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If We Could Talk to The Animals

Paul Cissell 10 Jul 2014 comments
If We Could Talk to The Animals

We have all heard of Dr. Doolittle and his amazing ability to talk to the animals, however how was he able to communicate? Any film that was made about Dr Doolittle has the animals talking back in English. Yet we all know that humans are the only animals that have the ability of speech as in words, although all forms of life communicate.

Can humans telepathically communicate with one and other and if so, would it also be possible for humans to telepathically connect with all forms of life. We see it all the time in nature yet as a race of beings we seem to have cut ourselves off from the one thing animals have that we seem to have lost! That connection to life, to know when danger approaches, or if a storm is looming or just may be we are not as disconnected as we actually think we are.

My work often brings me into communication with animals of all kinds both those on the earth plane and not forgetting those on the spiritual one. I personally have always had infinity with all animals. We always had dogs in the family and whilst growing up I was always around horses and learnt to ride as a child. I previously was an animal handler for the film and television industry, as well as becoming an accomplished horse rider after spending many years working with them. Yet I always dreamt i would work with the big cats.

A friend of mine worked for a zoo and invited me along one day when the zoo closed to the public. Whilst I was not allowed to go into the Lion enclosure I did get up close and personal. After telepathically reassuring the big male that I was not going to harm him, he allowed me to go up to the bars where he licked my hand and pressed his paw up against my hand. I was able to hold his paw while he squeezed my hand as if to shake it, never had either one of us felt threatened by the other.

The keepers took me to see the big male tiger; he was not as placid as the Lion. Once again, I telepathically reassured him but whereas with the Lion I could get up close the keeps advice me not too with the tiger. Once on my own I went outside and walked around his enclosure, on the outside of the fencing I might add. To my surprise, he followed me and it was not long before he was playing with me. If I ran, he ran, if I changed direction so did he and all the time you could see a smile on his face. I decided to hide behind a bush and jump out at him; he got so excited about this game that he scared me half to death. As I jumped out at him, he ran to the far side of the enclosure, stopped, span round and galloped flat out leaping high into the air. As he hit his enclosure with all his weight, the side of the enclosure moved outwardly and for a moment, my heart sank as I had a vision of this great tiger escaping out of his enclosure and coming right for me!

My present dog is a black and white, rough coated, cross terrier with a Scottish deer-hound, imagine a Parsons terrier with long legs and you have him. All of my previous dogs have always been sensitive to spiritual vibrations around them yet Sam, as he is known, is hypersensitive and feels emotion and his environment. He is also extremely empathic and feels energy, not only from other dogs around him but from humans and reacts to the energy he feels.

When I am with him, I find myself having to be careful of my own thoughts and moods as he responds to the way I am feeling at that moment.

There are many times when I have been very quiet and not shown any outwardly feelings, yet inwardly something may have upset me or annoyed me, the very moment my vibration state changes towards being annoyed, he gets up and leaves the room and will not come back in until he feels the energy change. I had a dog walker who walked Sam for over a year. Then after awhile Sam started to experience behavioural problems with him that I was not experiencing myself during the walks. His solution, to get in a behavioural specialist in, my solution was to ask him “what are you feeling emotionally that may cause him to react differently than he does with me, feel his energy and work with him”. Needless to say he no longer walks Sam for me and I no longer have behavioural issues when Sam is out.

© Paul Cissell 2012

Paul Cissell

Paul Cissell

Paul Cissell is one of the south coast of England’s popular evidential psychic mediums. Paul’s work takes him worldwide and delves into the realms of trance mediumship and soul rescue. Paul brings a refreshing vibrancy as he sails between many realms searching for genuine afterlife communication.

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