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Meditation to Meet Your Guardian Angel

Joylina Goodings 10 Jul 2014 comments
Meditation to Meet Your Guardian Angel

No individual is here on Earth by accident, neither are we ever really alone – even in our darkest hours we are only a single thought or intention away from guidance and help. All our journeys have a beginning and an end. What we do in the interim is what matters – that is what constitutes our life. And everything we encounter in this life is resonating, vibrating according to the frequency of its creation. The lower the vibration the more dense, solid and visible the matter becomes. We are created as solid beings but within us is a much higher vibration.

Some call it our Life Force, Essence or Soul and this is what contains all or creative potential, emotional spectrum and capacity for both incredibly loving and spectacular actions as well as immeasurable destruction. The fundamental aim of this journey is to make the most of our ‘light-bulb’ moments and minimise the number of times we feel left in the dark.

We cannot necessarily choose everything that happens to us (like redundancy, divorce or acts of violence) but we can choose how we move on and what we learn from the experience. This is where higher vibrational beings/energies such as Angels, Spirit Guides and even visions of the departed can help. Angels have been around for as long as we can recall acting as messengers between the ‘Power House‘ or Divine Creation and humanity, with the oldest recorded angel rock-art dating back over 10,000 years. They have proved to be popular as they have a majestic, yet human form and feature in many religious teachings so their concept is not alien to most people. Each and every one of us has our own ‘guardian angel’ watching over us. Helping us on our soul’s journey of development through all our lifetimes.

Angels are here to help realise the very best in ourselves and as we connect with their energy life begins to unfold in more beautiful ways that increase our appetite for living. We begin to notice the signs of their presence whether it is in the form of the random appearance of white feathers, magazine articles touching us at opportune times, messages in music or just helpful people coming into our life. Whatever the sign all we need to do is notice, trust and act. All our fears and worries can be lifted from our shoulders when we invite the angels in to help us on our journey. We all start at birth and end at death but what we do and experience in between is what informs our way of thinking and being. And there is no reason why we should not choose joy over pain, success over failure or happiness over sorrow.

The beauty of connecting with Angels is that we need to ‘know’ very little about them. Though much is written about individuals, hierarchies, explicit powers and roles, when it comes down to it all that matters is that we remain honest and open. We need to think more about the type of guidance/assistance we need and the type or ‘quality’ of energy would help. We needn’t worry about the ‘how’ – the angels will take care of that. We can be as specific and practical as we wish – we can ask for the perfect relationship, a car, a new house, new job etc. What we must consider above all though is what we want to experience with this new relationship, car, house, and job, like joy, happiness, love, security etc., because it’s the qualities we experience now that make all the difference rather than how such things came about.

Here is a short meditation to help you connect to your guardian angel.

Meditation to meet your guardian angel

You must be aware that your guardian angel will present itself to you in some way or other. You may not see anything but you will be aware of an energy. If you try to hard to see or sense then you can block yourself. Just relax and trust that your angel will be there. Please remember that you can actively use your imagination. Whatever you imagine whilst doing this exercise will be real. That is why you are imagining things. The more actively you use your imagination the more real the experience.

Now find some time when you will be completely undisturbed. Remove the telephone from the receiver to ensure no interruptions. Allow approximately half and hour for the first time you do the exercise. Everyone is different and if you meditate a lot you should have no trouble but if you are new to meditation and visualisation then you may need to practice a bit. Like everything else in life “practice makes perfect”.

There is no right or wrong way to connect to your guardian angel for the first time. You need to be comfortable and relaxed, with your body well supported. I like to play some soft music in the background, light a candle and burn some incense or oil, usually frankincense but any relaxing aroma you like will do. If you use the same aroma each time then after a while you will just need to smell the aroma to be in the state and invoke the feelings you will experience during the journey.

“Now if you would like to close your eyes and relax, close your eyes, and make yourself comfortable and start to focus on your breathing. Focus on your breathing, breathing very gently in and out, in and out, say to yourself “ am breathing in peace and love and breathing out all negativity, breathing in peace and love and breathing out all negativity. Breathing in peace and love and with each out breath you become more and more relaxed. Leaving all problems and worries, leaving them all behind you, just breathing them all away, breathing them out, and as you breath out you become more and more relaxed, more and more relaxed, going deeper and deeper into relaxation becoming more and more relaxed. Your body is feeling heavy and relaxed as you sink deeper and deeper into relaxation. That’s right, breathing in peace and love and going deeper and deeper into your body. That’s right, good.

Now we are going on a journey up through the different dimensions, through the dimensions and we will be bringing down the different dimensional chakras, to raise your vibrations up and up and up into the angelic kingdom to meet your guardian angel.

So feel your feet on the ground, and imagine your feet having roots, imagine those roots going deep into the ground, pushing down deep into the ground, taking any negativity with them with each out breath pushing those roots deep into the ground.

