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Meditate with Your Guardian Angels

Jacky Newcomb 04 Apr 2014 comments
Meditate with Your Guardian Angels

Most people who believe in angels want to work more closely with their guardian protectors. Angels are elusive for most of the time because they are unseen in our normal waking hours. The best way to become closer to their message is to sit in meditation and communicate with your angels that way. Here are a few idea that will make meditation easier.

1. First find a quiet place to sit. This might sound obvious but clearly it’s a lot more difficult to meditate when other people are in the house making a lot of noise or you have young children in the other room to worry about. Try and arrange to meditate when you can be alone or at least the children are being taken care of by someone else.

2. Arrange a regular time to meditate. You are more likely to meditate if you literally make-a-date with yourself for the same time each day. Set aside ten-20 minutes of ‘me-time’.

3. Make sure the room is warm enough; it’s hard to relax when you’re feeling chilly.

4. Wear comfortable clothing. Soft jogging bottoms and a layer of t-shirts and cardigans is probably best. I like to wear socks too but adjust your clothing according to the weather!

5. Play relaxing music in the background or even better play a meditation recording; this will give you a voice to follow along to…much easier at first than clearing your mind completely!

6. Wear headphones to create a more intimate atmosphere.

7. You might like to create a scent-to-relax too. I suggest natural aromatherapy oils (go with your favourites but do ensure you are aware of the attributes of each oil to make sure they are safe. Lavender is a good favourite or for deep angelic communication try frankincense oil.

8. Allocate a comfortable upright chair to sit in…or if you’re agile a cushion on the floor!

9. Finally light a candle. Candles are symbols for bringing in the light and it will help to raise the vibration. For safety’s sake, use a tea light (safely candle) or place a candle in a jar on a clear, flat surface.

Your angels will soon begin to connect to your regular communication session and with time, psychic experiences will grow too! Don’t forget to make notes of your session and most of all…enjoy it!

© Jacky Newcomb 2010


Jacky Newcomb

Jacky  Newcomb

Jacky Newcomb is known by her fans as ‘The Angel Lady’. She is an award winning, Sunday Times best selling author, columnist and paranormal experiences expert specialising in angels and the afterlife. Jacky has published many books and hundreds of articles about psychic phenomenon, and is a regular columnist for Chat its fate and Soul & Spirit Magazines. Jacky has appeared on many television and radio shows.

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