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karmic Numerology

Laraine Turner 07 Aug 2014 comments
karmic  Numerology

How will knowing your karmic number stop the past from destroying your future?

Did you even know you had a karmic number? Maybe this would be a good place to start and therefore introduce you to a science, psychology and philosophy called Numerology. Numerology is the science of numbers that uses your date of birth and name (at birth) to discover phenomenal amounts about yourself including karmic numbers and lessons.

Like all metaphysical sciences- Astrology, Tarot cards and runes, for example, Numerology decodes symbols in order to tell you things about yourself. Your date of birth is made up of numbers and therefore it is easy to see how numerology could decode that, but what about your name? The alphabet can also be decoded; by attributing numbers to each letter, and has been for years.



C=3 etc

There is an aspect of numerology that concentrates on your name, using it to work out the three distinct different parts of your personality. Numerology charts describe these 3 parts of your personality as your Soul Urge, Quiet Self and Expression. Your Soul Urge tells you about your inner motivation and what you feel about things; although you will not necessarily show this on the surface. It helps to give you an insight into your emotional feelings and reactions to any situation you’re likely to face in life.

Your Quiet Self describes the manifestation of your sub-conscious thoughts. I.E. the things you like to think about when you are alone and your Expression describes how you present yourself to the world regardless of what you might be feeling like inside.

Think of them as 3 separate masks if you like that we use and interchange during different times and situations in our lives. I am sure that if I spoke to everyone who has ever met you that they would; to some degree, all describe you differently as, after all, we act differently around work colleagues as opposed to loved ones, don’t we?

Numerologists also use your name to discover what your karmic lesson or lessons are by working out your karmic number or numbers. This is done by discovering which letters in your name are missing and then attributing numbers to them. Each missing number becomes a karmic number and corresponds to a karmic lesson that you need to learn during this lifetime so that you can truly fulfil your potential.

Your potential in life, also known as your Destiny number is worked out by adding all the digits in your birth date together and then reducing that number to a single digit.

For example- If your birth date was 5th March 1988, then this would be decoded to discover that you have a Destiny number of 7:-

5 +3+1+9+8+8= 34/3+4 =7

This number is a very spiritual number and holds great potential, however should this person then have no A,J or S’s in their name- ( the letters that correspond to the number 1), they would have a karmic number of 1 and their karmic lesson this time around on planet Earth would be to trust and love themselves more. They should take the initiative in life and not be over-cautious with regard to taking action for fear of getting things wrong or being seen as a failure.

Life will, in fact, always place them in situations where they will have to make their own decisions in order to succeed as this is the lesson they chose for themselves before they were re-incarnated on this planet.

Having the number 1 as a karmic number means that last time around; during your past life you did not trust your own power and were actually afraid of being successful.

This time around in order to not let your past destroy your future you will be offered many opportunities to be a leader and successful and should take them and learn the lessons of being seen and appreciated as an individual in your own right.

Obviously, everyone’s numerology chart is different and therefore their karmic number will be different too, but fundamentally, until you have worked on the challenges that your karmic number describe you will carry on facing the same challenges in life over and over again until you take action to address them once and for all.

Then, you can concentrate on your potential described by your Destiny number and lead a very fulfilling life indeed.

Numerology is the only metaphysical science that can discover your karmic number and lesson for you which in turn means that you need never let the past destroy your future again!


Laraine Turner

Laraine Turner

Laraine Turner’s wish is to introduce people to the amazing metaphysical tool that is Numerology. Numerology can help everyone to fully understand themselves. Furthermore it can bring an appreciation that everyone is unique and through understanding of each other we can all foster tolerance rather than judgement or prejudice.

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