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How to Connect with Your Spirit Guide

Joanne Ward 09 May 2014 comments
How to Connect with Your Spirit Guide

Spirit guides are often one of the first topics discussed at a spiritual development circle. There are many theories regarding the purpose and role of spirit guides. When I first began my spiritual journey I was so eager for knowledge that I began reading an assortment of literature on spiritual and esoteric subjects. I discovered many different accounts and opinions of who or what a spirit guide is.

So first of all let’s discuss the facts…..

What are the facts?

We have to remember that until we die and pass into the spirit world ourselves then there are no facts about spirit guides or the spirit world.

A developing medium could be forgiven for thinking there are hard and fast facts about the spirit world. There are a plethora of talented mediums out there who can offer you guidance, advice and the benefit of their experiences but you must remember that your spirit guide is personal to you. Your own intuition and perception is the only way forward. Spiritual media is big business today. Mind, body, spirit media has engulfed our bookshelves over the last 10 years. According to Hay and Hunt, (2000), 75% of people surveyed in a Spirituality Project claimed they were personally aware of a spiritual dimension to their experience. When Hay compared this with an almost identical poll he conducted thirteen years earlier (Hay and Heald, 1987), he found that the number of people in the UK admitting to spiritual experience has probably increased by 60% between 1987 and 2000. It doesn’t seem to have stopped there. You only have to turn on your television to see the increase in shows related to psychics and mediums.

Humanity seems to be waking up from a long sleep. The traditional church is rapidly falling in popularity and attendance whilst spiritual beliefs are increasing bringing with it a rise in enquiring minds searching for spiritual truth. People are no longer prepared to sit back and accept what they are told by the paternalistic churches. With this growing consciousness, there are “how to” books on every subject imaginable from how to be a medium to how to attract money and love into your life using the universal law of attraction.

As a medium myself, I am aware of the considerable quantity of books available on every mediumistic and spiritual subject.

When I first started my own spiritual and psychic development, my teacher, Alex taught me the single most important thing I have learned to date.

“Find your own truth”

When he first said that to me I didn’t really understand what he meant, but now I appreciate the meaning behind it.

When you are on your spiritual path it is always good to read and expand your mind, it is good to attend workshops and different development circles until you find the right teacher for you but ultimately your sprit guide will make their presence known to you if you set your mind to the task of slowing down and attuning to the finer energies of spirit.

The question is how do you make that attunement?

Here are some easy steps for you to try at home:

1. Find a quiet and relaxed atmosphere to sit peacefully. Turn the phone off, and make sure your family know not to disturb you. You can play some quiet meditation music if you wish or sit in the silence. Breathe in and out normally, but pay attention to your breath as this can help to relax you. Eventually your breathing will fall into a relaxed and comfortable pattern. Acknowledge that you are a physical being with your feet firmly planted on the earth.

2. Ask in your mind and make it your intention to connect with your guide. Request that only the presence of those who serve your highest good and come in love and light may approach you – try not to have any preconceived ideas about who your guide is or what form they may take.

3. As you breathe in imagine a beautiful green light at your heart centre and feel the green light fill your lungs, in and out, nice and relaxed. As the light fills you, know that you are a loving compassionate being who is capable of loving and being loved.

4. Breathe the light up to your third eye at the centre of the brow where it becomes a beautiful deep purple. Breathe the light in and out, nice and slow. Visualise a flight of stairs in front of you which ascend high into the sky and know that you can see more than the physical.

5. As you ascend, become aware of the Crown centre at the top of your head. Imagine you have a beautiful flower at the crown of your head with its petals now fully opened towards the sky. Breathe in a beautiful white light, nice and relaxed, in and out.

6. As you reach the top of the stairs really try to maintain your focus on what you see, feel, hear and imagine. Knock the door and wait for your guide to answer.

7. This is your time to ask questions. Ask who is with you? Male/female? Try and sense what era the person comes from. You may be naturally clairvoyant and able to see what they look like and what they are wearing, but do not worry if you cannot see. The guide may give you a thought of what they are wearing, a flash of colour, you may hear music; you may just feel a presence.

8. Take note of as much information as you can. Knock at the door and it shall be opened – ask and you shall receive answers!

9. When you are content that you have obtained some information, thank your guide for coming forward and ask him to close the door until it is time for you to meet again.

10. Visualise yourself coming back down the stairs and as you do just imagine the flower petals at the crown of your head gently closing over until it is time for you to work with the spirit world again.

Write down everything you can remember in a meditation journal. Keeping notes gives you something to look back on as you progress on your spiritual journey.

Some authors believe spirit guides are at varying levels of consciousness themselves. When it’s time for your spirit guides to help you, they tune in to your energy and help direct you to fulfill your earthly mission.

A guide could be an advanced spiritual being or as some mediums report, someone they knew in a previous life, or indeed a family member. Whoever your guide is, and from whatever background, it has been suggested that the medium will have some form of affinity with them. It is this familiarity that bonds them and allows them to work closely together.

Once you aware of your spirit guide’s presence, you can trust that they will work with you and guide you in the right direction.

To my understanding, guides work from the spirit world and move into our earth plane to offer guidance, assistance and insight. We can reach them through the above mentioned methods.

Spirit Guides love us throughout our life. I believe that our guides are here to help us with our life lessons, and it is often true that their own lessons may run concurrently with ours. They have further lessons to learn in the spirit world and they can be teachers or protectors as well as helping to direct our paths and to release old past life karma.

The most important thing to remember is that your own perception of your guide is what is important. The guidance I have offered here is based on my knowledge and experience but now it’s time for you to FIND YOUR OWN TRUTH.

Reference: Hay, D. THE SPIRITUALITY OF ADULTS IN BRITAIN – RECENT RESEARCH Scottish Journal of Healthcare Chaplaincy Vol. 5(1), (2002)

© Joanne Ward 2013

Joanne Ward

Joanne Ward

Joanne Ward is a spiritualist medium and teacher based in The West of Scotland. Following a 13 year career in Nursing, she decided to pursue her true passion in life and become a full time medium. She is currently studying for accreditation with the SNU and she does private one to one readings and public demonstration throughout Scotland. Joanne also serves Spiritualist churches all over the U.K. Joanne and her partner Gareth offer various workshops on Mediumship development, card reading, Reiki healing, Angel Therapy and The Law of Attraction. Joanne also runs an Open Development Circle where anyone who wishes to further their spiritual development can come along.

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