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Let Go of Negativity

Susan James 06 Feb 2017 comments
Let Go of Negativity
  • Buddha was asked
  • “What have you gained from meditation?
  • He replied “nothing”
  • However let me tell you
  • What I have lost
  • Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Insecurity
  • Fear of old age and death”

What is negativity and how do we let it go?

Dictionary definition: Negation, refusal, denial, opposition, resistance, unpleasant, disagreeable, gloomy, pessimistic, unfavourable, detrimental, hostile, disparaging, malicious.

All of these negative words affect our energy system, it may be that we have developed negative thought patterns or habits due to being exposed to negative people or environments from an early age. Or it may be that you are naturally pessimistic the cup is always half empty!

But how true would these be?

As a baby you are born in the pure natural state of spirit/soul in a human body, you have no thought or understanding of negativity, as a baby you have physical needs that need to be met and your only way to communicate them is to cry, burble or smile. These non-verbal signals communicate your need for food, comfort, warmth and security. So at what point do we absorb negativity. Perhaps when crying due to being hungry, cold or wet we are ignored, as a baby we cannot express in words how feel but we can absorb the energy of that negative response and it becomes stored in our energy system.

Or as a baby we are nurtured and cared for during our early years until a negative life event that as a child we do not truly understand takes place. This we again absorb into our energy field and we begin to look at life with a more pessimistic outlook.

The more we look at life with the glass is half full syndrome the more we attract negativity and negative life events toward us, and so it goes on, becoming a recurring cycle of negative thoughts and feelings.

As you read this you are quite possibly feeling a little low as if your energy is being drained, you may be beginning to recall a negative event of feeling that took place and how it made you feel. Or you may be recognising this in a person you know and how being in their presence makes you feel.

So let us for a moment place a hand on your heart and a hand on your abdomen drawing in the energy of love, joy and happiness into your energy field.

Even reading about or thinking about negativity can draw your energy into that negative feeling and reaction. Negativity is an energy source, science has proven that negative and positive currents exist, just take a look at a battery.

So how does negativity continue to be reaffirmed throughout life, it can be that you have simply become so used to it being part of who you are that it is normal, negative events continue to be part of your life to reaffirm this feeling and even when a positive event does take place it is overshadowed by the negative aspect of your energy field.

“One good thing happens in life you tell 10 people, one bad thing takes place and you tell a 100”

You work with our are surrounded by people with negative attitudes, your environment contains negative energy and whilst you are a person who is not normally negative this energy begins to become part of you.

Imagine if you will those little sticky burrs that come of a plant and they stick to your clothes and you do not remove them, gradually overtime you become covered in them, you are unable to move, they itch and or cause a rash.

This is how negativity can build up in your energy field, drawing you into the negative state of feeling low, anxious even depressed. The more you feel it the more you attract it, the more you attract you become it and it becomes a circle of energy that is unbroken which then leads to affecting your mental, physical and emotional energy fields.

When you hold onto negativity and negative thoughts it impacts on your energy field and mind set, until it gets too a point that dis-ease manifests in your body.

So how do you change it?

1) Positive mental attitude

2) Trust, faith and belief that you can change

The first step is to begin to think, act and be positive and whilst this may feel less than easy to do, one approach is to have the attitude fake it until you make it.

Whilst this may be seen as not being truthful it is in fact a practise by which you can begin to reduce the action of negativity on your energy.

Try this exercise

Every morning look in the mirror and say “I am the most positive person I know” at first whilst you may not believe this( the fake it part) it is in fact a truth for you will have been positive at some point about something no matter how small.

“Do this daily until you make it”

This simple practise will reprogram your thought process and you will believe it to be true. Once you believe it then you can trust process of being positive and releasing any negativity you hold onto, to no longer be part of who you are. Here is where the law of attraction begins to manifest as “like attracts like”. Whilst at first you may not fully understand how or why it is happening you begin to trust in the process as you enjoy the feel good benefits you receive from having this more positive outlook.

Slowly you begin to develop faith in the knowledge that it works, your health is improving, life in general is improving. You notice how friendships and relationships are changing and improving. You begin to connect more with like-minded people, you develop interests in more positive activities.

Life overall feels really, really good

Your cup is half full.

Exercise to dispel Negativity

Black Tourmaline Meditation

Hold a piece of tourmaline or use the image of a piece of Black Tourmaline to meditate on

Relax in comfortable environment

Take a few deep breaths

Focus on the tourmaline and release any feelings of conflict or negativity and allow the tourmaline to absorb this energy like a sponge would water.

As the tourmaline absorbs this energy, see a gold white light filling the space where these thoughts have moved from and allow this light to fill every cell, every molecule of your body.

© Susan James 2015

Susan James

Susan James

My Power comes from within and my Passion is to enable you to bring Purpose into your life. As an Intuitive Coach and Spiritual Medium I feel I am here to walk alongside you on your journey to find your own purpose. I am available for one to one consultation and group work.I have spent many years on my spiritual journey and have gathered many tools to enable me to work intuitively with you should you choose to work with me. I look forward to hearing from you.

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