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Just whose story are you living 

Lauren Neko 19 Jun 2014 comments
Just whose story are you living 

One thing I find that has been apparently to me and a few other people is that they’re not actually living out their own reality or life journey as they should be. Things aren’t right and things are out of balance. If the shoe isn’t fitting, it’s been thrown off and hitting you or someone else in the head!

I have been doing a lot of healing and thinking, and some of my past has come up in ways I couldn’t imagine. Although I’ve moved on and moved forward and am happy without certain people in my life, in some cases I’ve still had their story become part of my journey where I should have also let that go. Let me explain what I mean by that.

The past is always going to repeat itself until you learn the lessons they have to teach you, particularly in your close or intimate relationships. These lessons will come back in ways that will surprise you! Just like the girl who was abused by her Dad will seek a violent man again and again as a partner, or the guy who had an older brother die of drug abuse continuing down that same path.

The key here, is realizing when you’re taking on the lessons, the pain and the story of someone else in your life.

If you are fixated or donating your energy to another’s problems or story, you end up taking it on board yourself. Or you find people to play out the same destructive roles again and again and again. When you finally realize where this is happening in your life, or in fact that you are in a cycle I ask you to do this:

Write down what you have learnt, how this person or scenario has affected you, and that you are ready to let that go, and you now want to continue living YOUR story.

But tell me what is your story? What is your dream? If you do know where you want to head GREAT! If not, it’s time to ask your dreams for guidance.

I love the nature of getting sucked into a story in a dream. Becoming a crucial part in the adventure, becoming a character that you would believe could only be finely written and casted. Pity sometimes it ends when we wake up after one episode! The point is, it helps you see past your current reality that you are living now. The ability to go, actually maybe this is where I want to go next.

If you left an alcoholic and are finding yourself drinking more than you normally would, ask if you are wishing to understand or sympathize with THEIR story. Is this really for you? Or just something you took on board without realizing.

Think about every dangerous cult or political movement, it’s often founded on one man’s fear, yet so many people buy into the story, they end up making it their own. Think of Hitler as a classic example, if no one listened to him (or if he got accepted into architecture rather than turning to politics) life for many would be very different right now.

I know that some of my examples seem a bit dark, but this can effect you on subtle levels too. Like bitching about people when normally you wont just because of who you’re around. Or you started listening to a type of music rather than your own just because the rest of your group is. This isn’t me saying don’t try different things, only I want you to live your journey, your life, your dream.

Never forget that you have the power to say, I’m done with this chapter, let’s start the next!

Wake up to the story YOU want to create. Enjoy characters appearing in yours, coming and going as they may. Once you’ve had enough of anything, you can choose to move on.

And if you get lost, ask your dreams!

© Lauren Neko 2012


Lauren Neko

Lauren Neko

I hope to help you be more involved in your dreams and to take the beauty and power of them into your waking life. I am here to give you the insights and tools I have used and developed to make sense of my dreams and life over the years. Lauren Neko

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