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May Day

Joylina Goodings 21 May 2014 comments
May Day

MAY DAY marks the beginning of Summer. Beltane, which is one of three Celtic fire festivals indicating the first day of summer and for initiating fertility rites and blessing the land for a healthy harvest. A festival of fertility ritual and optimism. Being a fertility festival it is also the time when those wishing children would pray and perform magic rituals to ensure conceiving a healthy child. So a time for setting our intentions and for launching the new

This month May also carries a 555 vibration. 5.5.2012 = 5. 555 also = 1+5 = 6. 5 is the number of the macro, the bigger picture whereas 6 is the number of the micro, the smaller picture. Combined we have the forces of the universe bringing massive change on the universal level as well as micro change on the individual level. The universe is making changes for us whether we ask for them or not. The universe, with permission of our soul, is changing our individual directions. Some of us seek change even though we are not sure what change we actually want and others resist change but if we set out our dreams and let go of the how we can allow the energies to take us to new heights of a future full of possibilities still hidden but soon to be revealed.

We know the vibration of the planet has been rising for a considerable amount of time. There are many changes taking place in our solar system as well. If we care to notice we can all see how much more brightly Venus and Jupiter are shining now. For more info on this see herehttp://divinecosmos.com/online-store/mp3-archive/13-the-case.

For many of the world’s religions, May is also the month of Ascension. The definition of Ascension bywww.thefreedictionary.com is ‘the act of rising to a higher level’ and I believe this is a continuing process happening right now. Even those of us who are very happy would like to rise to greater levels of happiness and joy. Those who are struggling I am sure would like to ‘rise above’ the struggle and the 555 vibration will be encouraging us.

I have been writing for many years now on the importance of raising our own individual vibrations if we are to improve not only our own lives but the world around us. All my work is aimed at helping us ascend to living our soul energy and manifesting it into our physical world, today. All my products and services are aimed at assisting this process in one way or another. If we resist, we struggle. If we work with it we ascend to higher levels and create a better life for ourselves and others and on the 5th of May we have an even greater opportunity.

But does this year of 2012 and ascension mean the whole planet will disappear into the 4th or 5th dimension or that those of us who have raised our vibration to those levels will just vanish off the face of the earth. I doubt it. I feel the ascension is all about raising our own frequencies to those higher soul levels of love, acceptance, abundance, joy, laughter but letting go of what blocks as especially our fears. Of enjoying life just for the sake of it. We all ‘try’ to be positive, ‘things can’t get any worse’ we say. But if we said, “how can it get better”, we give the universe and the angels an opportunity to show us and this I think is what is happening with the energies this year. We are being shown, if we care to see, ‘how things get better’ all we have to do is let go of our expectations of what “better” is.

Help your body adjust to the increasing frequencies by energizing your water with loving thoughts and/or crystals before drinking it. Using Dr. Emoto’s methods of wrapping your water container with words of love, joy, happiness and gratitude will help you raise your vibrations as you drink, releasing lower energies as it goes.

It takes time for our bodies to adjust to the ever changing vibrations taking place around us, which is why we often feel very tired, even after a good night’s sleep. Many of you will have noticed that you have more ‘to do’ and less energy to do it with. We also need to take time to ‘be’. To jump off the ‘hamster wheel’ even if only for a few moments and breathe. Take time to relax, have fun with your loved ones and notice what shows up when you relax in the abundance of what you already have, but be careful you don’t come up with so many more good ideas or you will have even more to do. This is just one way you can ensure ‘how things get better’ for you.

© Joylina Goodings 2012

Joylina Goodings

Joylina Goodings

Joylina Goodings, author of Your Angel Journey, and President of the British Astrological and Psychic Society is a well respected, experienced professional speaker, workshop leader, spiritual consultant, soul coach and healer working with multi-dimensional energies such as Angels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters.

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