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Into to the Angels

Sofia Wren 09 Sep 2014 comments
Into to the Angels

Five years ago I never would have imagined that my days would begin with a prayer to the angels. All I knew of angels were from paintings, stained glass windows, or Christmas tree decorations. The idea that angels might serve a practical and profound purpose had never crossed my mind. They were a nice idea, but not my thing. Personally I’ve always been drawn to New Age topics, fantasy heroines and big ideas. Originally angels seemed stuffy and old fashioned to me, maybe even cheesy, but as I learned more, I began to see them with new eyes.

Now Angels are my partners in life. They keep me safe, and help to raise the vibration of my home. I ask them for guidance, for answers, for healing, for hope and happiness, and for the many desires I hold in my heart. I even ask angels to watch over my loved ones, and to bring global peace and healing. I ask them to help me keep my computer running, and my car safe as I drive. I ask them to bless the homeless or people in need. I love the idea of these radiant beings and I’ll admit now that I believe they change my reality for the better.

One of the first surprising facts I’ve learned about angels is that they are truly non denominational. Aside from being a part of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, they are also spirits similar to angels in Zoroastrianism, Hinduism and Yoruba. The worship of beneficial spirits pre-dates organized religion. Isn’t it amazing that such ancient spiritual beings have been a part of human life for so long? I’ve noticed that all kinds of people believe in angels, from many different faiths or none at all.

Angels are not gods and goddesses. Traditionally they are intermediaries or messengers in service to God or to that force I prefer to call other names such as the Divine, the Creative Power of the Universe, or God*dess.

However, although they may not technically be deities, their power is considerable and not to be missed! Archangels are considered to be the most powerful of all angels and can be called by name as can Guardian Angels.

Honestly, one of my favourite aspects of angels is their gender: angels are neither male nor female, they are gender neutral. Although they may be pictured in sculptures or art in a certain light, when you look closely, they are missing certain essentials. They cannot give birth and they do not have romantic partners.

Because Angels are both masculine and feminine they really relate to modern people. In the Western World today all of us, men and women, need to expand into our greatest potential. That may mean we need to look past gender stereotypes of the past and expand into new ways of being. So many women are called today to be strong, and many men struggle to balance their emotions. Angels can help with these things and more.

Angels have a natural blend of the powers that human beings can access within ourselves. We, too, can help others, we, too, can send light and love. We, too, can express our feminine and masculine sides in balance and harmony that will allow us to be successful in the modern world. We have a lot in common actually, but angels live to support us, not the other way around.

Who are these angels?

They are highly evolved beings who have taken a position of service to connect all of humanity to their Source. Angels are multidimensional—they can be in many places at one time. They await prayers or requests for help because they are conscious of the need for human freedom of choice. Angels want to help us on our path, to fulfill our purpose in life, to be happy, to find love, to have enough money for our needs, to find the things we want, to be in community and find our place in it. You can call on an angel with practically any desire, as long as it harms none, but you have to remember to reach out to them! Your permission will help them to reach you.

Most of the time when people pray or work with angels, they probably hope to work with the most powerful individuals, the high and lovely Archangels. Unlike Ascended Masters, Archangels are never been incarnated on Earth. However, they each have even more personality and unique spirit than multi-purpose angels do.

Many Archangels have lore and history that’s developed over hundreds or thousands of years, as people have worked with them for a long time. This shared consciousness may be part of what makes working with them so incredibly powerful for healing, protection or inspiration, depending on the angel.

Each Archangel has particular qualities, that is, a unique energy, perspective and focus. In future months, I’ll be sharing more about these Archangels as individuals. To get the know the angels such as I have, you can do research on the individual history and lore of each angel, read books on them, or call on them for assistance. I’ll be helping you get to know each of these angels in my future articles by sharing not only some of my research but also the personal findings from working with many of these Archangels on a daily basis. I hope to inspire you to get to know them yourself!

There are also Guardian Angels, who watch over each person from their birth. Unlike Archangels such as Michael, who can be helping many people all over the world at the same time, Guardian Angels stick with one person. Your Guardian Angel is working in the background to keep you safe, but reach out to them and they will be of even greater service.

Archangels are just a few of the many angels out there. They are said to roam around the earth providing positive energy, light and love and helping where they can. Angels can help not only people, but also animals, the environment, and social causes.

These mysterious and often misunderstood beings are available to all of us. No matter what your spiritual or religious background, angels have the power to assist you. They respect beliefs about God, as much as they respect other beliefs you may have if you see the Universe differently. Never fear that you are alone, because your angels are just a call away, waiting to help you!

© Sophia Wren 2014


Sofia Wren

Sofia  Wren

Sofia Wren shows sensitive women with businesses struggling with overwhelm, how to speak up about what they really think and feel and always know what to do next because their intuition is that clear and they trust it. She teaches how to have more confidence and be more creative so women can easily achieve their goals and bust through the limits of how much money they can make doing what they want to be doing with extra for fun things like enjoying life with the people they love. She lives in Baltimore, Maryland, and in addition to angels and goddesses, she loves the ocean, crystals, roses, singing, salt baths, writing, and heart to heart connections. If you seek more clarity on your situation, she offers free strategy sessions by application.

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