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Lemurian Dreams

Mhairi Scott 09 Aug 2015 comments
Lemurian Dreams


  • a civilisation that existed before the time of Atlantis.
  • Lemurians embodied the energy of unconditional love that freely flowed through this planet.
  • they were beings of such purity and were direct conduits of Source energy brought to nurture and care for this world.
  • Lemurians loved and celebrated diversity as the universal truth that it is.
  • they sought to bring together the divine qualities of this world together in divine and perfect harmony.
  • the focus of their light and love solidified on this planet in the form of Lemurian crystals. placed inside the earth they lit her up from within and powered the ley lines that run through her skin.

There can be no doubt that we are moving into a world that is more conscious of nature and mother earth. The response to the passing of Cecil the lion announces like a clarion call to the world, and those who inhabit it, that we will not stand for this destructive and arrogant behaviour anymore.

We are starting to pull together as a collective and delivering real change where it needs to happen.

Can you not feel it? How is it manifesting for you?

It is a tear in the modern day reality that we have in the past become immured to and have allowed to continue through our illusions of dis-empowerment. No more. The spiritual warriors have arrived and awoken to breathe the word of Source in its purest form.

This feels like a pregnant pause right now, a world full of the seeds of creation. All can and will become possible in the blink of an eye.

All intentions and prayers held fast now will manifest. The energy is building up for mass healing of the planet and her inhabitants on a great scale. Earthly concerns will melt away in the face of truths that will become more and more transparent. We cannot turn away and absolve the individual of any right or power to make a difference.

Every human that has incarnated into this world will feel the call and know that they can no longer expect the chosen few to deliver what mother needs.

The veils between worlds will thin and we will feel the help coming our way. Lemurian dreams will become commonplace and move into everyday reality.

There will cease to become any separation between man, beast or river. All in its glorious diversity will be loved and cared for back into its true and divine form. This divine connection will be felt through all that we are exposed to and our responsibility to bring forth divine Lemurian energy once more will fall into place.

We crave authenticity, harmony, peace and love. This is our natural state. This can and will no longer be denied.

Those who wield their will over this world in a warlike and controlling way will fall into the past. Working together and with loving kindness is the mantra of this world and this flows out to all life in all forms. There can be no distinction between forms of life now. Where one ends the other begins. Humanity has a duty of care to self and all life on this planet, a duty that has been woefully neglectful of late.

This energetic tide can and will turn. We can connect to and work with our creative power within and call upon the aid of the Lemurians as we do so.

Harness your powers of divine creation and expression. Close your eyes, create the seeds of that perfect world in your heart and see it as being there in beautiful form already. Watch as the golden white light of Lemuria bathes your prayers in unconditional love. Release with a breath and know it as having being heard.

Do this every day upon waking and before falling into slumber.

In truth it is just waiting beyond the limits of your perception, waiting to be called forth once again. A rebirth is upon us. Cast your energetic awareness back to ancient Lemuria and feel what needs to brought forwards right now.

Be a Lemurian ambassador.

Love this earthly home unconditionally and care for its diverse inhabitants.

Protect this world in peaceful loving kindness. It is what You are here to manifest once more.

Follow the Lemurian dream into beautiful reality.

© Mhairi Scot 2015


Mhairi Scott

Mhairi Scott

Mhairi Scott graduated with honours in psychology from Glasgow Caledonian University in 2002. In 2011 & 2012 Mhairi attended the Angel Certification Programmes (ACP & AACP) with Charles Virtue and Tina Marie Bertoli, where she became accredited to practice as an Advanced Angel Practitioner. In 2013 Mhairi trained in Angelic Reiki (Levels 1 & 2) and is now able to offer healing services to clients.
Mhairi published her first book ‘An Angelic Toolkit for the Spiritual Traveller’ with Balboa Press in 2013 and is now working on her second entitled ‘Spiritual Dissonance’.
She also provides personal Angelic Reiki services, Angel Readings, e-courses and information on all things spiritual, Mhairi is based in the West coast of Scotland but provides her services worldwide.

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