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Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker

Jack and Laura 10 Jan 2015 comments
Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker

In July we investigated Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker in Brentwood, Essex (not exactly secret though it’s signposted! After watching the Most Haunted episode we quickly said yes after being invited, and it turned out to be an interesting night!

(The bungalow guards the entrance to the bunker)
(The bungalow guards the entrance to the bunker)

What’s interesting about the bunker, as most paranormal investigators who have been there have pointed out, is that you wouldn’t really expect it to be haunted. It’s not your typical several hundred year old house, castle, pub or prison. It was built in the early 1950’s on the eve of the Cold War, so it’s probably the youngest building most investigators would have investigated. It was built to accommodate up to 600 people, including the prime minister, in the event of a nuclear attack. Nobody has actually passed away at the bunker (there is a rumour of the death of a workman but that’s not confirmed), yet it’s said to be very haunted. But with any haunted location, it’s important to look at the ‘layers’- what’s been there before. With the help of our medium for the night, Adrian, we learned that although the building is only 60 years old, its spirits are a lot older!

What’s interesting about this place is that it’s unchanged by time, it feels like you’re stepping back in time to when the bunker was being used. The canteen is fitted with its original catering equipment, there’s a BBC Radio station, a sick bay, dormitories with bunk beds, and plenty of communication rooms, where the plotting and analysis of nuclear explosions would have taken place. It’s full of dark, creepy corridors and tunnels. If you do visit, watch out for the mannequins, there’s plenty of them around…they’re lying in beds, sat round computers, definitely adds to the atmosphere!

Our investigation was definitely eventful. As soon as we started we had good results from the K2s and the planchette, where we communicated with 2 children. The planchette even tilted up off the table, and there’s no way any of us could have done that! Our fingers were resting on top of it, so we couldn’t have pushed it up from the bottom.

One of the most interesting things for all of us that night, is the information that our medium Adrian came out with. He was picking up on people who had occupied the area before the bunker, including a family, a pilot who had been in an accident and didn’t know where he or any of his crew were, even a Saxon warrior. Adrian has been to the bunker a few times before, and one of the experiences he’s had before is hearing the sound of a horn blow, when we spent some time on the bottom floor and he told us about this experience, Adrian asked for that noise to be made again, and we all heard it! We all stood in a circle and linked hands in front of the stairs where we heard the noise, and this was the first time where we experienced our arms lifting up by themselves (the other time we’ve experienced this is in Woodchester Mansion). Our arms would lift up, sometimes reaching up, out in front of us, or sometimes reaching out behind. You could tell that it wasn’t the person next to you holding your hand that was raising your arm up. Your arm would feel light and weightless, you would know if it was the person next to you doing it. Some people in the circle felt that they were in the presence of someone important, Jack even said that he felt he was being rude as he had his back to the stairs.

For me the most memorable part of the night was our vigil in the sick bay. Here we had success with table tipping, but the most impressive experiences was the changing facial features from Adrian on my one side, and Karin on the other. While we were sat around the table, Adrian appeared to be taken over by a pilot who had been involved in a crash. This man spoke through Adrian, confused at where he was and where his crew were. It was so strange and slightly emotional to watch. But while this was going on, we also noticed that his face had changed. It’s hard to explain how, but his face was definitely different in some way. I also noticed that Karin’s face had changed, probably even more than Adrian’s. To me, she looked like a young girl, with a big smile and long pigtails.

Not only did we investigate the bunker, but we also slept in it! Our group slept in the bunk beds in the male dormitories. (Only for a few hours though, we went to bed at about 4, had to be out by half 7). Not everyone can say they’ve slept in an underground nuclear bunker! wink

We’re looking forward to seeing the episode, and for you all to see it too! Check out our Youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/JackLauraGhostSeries/featured

© Jack & Laura 2015


Jack and Laura

Jack  and Laura

Described as the next generation, Jack and Laura are two paranormal investigators from South Wales. The pair have been filming an online series since 2010, travelling to historic and haunted locations around the UK. They have also featured in Haunted, Awesome and Fate & Fortune magazines, as well as radio shows.

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