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Magical Robes

Sarah Rooke 21 Jun 2015 comments
Magical Robes

When you begin to practise magic, you might want to look the part. The time honoured tradition for Druids is to wear white robes, and for Wiccans, black. However, you can have many other different coloured robes as well like green, blue, purple, red, indigo etc.

Acquiring magical robes need not be expensive. You can try charity shops (you’d be surprised what they get in, though it may take a while to find a bargain). Sometimes people visiting the Middle East bring back cotton kaftans that make ideal robes and for a reasonable price (they also make good bellydancing dresses, but that’s another story!)

You could make your own out of a large square or rectangle of black or white material. Remember that the robe has to work so remember what time of year it is, i.e. if you want a winter robe; make sure it will be warm enough if you are outside. Fold in half and cut a semi circle at the top for your head and sew around the seam. Then sew up the sides but leave a space for your arms. You can then decorate with braiding or sequins from a fabric shop.

For headdresses, try a gold or silver Alice band or elasticated headband. These are available in many outlets for a reasonable price. If you like you can then decorate with sequins or stick on gems. You can wear the headdress across your brow to give the effect.

For a cord, try fabric shops. You can obtain these in many colours for a small price, though it is good to get at least two metres to tie around your waist.

You may also wish to wear appropriate jewellery such as pentagrams, triquetras (Charmed symbol), and ankhs when doing rituals. Remember that gold is associated with the sun and silver, the moon. You may also wish to wear crystals or gemstones, or Egyptian or Celtic inspired jewellery etc.

Some people also like to wear a long stole or scarf across their necks, these can be obtained in most outlets for a reasonable price, though do make sure that the scarf will lie flat. It is also effective to have one that is sparkly.

If you have the means, you could also obtain a cloak. These have more of a practical use when outside as they will keep you warm, though they do look the part! You may need to hunt around for these, though you can make them or find someone able to sew.

If you wish to obtain something more elaborate, try velvet robes. These always look the part, and are available in many different colours (they also keep you warm during winter). Try EBay, Amazon and catalogues for things like these as well as for cloaks, headdresses and jewellery.

Hope that these notes help.

© Sarah Rooke 2015


Sarah Rooke

Sarah  Rooke

I am a Priestess Hierophant with my own Lyceum or teaching centre in the Fellowship of Isis, I am also an Archdruidess in the Druid Clan of Dana and am Archdruidess of my own Druid Order, the Berengaria Order of Druids. I have mentored and trained many priestesses and priests both nationally and internationally in the Fellowship of Isis over the years. My late father’s side of the family are Spiritualists, so I come from a mediumistic family

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