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How to read Angel Cards For yourself and others

Sue and Michael Treanor 26 Mar 2019 comments
How to read Angel Cards For yourself and others

Many people are becoming drawn to the vibration of the Angels. If you are reading this, you are probably one of them!

Angelic energy is a very pure, high vibrational energy which is very easy to tap into and use in your daily life. It’s a question of allowing (and asking) the Angels to become part of your life – and once you have asked, they will respond!

One of the easiest ways to let your Angels know you want to work with them, and also to receive their messages of loving support, is to use Angel Cards. You don’t have to be psychic or have any kind of mediumistic skills – this is the beauty of the Angels – anyone can work with them.

Choosing a Deck

There are many decks available on the market and you really need to go out there and see which ones you are “drawn to” – by this I mean have a look at the cards available and see which ones seem to be the most interesting to you. Doreen Virtue’s cards are very popular and are easily available in books shops, new age shops and also on the internet – but they are certainly not the only ones. You must work with the ones which feel right for you – this is very important. Take your time in choosing them and don’t be shy about asking questions about them or asking to see and hold the cards – most good shops will have sample packs if you feel you need to do this.


Once you have your cherished cards home, it’s nice to cleanse them, ready for use. There are several ways you can do this, but the first thing to do is shuffle them thoroughly. This will help you get the feel of the cards, but will also let your own personal energy be infused with the Angelic energy. You could light a candle whilst doing this, or maybe some incense. You may also want to play some nice gentle music to get yourself into the Angelic mood!

You can then cleanse the cards themselves, either by passing them through incense smoke (lavender or dragon’s blood work well) or by simply holding them and visualising pure white light moving through the deck and cleansing it. Finally, it’s nice to ask the Angels to bless your cards. You could say something like:

“I ask that the Angels consecrate and bless these cards that they may help provide me and others with advice and confirmation. I pledge to use them only for the greater good and work only with the highest and purest energies available”.

– Or words to that effect. It really is up to you…

You could also tap the deck three times to release any negative energies that may be inadvertently stored within them.

You should tap the deck three times in between all readings, to refresh the energy within the deck.

You can cleanse them every so often (with the sage or lavender) as you see fit, or do as I do and place a piece of black tourmaline on top of them after each use, to absorb any negativity and to re-balance.

Some people like to keep their cards in a bag or piece of silk, or the box they come in – any of these methods is fine. You may want to place a cloth over the table you are going to read on – again, this is fine, but not necessary – do whatever feels right for you.

Reading and Spreads

After you have cleansed the cards, shuffle them again. If you have a specific question or problem, think about it as you are shuffling – you will “feel” when the time is right to stop. During this whole process, you must learn to trust your instincts and act upon them – the more you do this, the better your readings will be.


Turn the top three cards of the deck over and lay them out from left to right,

Look at each card. You can read the meanings, but you will get a much more accurate and personal reading if you also use your intuition. A good way to start doing this is to make up a story from left to right – try and link each card together so that one flows from the other. For example, I would read the above cards as follows:-

This person’s energy is unstable at the moment and they need to work on cleansing and rebalancing the chakras. Part of this is standing up for themselves and acting with confidence – in this way, any difficulties will easily be overcome.

Also, don’t forget to ask your Angels to help you interpret the meanings of the cards.

Practice is the key. Practice on as many people as you can – you should find that you won’t have to struggle too much for volunteers! Don’t be shy and let the Angels work through you. Go with the first thoughts and feelings which come into your head – be brave – it will pay dividends!

When you have finished your reading, tap the deck three times and put your cards away, ready for use next time.

Other Spreads

Here are some ideas:-

Lay the cards in the shape of a heart for a love spread.

Lay out 12 cards for the next 12 months of the year.

If you have a choice to make, lay out three cards in one line and three in another, representing the two different paths.

Make up your own spreads – again, go with what feels right for you. You could draw one card for the day (for inspirational guidance) for the week or for the month. Have fun trying out different spreads!

If you let your intuition flow and don’t worry too much about what the “book” says the cards should mean, you will find that you will soon be giving angelically inspired readings for yourself and others!

Decks Sue recommends

Daily Guidance from your Angels – Doreen Virtue £11.99

Archangel Cards – Doreen Virtue £11.99

Messages from your Angels – Doreen Virtue £11.99

Angel Therapy Oracle Cards – Doreen Virtue £11.99


Sue and Michael Treanor

Sue and Michael Treanor

Sue and Michael Treanor, A husband and wife team, both professional psychic mediums who work in all fields of the genre. Owners of the spiritual centre ‘Spiritus’, based in the heart of England. Michael is also an animal whisperer.

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