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Meditation to Help You Sleep

Kaz Blueskywolf 15 Mar 2020 comments
Meditation to Help You Sleep

Just before we start this meditation… may I remind you that this meditation is to help you sleep so if you drift off in the middle of doing this, please do not worry – please make sure you are comfortable in your bed before doing this meditation… take a few deep breaths in through your nose for positivity and out through your mouth releasing any negativity you may have picked up during the day… please continue taking these breaths nice and slowly until you can feel your body beginning to relax… take it nice and slowly and remember this is your time…

As you begin to feel each part of your body relaxing… please do become aware of your breathing… realize your breathing is becoming nice and gentle and at a very relaxed state… close your eyes if you can… if not – please do not worry… just let go of all the stresses you may have… and keep relaxing…

In your minds eye… visualize the most amazing summer’s day… you can feel the heat from the sun beating down on your back and on your face… it feels just amazing… you have no worries… you may begin to feel a little sleepy and that is okay… ask yourself “What am I seeing?” I know what I am seeing… I can see the most amazing tall and very proud trees – I can hear birds’ singing to their heart is content… and can see seagulls… I can hear the sound of water… and when I look a little further into the distance… I realize it is a sea that I am hearing… I can see so much sand! Simply beautiful! You notice you have a blanket in your hand… a nice comfortable blanket and you are feeling totally at peace… there is not anyone here but you and you walk towards the sand… feeling the sand in between your toes… it feels so soft … you continue walking until you reach a spot where you find yourself putting your blanket on the sand… notice the colour of your blanket… it’s such a beautiful soft green blanket and in fact it is Archangel Raphael’s healing blanket… by knowing this, it actually gives you more comfort… as Archangel Raphael is very well known for his very powerful healing properties…

Look at the tiny waves coming in… so surreal… a picture that you would love to keep in your mind and you can do this… anytime you feel you cannot sleep at all… just let yourself come back here… knowing you are very well protected and yes alone however not in the respect of Archangel Raphael not being with you…

You find yourself laying down on this most gorgeous healing blanket… it feels so soft and gentle almost like it is hugging into you… what you are in actual fact experiencing is the love coming from Archangel Raphael… you close your eyes fully and just relax – knowing all is well… and that you are in the best hands you could be… continuing to feel the warmth from the sun… you notice that all those racing thoughts that you normally have when you go to bed and try to sleep – are no longer there… you feel as free as a bird!!

Keep paying attention to your breathing… notice how it is becoming more and more relaxed… notice all the sounds you hear – the sounds from the tiny waves coming in… the seagulls… and also notice whilst having your eyes closed… by listening to the sounds and being surrounded in Archangel Raphael’s most amazing healing blanket… how at peace you feel… such a peaceful feeling that you say to yourself “Wow!!”

You can feel yourself drifting very, very slowly into a nice relaxing sleep… a feeling you have not felt in such an extremely long time… a feeling of such love and comfort and a great sense of security… there is no fear here whatsoever… remember this is your time… and it is okay to drift of to sleep knowing in the back of your mind that Archangel Raphael is looking after you until you awaken in the morning time… you notice the seagulls seem to be now in the distance… however the sun continues to fill you with warmth and inside your entire being – Archangel Raphael is filling you with so much love that it feels unreal … just go with the flow and know this is meant to happen and this is the time for help in going over to sleep… you find your eyes are getting heavier and heavier with each breath you take … to the point, you really do not want to try and open them and that is okay… this is how it is meant to be… you can feel warmth in your veins from your feet moving right up your legs, your thighs, your stomach… your chest… your neck… your shoulders… your arms… your hands… your head… your face and your jaw… you have no tension whatsoever at this stage… just allow yourself to drift off to sleep… it is okay… you are safe…

You can feel your body falling deeper and deeper into this magnificent blanket of Archangel Raphael’s… and almost have a feeling of falling that deep – that you can literally feel the sand beneath your blanket… please just keep relaxing and let yourself drift of to sleep…

Know in your heart with having Archangel Raphael with you… that you will sleep the entire night with him watching over you… there is no need to let any of those thoughts or worries try and creep into your mind at this time… they can wait until tomorrow until you are feeling a lot more recharged with energy and feel a lot more calmer than you have done in a very long time… and as you drift of to sleep remember you are loved beyond measure.

© Karen Davidson aka Kaz Blueskywolf 2015


Kaz Blueskywolf

Kaz  Blueskywolf

Kaz Blueskywolf has over 25 years’ experience as a professional psychic, medium and angel reader. She also performs outstandingly accurate tarot and past life readings. She is likewise an experienced spiritual Reiki healer, and has written well over a hundred guided meditations for both public as well as personalized use.

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