brave Seekers did on Seres, bringing Soul home to God.

Heather Giamboi

Heather Giamboi

Sra Heather Giamboi is an Author, a VARDAN Master, and the President of VARDANKAR, an organization dedicated to expanding consciousness through various spiritual techniques in order to reach the state of total awareness. For more information go to www.Vardankar.com

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