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Mermaid Meditation

Sarah Rooke 16 Feb 2015 comments
Mermaid Meditation

When I was a little girl I used to love mermaids. I remember my grandmother and mother would help me to draw a mermaid sitting on a rock or swimming in the sea. Now I am older, I am finding that my fascination with mermaids has returned once again. So what do we know about them?

There is a lot of mythology about them. In some cultures, they are known as Sirens or Sirenas, Water Nymphs, and even Sea Fairies. Some legends have them as being very helpful to humanity, others that they would lure sailors to their doom. (thus they are associated with bad luck). In some places worldwide today, local stories of mermaids mean that certain places are no go areas. However, in some places, it is thought these could be based on pearl divers who were able to remain under water for length of times. There are also two mermaid Deities, the Greek Goddess Derceto and the Syrian Goddess Atargatis. In Medieval times, there was the feminine fey character of Melusina.

Many images of mermaids portray them as having a comb and a mirror, and a love of collecting shells. In the 19th century, it became very fashionable for travelling road shows to have a mermaid or the supposed remains of one. In recent times, videos have circulated on the internet of ‘mermaids’ washed up on shore. The success of films like The Little Mermaid and programmes such as H20 – Just Add Water, has reached a new teenage audience. You can also now buy mermaid tails and costume if you want to dress up as a mermaid.

Ask for guidance from the Goddesses Derceto and Atargatis, and the fey Melusina before entering into meditation. Light some incense and anoint your brow with water. Have music that has the sound of water or the sea or maybe even a harp playing in the background.

You can do this meditation in the bath or whilst lying down on a bed. First visualise that you are on a seashore on a full moon. You are barefoot as you feel the sand on the beach beneath your feet. Now go into the water, and hear the call of the sea.

You find that in place of legs and feet, you have a tail. What colour it is will depend, as you also have mermaid powers and this will again depend on what ones you are drawn to. You also have pearls in your hair and a necklace of shells.

You swim out to sea and feel the freedom and serenity that the sea brings. You can explore underwater ruined cities such as Atlantis and meet up with other merpeople if you wish. You may even be attracted to a merperson for a romantic liaison!

When it is time to return, you sit on a rock and comb your hair and look into your mirror. You see that your tail has once more become legs and feet. Now come back to your own time and place as usual.


Sarah Rooke

Sarah  Rooke

I am a Priestess Hierophant with my own Lyceum or teaching centre in the Fellowship of Isis, I am also an Archdruidess in the Druid Clan of Dana and am Archdruidess of my own Druid Order, the Berengaria Order of Druids. I have mentored and trained many priestesses and priests both nationally and internationally in the Fellowship of Isis over the years. My late father’s side of the family are Spiritualists, so I come from a mediumistic family

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