Now focus on the base of your spine, with each out breath imagine the base of your spine getting longer and longer and pushing it down deep into the earth, deep down amongst the rocks, pushing down wrapping round something very solid so you are truly connected to mother earth.

Now focus on your in breath and as you breath up the earth energy up through your roots, up through the elongated spine and feel that energy coming up, up and into your feet.

Feel your feet relax as your feet relax and become warm notice that warm healing earth energy coming up through your feet up into your calves feeling warm and light and heavy and as you breath in breath the energy up through your knees up into your thighs, feel those thigh muscles relax feel the relax warm and heavy letting go of all tension, and as you breath in feel the energy come up into the base chakra and feel the base chakra open turning a brilliant shade of red, feel that energy spreading around your base filling your bones warming and relaxing. And as you breath the energy up into the sacrum, just below the navel, feel that sacrum chakra turning a beautiful shade of orange, brilliant orange and feel that chakra spread that orange all the way around, round your hips, round the lower tummy, relaxing and warming and as you breath the energy up into the solar plexus and feel the solar plexus open and start to turn a brilliant shade of yellow, warm and happy and feel that energy spread around your midriff round your back, relaxing taking you to knew levels of relaxation and as you draw that energy up, up into the heart chakra feel the heart chakra open, feel your heart open, feel the unconditional love in your heart pouring out into your aura, into the world, and feel the energy relaxing and warming through your chest both front and back, and as you breath in breath in the energy up to the throat, feel the throat chakra open turning a brilliant shade of blue feeling the blue open and as you begin to draw the energy up into your face up towards the third eye, feel all the muscles in your face relax, those little muscles round the mouth, nose and the eyes relaxing, and your jaw relax as you draw the energy to the third eye and you feel the third eye open turning purple and as you draw the energy to the crown feel the energy at the top of your head tingle and know the energy is coming out of the top of your head tumbling around you, cleansing your aura, and as you draw this energy together you are feeling deeply relaxed, very safe, very secure and we are going to draw the silver golden energy of the universe down through your crown, down through your body pushing the colours away down deep into the earth and your are drawing down the pure universal healing energy. Filling your body and your aura with love. Be more and more aware of everything, of your connectedness to everything as you go higher and higher as you bring the silvery gold down through your crown chakra as you connect to the cosmic web of gold that interlaces everything, you are connecting to the gold of universal knowledge, of wisdom, of knowing that you are a divine being connected to all that is.

As you rest lightly in the cosmic web you begin to notice an energy a form a colour that comes towards you slowly, arms outstretched floating gently towards you, your guardian angel comes towards you gently, smiling, holding out arms and wings of love for you. You will recognise this energy it has always been in your life all your soul’s lifetimes feel the energy feel those wings enfold you feel the love the unconditional love and listen to what your angel has to say - there are many things that you will want to know - it will answer some of your questions so rest in that energy and speak and listen - if you cannot see anything and you wish to ask your guardian energy to create a vision for you in your imagination so you may give the energy form and focus and just rest in the energy and notice what you notice and ask what you need to ask and listen to what it says.

And now your angel is giving you a gift so accept this gift whether it be a symbol, a word, an article or a touch and know you can return to this place to meet your angel at any time in the future you can ask your angel to be with you, you will not need to go on this journey you will just ask, you will just focus on your breath and feel this energy again and notice this energy is with you, loving and protecting and guiding you for your highest good. Bringing you unconditional love into your life so accept your gift, be aware that your angel is with you and coming with you and notice you are relaxed and peaceful and connected to all things.

And if you are in bed and going to sleep now then know that you can rest and sleep peacefully with your angel with you as you drift off quietly to sleep.

Or if you need to return from your journey notice that your angel is with you always, just waiting for you to ask and to notice their energy with you.

But as you gently come back into your space, into your body, notice how peaceful and relaxed you are. Know that you can return to this state at any time. But for now notice the protective shell of silvery gold surrounding you. Only positive energy can pass in and out of this shell of protection any negative energy is transmuted on contact and bounced back to where ever it came to bring healing to all. Know that you have reached a new level in your vibrational journey. Know that you can feel the vibrations and energy of your angel at any time.

And now bring yourself gently back into the room. Begin to bring yourself back into your body, back, back, back into awareness. Begin to feel the energy in your hands and feel, and gently move your fingers and toes and gently when you are ready open your eyes. Give your hands a rub and have a class of water to ground yourself.

© 2013 Joylina Goodings

Joylina Goodings

Joylina Goodings

Joylina Goodings, author of Your Angel Journey, and President of the British Astrological and Psychic Society is a well respected, experienced professional speaker, workshop leader, spiritual consultant, soul coach and healer working with multi-dimensional energies such as Angels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters.

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