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Make your Dreams Reality in 2013

Calista Ascension 06 Mar 2014 comments
Make your Dreams Reality in 2013

Happy New Year one and all! I love January; a time to start afresh, to wipe the slate clean and manifest for the year ahead.

Let me help you to make 2013 your year with tips on how to bring your dreams in to form.

Everything you will read here I have tried and tested over the years to much success. Know you can achieve anything that you set your heart on. They key is to believe you can while offering gratitude along the way.

To benefit the most from this article, have at hand some paper and a pen as we go through the steps.

Offering gratitude

Before we can create, let us get in to the right state of allowing. The easiest and best way to do this is to count existing blessings.

For a moment, let yourself acknowledge all the things that you are thankful for from last year.

What did you learn about yourself? What connections did you make? What experiences did you share? Were there any places you enjoyed visiting? And in what ways do you feel you have grown physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually? What are you most thankful for from 2012?

It can be beneficial to write down your blessings for seeing them on paper helps to foster faith and confidence in your natural ability to manifest, as well as shows you how your life flowed last year, and what things you would like to change this year. Offering gratitude for the things that you didn’t like so much in 2012 (to acknowledge any silver linings) can also be beneficial, especially for clearing away negative patterns, thoughts, actions and behaviours that are no longer serving your highest good.

For example, I found 2012 to be a challenging year with great success, but also great loss too. It was through the loss and the challenges however that I grew the most, and the lessons I learnt I am most grateful for. By being thankful for everything we automatically move through the duality of seeing things as ‘good’ and ‘bad’, and come in to the neutral, present moment – the perfect platform in which to create.

What would you like to manifest in 2013?

Next decide what you would like to manifest for the year. You only need to do this once. Many people can stumble at this stage for they repeatedly ask for what they want instead of trusting that they will be provided for. When we ask from a place of worry or fear that our desires are not going to be met, we are stating to the universe that we don’t expect to receive. If any perceptions of lack, such as lack of money or time also come to your mind when you set your goals, just let them go. Breathe them out and come back in to your heart. Surrender any ‘buts’, ‘hows’ and ‘what ifs’ to the universe, writing your goals from your heart and not your mind. Imagine you are a child again; see through their eyes. See and embrace the world as infinite, abundant and yours for the taking!

You may wish to write down personal objectives regarding your well-being or spiritual development. Are there any places you would like to visit, people to met, or experiences to encounter?

Note down ANYTHING you wish to achieve. Know there are no limits for if you can imagine, you can achieve! Once you have written down all your goals of what you wish (will!) create in 2013, affirm to yourself aloud: “I know that all I ask for will be given to me. I am deserving of the goals I create and trust in myself and the universe to provide.”

Take some time now to go through each goal. Visualise each one as if you have already achieved its given intention. For example, if one of your goals was to visit Peru, see yourself in your mind’s eye in Peru. Close your eyes and let your senses run wild. Imagine what Peru would look like? How would being there make you feel? What smells and sounds would you encounter? Take yourself in to your intention as if you were physically, emotionally and mentally there.

When your thoughts become layered with your emotions, they become very REAL! In terms of the Law of Attraction, they become already manifest; formed from your creative thought process through your mental body, and active through your physical and emotional body. Along with the universe, you have started the process of co-creation and a series of events that will lead you to align perfectly with your intentions. Once you have stated what you wish to achieve and visualised yourself already achieving them, now it’s time to set your goals free. This is one of the most important stages of manifesting: surrender and trust. Set your goals free When you post a letter you don’t think about how it will reach its destination.

You mail it and let it go in perfect trust. If you were to hold on to the letter pondering how it would reach its end-point, the letter would never be received. The same goes for when we manifest. If we ‘hold-on’ with doubt or fear as to how we can go from A to B we will never allow our vibration to grow and align to the vibration of our intentions. Put another way, if you were standing at the bottom of a set of stairs and your manifested intention was at the top, for example, if your goal was to lose weight, your current self may be at the bottom of the stairs and your ‘ideal’ self at the top. To align yourself you would focus only on your ideal self (your B destination) after appreciation for your A reality. However, part of the human condition – that we can refine in any moment dear co-creators – is to focus on where we aren’t, instead of where we are going. The common scenario in this example would be to look only at our current self, perhaps berate our body with criticism, keeping the focus on what we aren’t.

