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Karma and Past Lives 

Sue and Michael Treanor 17 Jan 2014 comments
Karma and Past Lives 

You see it written about a lot. You’ve all heard the term – but what exactly is it and how does it work? Lots of people say to me “I’ve never knowingly hurt anyone but I seem to get all the bad luck” – but that’s nothing to do with Karma – that’s part of the condition of being human and the life path you have chosen. I would point out here, once again, that these are our own views (Michael and I ) and may vary from the Buddhist concept and other people’s views.

Karma could be described as the law of moral causation. In other words, nothing happens to you that have not caused by your own actions or thoughts, BUT this can stretch back over many life-times.

We ourselves create our own happiness and misery, heaven and hell. Think of someone who is a negative thinker. We all know someone like this – doesn’t matter what you say, they will counter you with a negative statement.

The conversation may go something like this:

‘I hate my job’

Me : ‘well change it then!’

‘I can’t, I need training to do what I want to do’

Me : ‘go and get the training’

‘I can’t, it costs too much and takes up too much time’

Me: ‘well look at working and training, see what grants are available – have you enquired?’

‘oh no, that’s too much hassle’

And so the negative thinker will stay sitting in their own misery. The sad thing is, this person will have wasted their life thinking of reasons why they can’t do something, rather than finding ways they can.

So what they sow (dissatisfaction, low mood, negativity) they will reap.

That’s one form of Karma.

Another similar form is the person who surrounds themselves with other negative people, constantly sniping at others, creating dramas and problems. Again, it may seem they get away with it, but we would have to look closely at their current life. Do they have happy relationships with others? Probably not. Their parents? Again, many of these people have childhood issues which they haven’t resolved. Or maybe they have unhappy partnerships and marriages? People often say to me “how come they have such a nice house/lots of money/nice car/successful business – they such horrible people!”

My answer is always the same – Money aint everything ! Another lesson we are charged with learning in this lifetime!

The other form of karma is the lifetimes type.

Think of all your lifetimes as a rich tapestry of intricate works.

Each single stitch is one lifetime. Each Stitch sewn is a part of your own Karma. Each piece of sewing interacts with other pieces and the stitches overlap – this has to be so or the tapestry would have no meaning. When you go back into spirit you will review your section of the tapestry and see the bits you have completed, the bits you need to unpick and do again, and the bits that need further work. I call this looking at the bigger picture.

Only then can you see the full extent of your stitch-work!

Due to the nature of each stitch interacting with each other, there is a constant ebb and flow of energy, all the time trying to balance and bring back the equilibrium.

If you have done a disservice to someone and not repaid it, you may have to do so in another lifetime, to balance the energy.

The other thing to remember about the lives we lead, is that this life is a training ground. As Teilhard de Chardin said, “You are not a human being in search of a spiritual experience. You are a spiritual being immersed in a human experience.”

So we are here to have the human experience and to make our souls strong. That experience includes pain, illness, death and misery as well as the other, nice lessons of life, like love, friendship and humanity. It’s hard to comprehend that we have asked for something awful to happen to us, but again, let’s look at another scenario:

A mother and son meet in the life between lives. They love each other very much and want to help each other on their spiritual journey. They review the lives they have lived and the son decides he is strong enough now to feel the deep pain of loss. The mother also needs to experience a life of illness and pain in order to complete her journey. So they agree, in the next lifetime, he will be the father of a child (the mother) with a terminal illness. She will die young and so that particular part of the tapestry will be complete, karmas will be paid.

The higher self will not feel the pain and loss of this life, as these two souls know they will meet again in the next life between lives. This is one of the reasons we don’t remember (generally) our previous lives.

If, for example, Michael had murdered me in a previous life, and we both decided he needed to pay me karma in this life, if I were to remember him, I would not only be terrified, I would hold a lot of resent and anger towards him. This would not be condusive to the lessons we had selected and therefore, would not benefit either of us. So for this reason, our memories are numbed.

However, sometimes these strong feelings overlap into the current life, and this is when past life therapies can help.

So you see, no-one ever gets away with anything energy wise. You will reap what you sow and you will pay your karma when are where needed – but always for the benefit and balance of all.

© Sue & Michael Treanor 2011

Sue and Michael Treanor

Sue and Michael Treanor

Sue and Michael Treanor, A husband and wife team, both professional psychic mediums who work in all fields of the genre. Owners of the spiritual centre ‘Spiritus’, based in the heart of England. Michael is also an animal whisperer.

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