To help close the gap, appreciation could be given to our current state of being, which automatically raises our vibration and therefore alignment to our ideal self. Appreciating what we like – and then as we raise our vibration through this process – what we love about ourselves in our A reality, we come in to the present moment, our vibration becomes light and free-flowing. We treat ourselves better, meaning we invariably become more active and align ourselves with situations and foods that serve us best. And then before we know it, without even thinking about the how of getting from A to B, we are already there! As you surrender your goals, trust in yourself and the universe to bring your manifestations to you in the perfect divine timing. You could also ask your spirit guides and angels to help you to trust in the process and to increase your trust that you are deserving of all you ask. Know it is not selfish to ask for things; in fact it is our Divine right to ask for those things that can benefit our life and soul purpose.

The more you can trust this, and expect with no ego concerns that your goals will be reality, the quicker they will physical manifest for you. You may even encounter instant manifestation where you think of a desire in one moment and see it physically created in the next. This happened regularly to me in 2012 as I allowed myself to surrender more to the abundant flow of the universe. The magnetic attraction of the planet also helped for it was at its highest last year, is only set to increase as the planet continues to ascend. This means that everything we think of can be more easily heard and brought about by the universe. No longer do our thoughts, like energy waves, have to travel through dense, layers of vibration to become physically created. Here the old adage, ‘be careful of what you wish for’ has never carried so much weight!

Keep yourself positive

Know the universe only gives you what you ask. It doesn’t judge the outcome of your manifested intentions as good or bad, it just delivers what you ask. And because we live in a physical reality there is no getting away from this. Therefore, another key to manifesting (to benefit the most from the obedient universe) is to keep your arms wide open to receive, knowing with all your heart and soul that your intentions have been answered. Coming from a scientific background, I often doubted this simple truth and experienced many years of ‘lack’ as I believed there was lack.

Once I got it however, through much experimenting on my part, I found myself literally opening my arms wide every day, proclaiming to the universe: “I am open to the flow of abundance, love and prosperity that comes to me now. I deserve and receive all the blessings I create.” I still do this every day to keep me in a positive, allowing state of being. Try it for yourself. Open your arms wide every day and repeat the affirmation above. After a week, take notice and be proud of everything you have allowed and created! You may also like to keep your gratitude blessings for 2012 in your diary, or in another suitable place.

On days that were challenging for me last year I would look to my list of gratitude blessings from the previous year and it lifted my mood and kept me in a positive state of allowing. It reminded me that I could CREATE anything I wished! You may also like to write your manifestations for 2013 in your diary too. It’s fun to tick off your intentions as you align with them. Remember to leave some room in your diary as you may wish to add more goals throughout the year. Every time you have met your intentions, thank yourself. Know that you deserve all your blessings. If you are creative, you may also like to make yourself a manifestation or dream board. To do this collect images of what you would like to create in your life from magazines, the internet or even more beneficial, draw them yourself. Add positive words and affirmations around the images. Make your board colourful, positive and happy. I have a manifestation board in my bedroom, which means it is the last thing I see before sleep and the first thing I see in the morning. In this way, it keeps my goals real, in focus and creates a positive, loving energy in my home. As we know, like attracts like. So if your home feels happy and loving then you will attract this is other areas of your life!

Watch for signs

The last tip for making your dreams REALity in 2013 is to watch for signs after you have set your goals. Intuitive guidance may come to you over the hours, days and weeks following manifesting. By following the impressions and guidance that comes to you, you will easily align yourself to events and experiences that will help create your dreams in to form. Guidance may come to you in many forms. Common signs to look out for are repetitive thoughts and feelings to make a key decision, or take a course of action. You may also experience reoccurring dreams, number patterns, visions and songs with meanings just for you. To put this in to context, when I set the goal of teaching aboard last year, I kept seeing references to Maine as a place that would be worthwhile for me to visit.

After a few weeks of seeing and hearing the word ‘Maine’ from internet pages to conversations with strangers, I asked the universe for one more sign as confirmation. Sitting on a bus at the time, I asked for a sing and heard a voice telling me to, “Look up”. It was then I saw the word Maine written on the jacket of the gentlemen in front of me! Likewise, if you feel stuck after your manifest, e.g., you have surrender your intentions but still feel you are not moving forward, ask yourself, “What guidance have I received that I am not following?”

Listen to your senses hear, what are they telling you. Know you have the ability to receive and understand the guidance that comes to you.

You can also ask your angels and spirit guides for clarification of your signs as I did for Maine. Above all else dear co-creators, in-joy manifesting! My inner being often tells me to dance and sing when there is something I wish to create. By raising your vibration in this way, you raise your own ability to attract all your heart seeks.

Until next time, love and blessings, Calista

© Calista 2013

Calista Ascension

Calista Ascension

Calista is an international writer and teacher discussing topics of spirituality and ascension. She is the founder of Angel Healing™ and Atlantean Crystal Healing™, as well as the Ascension Kits™ – a new meditation and healing tool.

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